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Living LOW carb & I CHOOSE life, KEEP your eyes on the GOAL of improved health

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Living LOW carb and CHOOSE life, KEEP your eyes on the GOAL of improved health

P.S. I cooked LOW Carb breakfast today, yeh!!! 02/23/21 photos on bottom of page

DON'T give up instead ENHANCE the plan!

Thank goodness there IS a plan B emoticon

As you all know my test results came back by phone call yesterday
but to hear them directly from the doctor last week IN person, I just cried to be honest.
wondering ....
HOW did I allow this to happen to me by MY lifestyle and food choices emoticon
STOP being a spoiled pampered child and GROW UP Sharon, your life depends on it!
and I did... emoticon

emoticon Doctors office called with lab results this evening 02/22/21:

A1C = 7.5 (RX: placed on Metformin) "have to" change my carb intake per Dr.
Cholesterol LDL is = 133, should be below 100. RX: Atorvastin 40 mg 1xday
Vitamin D is a low @ 9 = should be 30 and above. RX: vitamin D3 daily

I had to take responsibility and SERIOUSLY research and Change my Intake like NOW!
today, not tomorrow, not next week.. NOW!

emoticon I also learned the correlation between cholesterol and carbs and how BENEFICIAL it is to greatly REDUCE carb intake to reduce blood sugar Diabetes and reduce cholesterol... Please read my blog about it.. it was amazing things I learned.


emoticonstarting today 02/23/2021 = I am doing a very low carb lifestyle emoticon ~ and ~ still doing weight watchers TRACKING my intake daily, yeh!!!

emoticon when I learned about the Impact of high cholesterol on the heart and the effects of having diabetes.. there was NO question things had to change and change NOW! seriously!

I get tested again in THREE months, very little time but I believe that NUTRITION is the answer besides prescriptions. Prescriptions are great but MY GOAL is to not only manage my insides but to help CURE my diabetes and cholesterol thru DIET CHANGE for real.

The GOAL is to emoticon IMPROVE MY HEALTH emoticon because its serious!
which will also have a side effect of weight loss WITH improved health.

to me.. its NOT just trying a new diet... its a LIFE CHANGE to save my life at age 64

I am "choosing" to LIVE emoticon

Putting action in place:
Once again I emptied OUT my house of my addiction to carbohydrate JUNK FOODS and the hardest part was surprisingly giving up my popsicles because to me it was my PACIFIER in bed just before sleep time for real.

but as internal inner child babies emoticon
EVENTUALLY we have to grow UP and stop what we are doing and get REAL...

anything I think I will be Missing is not as bad as NOT being around to enjoy it later...
so I put my BIG GIRL panties on and ENHANCED my current program of weight watchers and ADDED KETO to this new and improved Journey.... as I believe my LIFE depends on it.... for real. I spent hourssssssssssss researching and remembering what my doctor said about REDUCING my carb intake and me rebelling...
but NOW I woke up... took me a WEEK but I woke UP emoticon
Sometimes ya just gotta DO whatcha gotta DO because I want to LIVE emoticon
emoticon what I learned about CARBOHYDRATES and HOW it affects the body...
I was truly, truly BLOWN away!

Knowledge IS power!

its a miracle,
I got the urge to cook today INSPIRED by everything I learned in the last 24 hours about "living" low carb and the correlation between cholesterol and carbs :-)

I COOKED today, yeh!!!!

My low carb breakfast 02/23/21 turned into an omelet lol

Truth = At first I was worried "seeing" the fat and butter shining on the eggs and bacon. My first impulse was to dab it with a napkin but no... I put my past behaviors aside and just tasted it and it was sooo good... couldn't even taste the fat that usually gets me nauseous.. it was really, really good, yum :-)

3 whole eggs = .6 carbs X 3 lg. eggs = 1.8 carbs
half slice of Velveeta because I learned its a cheese Product :-( = 1.5 carbs
2 mini red peppers = 3 carbs
3 slices of precooked bacon
1 cup of hot tea with lemon juice and 1 ss
emoticon it was sooooo good and got the crunchy texture from red peppers :-)
and did NOT miss the bread at all.. was totally satisfied with great taste... another miracle :-)

It's 1:30pm = I am ready to eat again because it tasted sooo good but dang it.. I am NOT hungry, crap! lol

maybe I will have a hot cup of tea and lemon again just to get that warm comfie feeling :-)

I will for SURE have dinner.. hungry or not I tell ya LOL emoticon

in the meantime, a cup of hot tea and lots of water, yeh!!!!

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