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Double breaker
Sunday, August 09, 2020      7 comments

Had an interesting weekend, pickleball wise. Last year, I bought a new paddle to replace the purple one I'd been using for about a year and a half, which was starting to develop dead spots. That gray paddle lasted about 4 months of solid use, be... Read more
Nature kick
Wednesday, August 05, 2020      6 comments

When I started taking the occasional walk back in May, I was mostly just starting at home, walking out to the road, and then turning left or right a... Read more
Friday, July 31, 2020      2 comments

June 10th weigh in was 219.6 pounds. July 31 is 211.6. July 31 is better. This has, essentially, been my lower bound for a while. There was a spell in July 2019 where I was a tad lower, down to 210 (1 year ago I was at 211 even), but other ... Read more
I know it, but, hard to prove when....
Saturday, July 18, 2020      3 comments

See, I know I plateaued for a while in the 210-212 range, including right up before the stay at home orders went into effect in March, and I went nearly 3 months without significant exercise. But you wouldn't know it looking at the spark weight ... Read more
Should have said 6 PM
Wednesday, July 08, 2020      3 comments

Someone suggested playing pickleball at 4 PM. There was a 20% chance of isolated thunderstorms through the afternoon. What time do you think a brief but intense thunderstorm hit the area where we play pickleball? Yep, dead set around 4 PM. When ... Read more
Hung out with friends!
Monday, June 29, 2020      2 comments

Granted, I've been playing pickleball for a little while now, and those people are friends, but yesterday, I had lunch with friends, for the first time since the world went sideways. We grabbed take out from a campus institution at the Universit... Read more
heel turn
Thursday, June 18, 2020      3 comments

I'm sure the phrase is used elsewhere, but I know it from the professional wrestling context, when a character who was previously a babyface (good guy) does something to get the crowd to turn against him, and see him as a bad guy, aka a heel. ... Read more
Wandering through the backyard
Saturday, June 13, 2020      4 comments

Actually, this was from yesterday, i strolled around the backyard taking pictures of flowers and other stuff back there. Worth a minute of your time to peek through, I think. https://www.instagram.co
m/p/CBWRlMAAKEG/ ... Read more
Friday, June 12, 2020      2 comments

Giving myself permission not to do the daily entry thing kind of pointed out how, especially lately, those blogs had just become the product of inertia, saying something because I said I would, rather than having anything to say. Even this... Read more
Second day on the courts
Friday, June 05, 2020      4 comments

Funny thing, after playing pickleball Thursday evening, I came home and iced my knee, since that was what seemed sore after that first time out. I went to bed feeling ok, thinking, sure, I'd be able to play Friday evening as well. And when I wok... Read more
get the ice and vitamin I!
Thursday, June 04, 2020      2 comments

Played pickleball today, for the first time in nearly three months. It was almost as bad as I expected. Playing mostly singles, I failed to win a game, and only really competed in one, against players that I used to be better than. Of course, th... Read more
same as it ever was
Wednesday, June 03, 2020      0 comments

today's wander was 4.72 miles and it took me exactly 90 minutes. I might have got home, and walked two houses past and then turned around and came back to make it to the 90 minute mark. Something about I got this far, I might as well hit that pa... Read more
Monday, June 01, 2020      1 comments

Watching some Community episodes to not think about other stuff for a bit, the letters in the title are the ones in Abed's (Danny Pudi) bit of the title segment, leading to, somehow, 8 bits of the hangman being filled in (if hands and feet are s... Read more
Bit slower today
Sunday, May 31, 2020      1 comments

Started with the intention of 4 miles of walking, but nearly called it a half mile in because my foot was hurting. But I decided to push on to the next possible turnaround point (aka stoplight on the corner), and felt better at that point (a fur... Read more
Saturday, May 30, 2020      2 comments

4 miler planned, but I didn't count on going down a road in the neighborhood kitty corner to mine that didn't quite go straight to the main road, as expected, so I added a bit of distance there, and also in getting to the corner of the mile-per-... Read more

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