Almost became a Spark Dropout yesterday!

Friday, January 04, 2008

I'm sure everyone has one of those days where they think people don't even SEE them! Yesterday was one of those days for me.

My first post was to a board that I've belonged to since I joined SP. This is a large board and it appears that some of the members spend the day "chatting" back and forth so it is hard to keep up. I noticed a "newbie" had posted a question shortly after I posted the day before and no one acknowledged or answered her. I welcomed her and answered her query, but it bothered me. She was as invisible as I have always been on that board.

Next I went to a board where I am co-leader. During the holidays, I stuck with the few posters and welcomed all the newbies who were joining. The first post I read yesterday was from one of the original members who was just returning, thanking the co-leaders for all their hard work. My name wasn't mentioned! Once again - invisible!

I joined a group from the same team on an 2008 exercise Challenge. I should have known better, but thought my exercise program might help Newbies realize that not all Sparkers are Super Man/Woman. Some of us just do the best we can to lead a healthy lifestyle and will never be atheletes. I had posted that I walked 1 mile in below freezing weather and that that wasn't bad for an old broad. Did I get an atta girl for at least trying? NOPE! I got an "LOL Granny." I went in last night to post my cardio after working with DH taking trim off the walls and windows, removing paneling and hauling it to the basement and looked at the other posts! I didn't post my tiny accomplishments. This old lady was in the wrong place This group leaps over tall buildings, climbs the highest mountains, breaks speed records running to the swamp to wrestle live alligators all day on the job. That's the warm up - then they get into the serious exercising.

Went to welcome a newbie on my team, and the first post I read was from a lady who had just turned 50 and said, "but my body feels like it is ready for Medicare!" Hmmm! What does it feel like when your body is ready for Medicare? Medicare comes when you turn 65 and has nothing to do with the shape your body is in! My body is old enough for it - hasn't used it except when I fell - running - and broke my arm!

By that time, I was asking myself, "WHY are you here? Just drop the teams, plug in your nutrition, track your exercise and get the Spark Experience by yourself! I stopped even trying to post until DH and I took our first break - I was just getting depressed. When I had a minute, I would run into the computer room and read Sparks emails. Those are supportive and informative and I love them.

Finally, it was evening and I decided to give the boards one more try. Ignored the posts on the ones that had upset me and went to some of the smaller boards where I usually have fun. They they were! The wonderful, supportive, funny Spark People who are JUST LIKE ME! They all WOOHOO and celebrate if someone walks a couple of blocks! They realize the importance of someone making those first baby steps towards a healthier lifestyle and cheer them on! Some of the boards I enjoy are my age group others are a combination of people. We have bonded as if we were next door neighbors in a small town, yet we are all ages, all sizes, all nationalities.

This morning when I opened my mail, I just deleted the emails from the boards where I didn't feel comfortable. Such a simple little thing to do and I feel so much more in control today! I don't know why I was so silly to go where I didn't feel welcome when there are so many places here where I do!

Sorry for the negative blog today! Just had to get it out of my system and here was the blog - ready and waiting! I promise to be in a better frame of mind next week when I blog again!

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  • FITJEN48
    Noooooo. Never stop posting or blogging. That's it, I'm adding you as a friend. Walking one mile in freezing weather is most certainly worth celebrating. And hauling paneling, my goodness! WHile, I too am trying to leap tall buildings, I'm constantly looking for those down on the ground yellling, I'll be here when you wipe out! Thanks so much for not dropping out!
    4740 days ago
    Donna- I am feeling so bad....what kind of friend am I? I do not remember getting any notice of your blogs? Maybe this was when my power went off??? If you don't know I will tell you ...YOU are the glue on our team. I also have noticed you don't post as much on our team anymore??????I do hope that it is not our teams e-mail that you are just deleating? I promise I WILL be a better friend....I often hope that I am as busy and have the energy that you and your DH do at your age. You are my inspiration...please don't leave us?

    Hugs Deb
    4750 days ago
    Donna I just read your blog. I want you to know that you are a great help to me in the two groups we are on together. Your humor is fun and I love reading your post. I'm not so verbal and don't write as much but I surly enjoy yours.

    4753 days ago
    Just saw that you wrote this blog. Wish I had read it sooner. You are so great on the LOC team!! I didn't log onto Spark at all on Monday. I have unchecked the boxes for notices from my more chatty teams.
    I so celebrate every step that any of us make in the right direction. I don't always get a chance to let them know. I will try harder!
    We love you on LOC!!
    4756 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1990669

    I wish I had taken the time to check the current blog entries so I would have seen this last week. I am so sorry you were feeling that way, honestly. I could have been a better Spark Friend, and I wasn't. I apologize!

    I am so glad you didn't give up, and I hope you still remain on the teams I am on as well. I thoroughly enjoy your input, and like you, I have no desire to "out do the next guy". I do what I do, when I can do it. The exercise comes and goes and when it isn't in the cards, to heck with it!!! Doesn't mean I am a failure. And neither are you. Our age, even though there is a difference, and our life styles dictate what we can accomplish in any one day.

    The fact that you are working so hard on your house, can keep up with all of those Grand kids, can welcome so many Newbies on Sparks when others ignore them, and still watch what you eat and put in walks and other forms of exercise are amazing to me. You are my inspiration!

    So please don't give up!! We need you here to inspire us on!!

    Spark Hugs to you my friend,
    4757 days ago
    I'm am so glad you didnt' give up! I joined SparkPeople a couple years ago but stopped using it for a lot of reason but one of them was the teams, I just didn't feel welcomed.

    Fortunately I found this one! And I love it! You and the other women have made me feel so welcome! I feel like I just moved into a new neighborhood and received a warm and nourishing welcome!

    Good for you for taking back control and choosing where to spend you time! I'm sure you make a huge difference to way more people than you will ever know!

    4760 days ago
    Donna, I came in to post on your page and thank you for the comments on my blog, WHEN, I discovered your blog. I, too, have had those same moments on some of the teams I have been on.. in fact, I would just exit the team. But, I kept trying, yet, I almost gave up on meal planning, exercise, but did not because you and others on a team gave me support during of the worst moments I have had. I thank you very much. You are very visible to me. It is because you walked in that freezing temp that I got my rusty dusty off the couch, got in the warm car, and worked out in a warm place. You have been such an inspiration to me, and I, for one and very glad you are on one of the boards I am on. Blogging, reading others blogs, posting and reading others posts have helped me and YOU, gal have helped me a great deal. HUGS... Summer

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    4760 days ago
    I'm so sorry you had a bad experience. Online or real life - stuff happens. And to think you took the time to answer my email in such a positive and upbeat manner this morning... bless your heart.

    Donna, you just keep on keepin' on. I'm enjoying our new friendship. You inspire me!
    4760 days ago
    Oh, Donna! What would our little group ever do without you?! I had no idea Thursday was that tough for you and here's a belated HUG.

    I don't post very often on most of my teams either and seldom if ever on the giant one where people chatter all day and one gets left in the dust.

    But, I love our tiny team. I think we are doing great, don't you? You'd better not leave us!!

    4761 days ago
    Hang in there Grannygump! Every step in the right direction is a good one. And some of those boards do that to everyone who doesn't have 24 hours a day to sit at a computer answering posts. I'm glad you found a board you like and feel comfortable with. I'm part of an email group. Everyone there is very supportive. Drop me a line if you're interested. Just remember you're not invisible to everyone, and if someone ignores you, it's because they're blind & stupid.
    4762 days ago
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