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Thursday, March 10, 2016      5 comments

Wow, another long time since I've "escaped" rl, imagine that. Actually I've had to stay away from the computer because the Doctor doesn't want my foot swelling up from sitting there so much, so I've had to cut back on that. Still working with ... Read more
Kittens, Grandpup, and neices/nephews.
Tuesday, February 23, 2016      5 comments

Wow, again, I've been gone forever. Between getting the plans closer to being done for the accessible playground rebuild, and "injuries" I've been trying to heal, I'm going nuts. I spoke before of 3 injuries to the top of my left foot, my l... Read more
Busy again.
Friday, February 05, 2016      3 comments

Wow, can't believe it's been that long since I've been here, but rt is keeping me hoping. I have a new great-niece, Emma, born 1/31, and a fundraiser (meat raffle) which we raised $4,000 about, not to mention I have that sore on my ankle th... Read more
Wish it'd slow down.
Wednesday, January 20, 2016      4 comments

Sorry about not being around a lot, there is just so much going on, again!! My nephew was in a car accident, but thank God, he wasn't hurt. He had a seizure and slowed his car down (this is the way I understand it, I could be wrong), becau... Read more
Lots of fun and games.
Thursday, January 14, 2016      4 comments

Another busy week, most of it good. Not a huge lottery winner, of course, but I did win $8, and our daughter won $12 this week, and $4 last drawing. However, we did get our donation last week, and it ended up being a total of $100,00... Read more
Wednesday, January 06, 2016      4 comments

First, thank you everyone for the comments below the last post, I'm sorry I've not had time to answer each and every one of you, but please know that I enjoyed your comments, You gave me my smile for the day! I've been horribly busy, again... Read more
God has strange ways of making things work.
Monday, December 28, 2015      5 comments

Our Christmas was pretty good..though it seemed like a disaster at the time. I'll explain. My brother, sister, and their families have gone to Mom's house for years..well..since we all got married and moved away. We enjoy the early aftern... Read more
Lots of Fun.
Tuesday, December 22, 2015      6 comments

THE WORLD'S GOING TO END...I'm here two days in a row. *L* I hope everyone is having a wonderful day; have my doctor's appointment today, so heading out in a bit. Things went great at the Quilt Drawing at McDonalds. (nope, didn't eat ... Read more
Not Slowing Down.
Monday, December 21, 2015      5 comments

Things are just getting more hectic here; with the holidays, the playground, people being sick, you name it... Yesterday I had my great-niece's baptism, then went shopping with our Daughter because she'd not had a chance to do it with being... Read more
What should I do?
Tuesday, December 15, 2015      4 comments

Thank you, everyone, who loved the decorations; those are just our inside ones, I didn't even get a pic of our outside ones. :D Things have been smooth the last few days, at least here. Our Daughter wants me to ride with her 3 hours tomorr... Read more
Better but still busy.
Friday, December 11, 2015      3 comments

This has been a hectic couple of weeks, 2 fundraisers, 2 doctors appointments with 2 more appointments next week, and a conference call on Monday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed because one really influencial businessman is working with o... Read more
LoH CAMDEN Fundraiser..
Saturday, December 05, 2015      3 comments

Well, I started to get my voice back on Monday (this last Monday), but after today, I'm back to squeaking and all. Why? Because I was going to stand at the door at the Harley Davidson store and hand out brochures, tell everyone who came in wh... Read more
Happy Thanksgiving
Wednesday, November 25, 2015      7 comments

Today isn't bad, seems I'm getting a regular cold, now. Been sneezing, runny nose (still), cough hasn't gone away, BUT I can talk a little more. Slowly it seems my voice is coming back, but by the end of the day, it's gone again. But least I k... Read more
Saturday, November 21, 2015      9 comments

Well, still have the cough, and yes, still tossing cookies at times because of it. And still no voice, which is great when having a golden retriever that I have to take out at least twice a day. I can't call him, so I have to put him on the le... Read more
Lost: 1 voice
Tuesday, November 17, 2015      6 comments

Good grief, it seems like all I've been doing is complaining about being sick. I'm sorry for that. Still no voice, coughing yet, but last night I took honey, some old prescription cough syrup I had on hand (just a little left, so finished ... Read more

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