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Day 229

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

I'm getting back on track with healthy dinners this week, starting with barley stuffed kabocha squash (sooo good!). I even drank slightly more than my 2L minimum today, which I've also been struggling with recently! I think it helped that I tried on an exercise shirt I bought a few months back which had been just big enough to wear at the time and is now very comfortable! I find it difficult to see my progress because most of my clothing is stretchy/already baggy so this was a nice reminder that I really am getting results! I did my walk and my dancing (one with lots of squatting because I've had 2 easy leg days) but am still going to bed too late despite sleeping horribly last night. I had such a long, vivid dream that I woke up convinced that it had been a real movie I was just dream remembering. A quick explanation of the plot to my boyfriend revealed that it was an original Ellie plot! I always get vivid dreams the week before my period. Although my period is a week early this week! I haven't been getting it for months at a time for the past few years which I always attributed to birth control but may have actually been my weight. It's probably a good thing that my hormones are becoming more balanced, even if it is annoying!
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