Is it nicotine or food I'm craving?

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Strangest thing - I can't tell if I am craving a smoke or craving something to eat. In the past, the smoke was automatic. Kept the weight down but not exactly a wise way to do it for my health.

I am halfway through day 12 as a non-smoker - or more realistic in my case - I've put off smoking for almost 12 full days. Today is a hard one. I have this craving, but I don't know what I'm craving. Now I can understand why others put on weight when they quit. It is that "want something" feeling. Sucking on a plain cinnamon stick - NOT CANDY - helps. Carrot and celery sticks may become an endangered species before I get this whipped. I've always loved cauliflower - but it just isn't built right! Gotta have something that resembles a little round cylinder for this hand to mouth disease that is hitting me!

As a "round cylinder", Tootsie Rolls are not an option, despite DH's kind offer! That goes along with his, "It's ok if you put on 10 pounds honey. You still won't be as fat as you were." If he gets much more supportive, I'll have to hurt him! LOL!

DH tells me if I would have let him know I was going to do this in advance, he would have invested in the spice company that makes my cinnamon sticks, the mouthwash company that I use, the toothpaste company that I use and all vegetable producers! I just laugh and tell him he may have to invest in a shoe company, because when nothing else works, I take a fast walk around the block!

I will whip this! I know I have an addictive personality. I broke the Diet Pepsi habit, I broke the sugar habit, I broke the coffee habit, I am eating healthy, I am exercising and Mr. Nicotine can't control me!
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  • TURTLE24
    Yes Hang in there. It does work. I imagine you have tried chewing gun, I remember that helped me. It was so much easier to get rid of the gum chewing habit than the smoking habit. Quitting smoking is harder then quitting drinking I know, as I have done both. Perhaps when you feel the urge, set the timer for 5, 10 or even 15 minutes and get busy with something else. Chances are the urge will have passed. Lolly
    4824 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1937231
    Donna,you can do it --when you feel that urge,call someone on the phone ,do something but not smoke,read a book,eat an apple,any fruit,--do something but not smoke, remember you can do all thing through Christ who strengthens you , pray about it and you will be healed .
    4824 days ago
    Hi Donna...just this very morning I had an overwhelming urge to have a cigarette after seven years. Of course I didn't and the urge went away quickly, but when that happens it always surprises me. Week three for me was my hardest time. I would strongly suggest that you go to the drugstore or Wal-Mart and buy yourself a box of 14mg Nicoderm patches. Put one on in the morning when you get up and take it off at bedtime (they can cause some mean nightmares). This will get you over the hump. I used the patches for one month when I quit and that was all. I say do whatever it takes...just don't pick up the cigarettes again. We're all rooting for you, girl.

    4825 days ago
  • MOGAL1946
    Donna, just hang in there. Get busy do anything but smoke. I'm suffering the consequences right this minute of 32 years 2 pack a day habit. The only way I can breathe is with 3 inhailers treatments a day and sometimes 4. I was at the doctors office yesterday due to upper respiratory infection/sinus infection and bronchitis. On an antibotic and an oral steriod with a promise of oxygen for night time use in the very near future. COPD/Emphysema is a terrible thing to have. So please just take it one day at a time and keep thinking how good you are going to feel being slender and smoke free. I'm rooting for you !
    4826 days ago
    Donna - congrats you are almost at 2 weeks. From what I have read week 2 -3 can be hard ones. So just keep hanging in there and KNOW it does get easier. I have not had any cravings today. Oops I had one! Lasted just a short time.

    I think you are right ....look at everything you have accomplished! This is just another thing that truely will put you in the "Healthy Nut" catagory. YOU ARE DOING THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    4826 days ago
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