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More XC Skiing. . .

Friday, March 05, 2021

It was so gorgeously sunny yesterday that we did get out (despite the wind and cold temperatures) for a little more cross country skiing on the bay. My wax wasn't perfect so not getting all the whoosh, but just such a terrific workout, upper and lower body -- and so pretty with the bright blue skies and yes, obliging eagles soaring high too.

When I had had Henry out for a walk earlier in the day, he just stopped and sat and watched the eagles overhead with me for quite a period of time. Definitely a bird watcher dog!! Not barking, not fearful (and these are BIG birds!), just curious and observant.

Fence guy came by right on time and sketched out a plan for the installation of Henry's fenced area come May. It will be trenched with the bottom section of the fence buried to foil those digging paws! A couple gates, entrance for Henry from the back deck off the kitchen and bedroom and from the garage. He is definitely having a nice life here, but the fenced area to run and play will get that aspect of things back to normal for him. And he will enjoy visits from the dog-crazy child across the street here, just as he had from a neighbour child back in Ontario!

Today's our first "recycling" pick up in the rather complicated garbage schedule. We have a LOT of boxes bundled up and ready to go. We'd hoped that neighbours down the road who are planning a move could have made use of them, but no response to the note we'd left offering them under a windshield wiper . . . So, we'll get them out there early early: not last night because of the real likelihood they could have been blown away.

And: we are hoping to get a generator lesson from the former owner of the house later on this morning. Just want to be sure that if there's a lengthy power outage as a result of a windstorm, we know how to operate this handy feature correctly. It is already wired in, we know it needs to be wheeled out of the garage where it lives and run in the driveway . . . but how do you get the garage door to open if the power's off? Stuff like that!! All new to us.

Yesterday's comments indicate that for many Sparkies, our new locale would just be too cold cold cold at this time of the year! We get that of course . . . but that's Canada for ya! Mon pays c'est l'hiver: my country is winter! At least from November till late April or early May . . . pretty much no matter where you are in Canada, except possibly the west coast . . . where it's milder but can be kinda rainy and grey a lot of the time. I know there's plenty of research indicating that retirees when planning where they might relocate tend to over value weather, seeking out the warmest spots -- Florida, Arizona and California are also very popular with Canadian retirees most years. Although travel plans for "snowbirds" have been altered by pandemic restrictions, many Canadians still have managed to find a way to head south.

For us, we never did consider an "out of Canada" option. Our new microclimate indicates we can anticipate about 4-6 weeks longer frost free than we experienced in Ontario: nice for both gardening and golfing. But it's all in what you're used to and yes, the four seasons of the year are something I really enjoy. Of course I'm anticipating the bright green fuzz on the maple woods near our post box and some long summer days on the bright red sand beaches . . . but not wishing my life away either. The days are getting longer. This time of the year, watching for earliest signs of spring to come, is really a pleasure too. And I'm hoping for more sparkling frosty days and more skiing before spring actually arrives!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I would be thrilled to pieces to live anywhere with a spectacular water view, winter or summer!
    40 days ago
    My little guy does the same thing with birds, rabbits, squirrels -- just looks with curiosity, no barking. We feel extra blessed with Edison that, although small, he does not bark at people, places and things. Just a chuff at the UPS driver now and then. There's something about that big truck that gets into dog's psyches -- I think it may be in their collective unconscious! Anyway, lovely sounding ski!
    40 days ago
    My earliest childhood days in Ontario left me with a love of snow - it's physical beauty, as well as its opportunities for fun activities like sledding, skating, skiing, snowman and snow fort making, etc.
    I still feel a childlike excitement at the first snow of every winter. (It does diminish somewhat by the last one, though.)
    And I share your appreciation for the four seasons - along with the change in types of clothing and food that accompany those seasons.
    I love reading your descriptions of your new area by the sea. So happy for you.

