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Hay House Health Summit and my mom

Thursday, February 25, 2021

The Hay House Heal Summit was so good! On the last day of the summit, I watched speeches given by Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, and Kelly Turner PhD. Marianne's talk told a great story about when she had a sore throat and went to a bar or something to meet her friend. This man looked at her and she told him about her throat and how she didn't have a doctor in the town yet because she just moved. She said she needed a prescription for penicillin or erythromycin. He said he could handle that because he was a psychiatrist. He took her to the pharmacy next door and got her the drug. Then he said he had not prescribed it for 25 years and told her she really needed him and gave her his card! I guess the story proves synchronicity! Like you ask and the universe provides type thing. I loved Kelly Turner, PhD's speech so much that I am now reading her book Radical Remission. No one has been investigating remissions and cancer doctors have actually told patients not to tell anyone about their remission. I guess they are worried it would give other patients false hope.

Radical Remission is proving to be an excellent book! My mom has been having problems with her osteoarthritis so yesterday I ordered a hard copy from Amazon of a book called Healing Arthritis by Susan Blum. It looks really good and on the same line as Radical Remission is. My plan is to read the book, Healing Arthritis next week (it comes this Friday) and if it is good give it to my mom to you know keep for me.

I also ordered 2 other things from Amazon which will improve my life. I ordered command hooks which I just found out from my co-worker/friend, Jackie, that I could hang pictures in my apartment that would not damage or hurt the walls. I also ordered the fitness watch I have been wanting for a long time because it went down in price to $30. I am hoping it will help me know my heart rate when I exercise and how many minutes I get of exercise a day. That would help me immensely with my 5% challenges! They are all supposed to come tomorrow and I am very excited for their arrival especially the book to help my mom. I am very much wanting to help my mom and she is hard to help because she is a stubborn patient.

My mom's foot doctor she saw yesterday and he almost wanted to do surgery on her foot but he thinks something else is wrong and she needs to see her primary care doctor. All her extremities are swollen and could be from another problem. My mom has low thyroid and she thinks it might be her thyroid because when she first got it things were swelling and she remembers the medication she took for the swelling! Amazing! So she is seeing her primary care doctor although not sure when. Also, the doctor recommended that she find a rheumatologist and she asked me who Jackie sees (Jackie also has osteoarthritis) because the doctor said she could go to Syracuse which is an hour away and she doesn't want to go there. I told her Jackie's doctor because I had written it down and found it which is good because I think Jackie is off today.

Anyway, I am also happy that both my mom and dad are scheduled to get the covid vaccine. My dad goes on March 5th and my mom goes on March 19th.

Hope everyone has a great day!
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