Making me important to me
Monday, October 05, 2015      5 comments

I haven't been doing well. My focus is off in every area of my life and I started taking medication to help me with what they said was mild bipolar disorder. It helped my mood but it didn't help my main concern which was focus. I am not going to... Read more
I haven't been doing so well, but I haven't given up
Thursday, July 24, 2014      4 comments

There comes a time after trying and failing and trying and failing, that you look at yourself and decide "Do I give up and just be content in what I am or do I keep trying?" I had that moment and I know that I am not happy here. I can't be happy... Read more
Finally! A click...
Sunday, June 15, 2014      1 comments

Ever hear the "it will just click one day" statement? I have said it many times. Well today it clicked for me, again. Two and half years ago, I had a click and just started eating right and losing weight. For some reason, my memory remembers it ... Read more
Tired of waiting on God to change me
Tuesday, May 27, 2014      4 comments

I have had it! Waiting on God.... I pray and pray and pray and I am still the same, if not worse. The thing is, I am pretty sure He is tired of waiting on me. The deal is, He told me what to do years ago. But me and my stubbornness or lazines... Read more
When is enough really enough?
Thursday, April 10, 2014      4 comments

How many times do you have to say "Today is the day" before it really is today? I feel like the boy that cried wolf. I have proclaimed "Enough is enough" more times than I can remember and yet here I am no better off than I was any of the last 2... Read more
Stuck in my ways
Tuesday, February 11, 2014      3 comments

So you may have noticed you never saw " Phase 2" post about my 17 day Diet. Now now hear me out. I can't have a little. I am not gray. I am black and white. So you tell me to have two servings of something and you know... that's not gonna happen... Read more
The excuses we make and the thoughts we don't think
Wednesday, January 29, 2014      5 comments

Vicious cycles of failure and defeat. I am desperately trying to salvage my motivation. Why oh why is it so very easy to throw all our goals and plans out the window? God is trying to teach me a lesson about dependence on Him and I try, I have a... Read more
Happy dances, upwards glances, and my 17 day diet update
Monday, January 20, 2014      4 comments

I am a Jesus girl, but that doesn't mean you can't read my blogs. I am totally normal, well as normal as I can get and that has jack to do with my faith. I am going to go off on a little rant first and then go into how things that have been goin... Read more
So I was crying where we left off... 17 Day Diet Week in Review
Monday, January 13, 2014      5 comments

So last week I was a blubbering baby. Its been a good week. I missed my Saturday training. I did that last Saturday too. The thing is that its not that I am actually not excercising Saturday. What I am doing on Saturday is making up for missing ... Read more
And then you cry and pick your self up again
Tuesday, January 07, 2014      9 comments

I cried last night and I have tears in my eyes as I write this. I can't remember when was the last time I felt like this. So desperately disappointed in myself and like many others I look in the mirror and say "How did I let this happen?!" May... Read more
When you stretch pants get too tight, you register for a Half Marathon
Thursday, December 26, 2013      8 comments

2013 was a wash. I had a few victories, but the majority of the year was one fail after another. I gained back so much weight over the past two years, I am right back where I was in 2011. So what do you do when even your stretch pants are uncomf... Read more
Avoidance won't make the fat disappear
Tuesday, November 19, 2013      8 comments

There are levels of fatness. There is that level of ignorance where you just didn't know. I remember eating taco salads from Taco Bell, bags of chips and cans of Pringles, burritos, any value meal... I just didn't know at that time all that was ... Read more
I made a Treadmill Desk!!!
Friday, September 13, 2013      17 comments

Materials: One long unused treadmill from the back porch Two Yoga Blocks Zipties Old shelf I have an ebay store and I sit and sit in front of my computer all day. I for see 3-5 miles a day coming out of this new equipement. I am so ... Read more
Satiety Signals or rather really slow satiety signals
Friday, August 09, 2013      7 comments

Have I ever told you guys I love tiny bowls? I am sure I have but you may be new and not know, so here it is... I ... Read more
And then it just clicks
Thursday, August 08, 2013      4 comments

Over the past two and half years I have talked about "The Click". The click is something that ignites in you and all of a sudden all of the failed attempts, half hearted days, on and off again behavior stops and something just clicks. You click ... Read more

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