    41 days ago
    I lived in Buffalo for 5 years and loved it but I was a lot younger too. I have never met such friendly people in all my life like up there. We did cross over the border quite a bit too and Canada is beautiful. We stayed at the Chateau Frontenac once and it was so pretty in that area as well.
    41 days ago
    There should be a manual cord that you can use to open and close your garage door opener in case of a power failure. You just pull on it. Voila!
    41 days ago
    When you get the info on the generator, ask if there's a master switch to the house from the power lines that needs to be turned off. Some houses have that to prevent a power surge when the power lines are back up and running again - if the generator is still running, the surge of power from the two sources can blow out some appliances, so this is super important!
    41 days ago
    Sounds like you, Hubby and Henry are right where you want to be.
    41 days ago
    I appreciate our seasons. It is hard to imagine not experiencing the changes we are accustomed to. Currently I am appreciating the longer days.
    41 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    Being born and bred in Minnesota, I understand completely understand. I don't always love driving in the snow and ice, but there is so much beauty in the winter days and I can't imagine not ever having a winter season. And I have to say, it sure does make you appreciate the other seasons so much more after surviving another winter!
    So glad you are enjoying the weather there in PEI and getting all kinds of tips from the previous owners to know what to do in case of emergencies!
    41 days ago
  • BJAEGER307
    I love the 4 seasons that we have. I tend to love Spring and Fall the best. Winters have a quiet beauty and summer is for all the fun. Here in Michigan we have it all. My crocus is already poking through the soil already. I think within the next couple of weeks I'll have flowers.

    Don't think I could live some where where it's summer all the time, so I just will stay here in Michigan.
    41 days ago
    I live in Wisconsin, and can tell you that it gets cold and snowy here, too. It is always a busy winter with winter weather activities, but it’s NICE. I’d rather have cool than too warm. That said, if I were going to go south, it would be actually southwest – AZ. And Nana is right . . . . the seasons in Phoenix AZ are hot and very hot!

    How wonderful to have a wired in generator! Good you’ll learn how to operate it.

    So glad Henry will have his fenced in area. And that he enjoys bird watching! Awesome.

    41 days ago
    A nice slice I f life you have there, enjoy.
    41 days ago
    I can imagine enjoying the transitions between seasons in your area. Very distinct. I lived in Phoenix, AZ, for a while and, believe me, there were no distinct seasons except for the very hot in the summer.

    41 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    41 days ago
    Interesting post as usual.Enjoy reading all your pieces. You are so lucky living where you do. But I know the cold weather would be too much for my arthritis. Heat is unbearable at times but can mange here.
    41 days ago
  • NANCY-
    Watching the eagles is indeed a wonderful sight. For me my ideal retirement spot would be not too far from the ocean. Ideally I would be able to see it from my home, However with ocean view and front prices, I do not think that will happen. But I can mentally go there everyday.
    You forgot the fifth season... mud season, which will soon be upon us.
    41 days ago
    All settling in to be sure! Its a nasty combo -the wind and cold -and an anticipation of needing a generator for times when the wind knocks the power out, wow. I never would have guessed your winter would be 4-6 weeks less than Ontario! Are you on the leeward side of the ocean then? Not getting the full brunt of those ocean nor'easters.. For sure hardy Canadian stock getting out there in the open wind to enjoy those eagles soaring! Looking forward to hearing all about your new adventures and discoveries!
    41 days ago
  • no profile photo INCH_BY_INCH
    41 days ago
    Much as I might complain about Winter and look forward to Spring, I LIKE having seasons. Good solid seasons. Both cold and hot seasons. I guess I AM turning into my mother... she loved the turning of the seasons. Yep, a mid-Westerner at heart.

