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A sigh of relief, and a bit of pride

Tuesday, March 02, 2021


It is sooooo weird to write that 8 in the second position! After typing 1-9-something for so long, my fingers are stuck in that pattern, lol.

I set out a bunch of goals today. Actually, I took the ones I wrote yesterday, prefaced them with the ones I've already achieved, and added more.

1. Stop gaining weight = 208 – 8-16-2020

2. Lose 5 pounds = 203 – 9-3-2020

3. ***Break into Onederland = 199 - 9-20-2020, 11-8, 11-28, 12-9-2020 (for real)

4. Lose 10 pounds (5% of body weight is 10.4) = 198 – 11-8, 11-28, 12-10-2020

5. Lose 15 pounds = 193 – 1-7-21, 1-16-21 

6. Get into the 180’s = 189 (189.8) – 3-1-21

7. ***Lose 20 pounds = 188 (also, this is no longer obese on the BMI scale at 188.4)

8. Lose 10% of my body weight = 187.2

9. Get to the mid-180's = 185

10. Lose 25 pounds = 183

11. ***Get to my pre-pandemic weight = 182

12. Get into the 170’s = 179

13. Lose 30 pounds = 178

14. Lose 15% of my body weight = 176.8

15. Get to mid 170’s = 175

16. Lose 35 pounds = 173

17. Get into the 160’s = 169

18. Lose 40 pounds = 168

19. Lose 20% of body weight = 166.4

20. Get to mid 160’s = 165

21. Lose 45 pounds = 163

22. Get into the 150’s = 159

23. ***Get into the normal BMI range = 156.8

24. Lose 25% of body weight = 156

25. Get to mid 150’s = 155

26. Lose 55 pounds = 153

27. Get into the 140’s = 149

28. Lose 60 pounds = 148

29. Lose 30% of body weight = 145.6

30. Lose 65 pounds (and evaluate whether to stay here) = 143

I drew a line above to show where I am right now. But for my own viewing, I printed them out with five on a sheet. That way, I am only looking at the next several goals, and not getting overwhelmed with the big picture. Five goals at a time is good for me. I also circled the big important ones (here I've done ***). That way, I have the overall picture in mind, along with some of the important milestones. But, I don't have to think about losing that huge amount of weight all at once.

Anyway, I'm relieved and a bit proud that today's weigh-in was still in the 180's. Yes, I'm not gonna freak if it swings back into the 190's. I know that's a possibility, and not the end of the world. But it is validating to be in the 180's for 2 days.

I've also created a little sheet that looks like an advent calendar. My overall goal is to lose 65 pounds and then re-evaluate. I figured out I needed 66 spaces for my sheet, and divided it up. I've put the numbers in there, and crossed out the pounds I no longer have. I thought it would look like a lot of progress... it does and it doesn't. I may re-do it differently, so that it is easier to count at a glance. Right now, it is 11 across and 6 down. That was just so it would all fit exactly, lol. I didn't think about the fact that my mind operates in 10s. Oh well. It serves its purpose, which is to show progress towards the overall picture. Here it is:

I've lost 18.4 pounds. A friend asked if I was feeling more energetic. Ummm, no. I think that losing weight this slowly is giving my body time to adjust. I'm not getting that boost from being lighter or whatever. Maybe it is just not the way my body responds. I don't recall if that was something I felt other times I've lost weight? I suppose I could go back and read all my blogs - but there are tons and tons of them, hahaha! Anyway, I don't feel more energy. I am also in the throes of menopause, so that definitely doesn't help on the energy front.

It doesn't feel like I've lost nearly 20 pounds. I mean, I'm still wearing the same clothes. Still feeling fat and sluggish. Alas, it will come. The one thing I have noticed is that when I'm on my inversion table, I can feel what it would be like to not have such a big belly, lol. Meanwhile, I'm going to keep plugging away at my mini-goals!
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    Good plan.
    39 days ago
    The thought, tine,and energy alone that you’ve put into this is mind boggling to me! Time you’ve NOT been eating!! haha! So cool to see such concrete progress. Excellent! emoticon
    39 days ago
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