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02/24/21 Day 2 of cooking on REDUCING CARBS :-) yeh!!! shocking but true, I cooked !!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Hi everyone... I hope everyone is doing well on this cool Wednesday :-)
waves hello to everyone near and far emoticon

This is day 2 of me living on REDUCING CARBS lifestyle and shocking but true, I happily when into my kitchen and began to cook breakfast, yeh!!!!!!!!!!!

getting ready for prep work

3 eggs
1 onion
frozen broccoli
varies bell peppers
precooked bacon
velvetta cheese product

veggies cooked now

Those veggies looked so good I wanted to eat it right now before I added the eggs and bacon LOL... the veggies tasted so good cooked in butter. just veggies, NO seasoning.

veggies on the eggs
veggies placed on the eggs.. before folding the omelet closed, the rest goes on top

Finished cooking BRUNCH

I call it brunch now because I could only eat HALF.. it was a LOT of food on one plate but on my god it was FULL of TASTE... Taste I have not had in a longgg time, wow! Put a little hot sauce on top and it was perfect! Now I have lunch ready too :-)

emoticon I ate my food with a HOT cup of tea with lemon and 1 ss emoticon
To me... THIS was comfort food, sooooooooooo delicious!

Afterwards I decided to tally up my carbs.... emoticon BRACE YOURSELF....

I discovered there are CARBS IN ONIONS emoticon

and it was TEN carbs, yes 10 carbs in just ONE medium onion emoticon

Just shoot me

Did I eat the onion? of course I did... after all I did COOK it.

SOLUTION: throw out the onions and just buy MORE bell peppers emoticon

I know I am NEW to KETO and this is only Day 2 for me...
I will make mistakes along the way as I learn and grow

emoticon Questions please:
I did eat 5 strips of bacon this time... I wonder if that was TOO much emoticon
Answer: NO, not too much.... not on Keto

I did cook with 5 tablespoons of pure butter... I wonder if that was TOO much emoticon
Answer: NO, not too much.... not on Keto

not sure to be honest.... I wonder if it is possible to eat TOO MUCH FAT emoticon
Answer: NO, not too much.... not on Keto

I will say I am very pleased and HAPPY with Keto eating...
I am actually cooking 2 days in a row
and the food tastes fabuloussssssssssssss!!! emoticon
I guess I forgot what REAL food taste like until now LOL

emoticon James = by the way BIG SHOUT OUT to James who shared how he cooked his omelets and those ingredients gave me the COURAGE to make my own omelet, yeh!!!

so happy to be eating this way

emoticon Remember...........

This was me before for years

Nope I am NOT cooking
I retired from cooking for yearssss, kids are grown ... nope not doing it :-) .

emoticon They have this new thing now...
if you PAY people, they will cook for YOU emoticon lol funny but it's true :-)

People would ask me what are you cooking tonight Sharon emoticon
My answer: I'm sorry is it Thanksgiving yet? I cook on Thanksgiving emoticon

emoticon Now I am a CHEF because I cooked an Omelet LOL

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