    And your new home sounds wonderful.
    41 days ago
    Good for you! One really does need to enjoy the place where they choose to live out the rest of their days.
    I have tried snow shoeing which was a lot of work and enjoyable at the same time. I love it that Henry paid attention to the Eagles. We have Eagle watching days in our community all through January. On occasion I have spotted an eagle or two flying over our house on it's way to Lake Wisconsin. Enjoy!
    41 days ago
    Not a fan of winter, but I do love the other 3 seasons. emoticon
    41 days ago
    I like having four distinct seasons to the year, also. DH wants to be in Key West! I could use a longer summer but not 24/7. Fla heat and humidity in mid-summer would be killer to me.

    Glad Henry will be getting his "own space" in a few months. Then he can also say he's home!

    Here's to the lengthening days and the soon to change clocks. Warmer temps are forecast for next week - Hip, Hip, Hooray! The pruning chores can then commence. It will be good to get them done earlier this year.

    I envy your eagle sightings. We are too far inland to see them this time of year as they tend to stay coastal for hunting availability.
    41 days ago
    Power door has a manual way to open it. Have a wonderful day.
    41 days ago
    I love 4 seasons also. Chicagoland offers 4 seasons and just enough snow in the winter. Sounds like you found a wonderful new home!
    41 days ago
    Sounds like you are getting settled and really enjoying your new place. Yes, it would be way too cold for me, but I am very happy that you have found a place that truly suits you. The fenced yard for Henry sounds like it will add a lot to life for all of you.
    41 days ago
    I love reading about your life. Here at the lake we have a lot of "half backs" - people who retired to Florida for the warm winters and then were hit with the reality of those long hot summers. They relocated again "half back" to their former winter homes. Four seasons but nothing too severe.

    41 days ago
    I think a lot of retirees choose the warmer weather due to hopes of exchanging some of the arthritis pain for more mobility. I might have but my life is in western South Dakota, and your weather may even be milder at times than mine! We, too, love the 4 seasons. We love that a foot of snow will likely be gone in a couple of days and that the temperature can change as much as 40 degrees or more in a day! Most of all, I love the crocuses popping through and the lilies showing their buds, the mama bird in her nest just outside my window and so much more.
    41 days ago
    Loving having you share your new home! My only visit to PEI was in mid-September and I fell in love with it. I live in Alabama, where winters are mild (that’s okay for me) but summers are brutal. For decades, some friends from high school days lived here in Alabama for six colder months and on PEI for six warmer months. That seems ideal to me! Enjoy all of the new adventures!
    41 days ago
    Good to read of your new life and it’s adventures!
    42 days ago
    Is the climate warmer on PEI than Ontario? And warmer longer? I would not have thought that - being surrounded by the Atlantic and all. Certainly is beautiful there though! Henry will be glad to have his fenced in place to run!
    42 days ago
    What a wonderful view for you and Henry :). Our garage door has rope pull on it for power outage days and we too bring our generator out of the shed when in use :)
    42 days ago
    You should be able to manually open the garage door by pulling on the rope that hangs from the motor unit on the ceiling, for that you will need a ladder! I always kept my fingers crossed that I wouldn't have to use that feature as I am not a ladder girl.
    Like you, I have never thought of leaving this country to go to warmer climates during the winter. Sure I grumble when it gets really nasty and cold but then the sun appears and my mood immediately brightens. So much to enjoy here and I am truly thankful for all our four seasons!
    42 days ago
    I love the wait - the anticipation of a seasonal change. What could be more refreshing than a green landscape - but here, at the end of summer, particularly in September, the green looks tired!! dusty. Like it's just worked itself out and wishes to take a long winter's nap. Then comes all the glory of autumn colors so we don't have to say goodbye to those leaves too soon - and then we get the excitement of cold and winter. So yes yes yes. I love a seasonal climate. I'm sure in extreme places like the deep south or far north one soon learns the nuances of seasons but I've always been grateful for 4 distinct ones with an emphasis on spring and fall.

    I could wish for enough snow to XC skiing but then - I do get to kayak in May - sometimes in April and I have swum in my river as late as early October. Hooray for the fence guy and yippee for a previous owner to give you lessons on generators. Yes. That garage door issue would stump me. Happy discovering.

    42 days ago
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