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Set back a bit
Friday, April 09, 2021      2 comments

189.8 While it is frustrating to be a couple of pounds up, at least I'm still in the 180's. That's good. Yesterday and the day before both included more food than I needed. I need to figure out how to eat better on flying days. I had a ... Read more
Slow progress - disappointment and triumph
Monday, April 05, 2021      3 comments

187.6 I might be blogging just for the sake of blogging today. I'm firmly in the 180s now. That feels great. That's the triumphant part. The disappointing part is that it is going so slow. Yesterday, when I went to my goals sheet to cr... Read more
Sunday, April 04, 2021      3 comments

187.2 That's exactly 10% of my body weight gone. Yes... that's another of my goals! Granted, it is only .8 of a pound lower than the last goal I achieved, so some of these are super close, lol. But hey, it is a milestone for sure! 10% o... Read more
A heckuva couple of weeks!
Friday, April 02, 2021      0 comments

188 We got home late Wednesday, so last night was our first dinner home. I admit that I went a little overboard. But that's okay. The past two weeks has been seriously stressful in so many ways! Looking at my goals that I outlined a... Read more
A death in the family
Thursday, April 01, 2021      2 comments

187.8 I've been cryptic these last couple of entries, as we were in Alabama. My FIL went into the hospital a couple of weeks ago, in the end stage of kidney failure (which he had known for years, but which recently became critical). I got... Read more
I like this scale better, hahaha!
Tuesday, March 30, 2021      1 comments

187.2 We'll see what happens when I'm on my own scale again. I am certain this one is lower. I am counting this stressful time as a success, as IF has kept me from eating non-stop all day! I'm trying to stay hydrated, but that is als... Read more
Thank goodness for IF
Thursday, March 25, 2021      3 comments

188.4 (again on that lower scale, but I'll take it considering my stress) I ate brunch with friends yesterday, which was a semi-planned break in my IF pattern. That's fine. This morning, with the stress I'm under, I would have hoovered up... Read more
Loss, but a caveat
Tuesday, March 23, 2021      1 comments

187.4 Different scale - long story. I'm not sure if I've actually lost anything, as I know this scale is lower than mine. Time will tell. ... Read more
Still stuck
Thursday, March 18, 2021      2 comments

190.6 Am I destined to be this weight forever? It certainly feels like it. I've got some challenges coming up in the next several days - maybe even the next couple of weeks. I'll be missing my silks classes for a bit, which is going to b... Read more
Saturday, March 13, 2021      3 comments

190.8 Rough eating day yesterday. On flying days, I have to eat something beforehand. I had a sensible dish of oatmeal. I wasn't satiated, so I took a couple slices of cheese (the kind in the little plastic) with me for the drive. Not t... Read more
Add a goal... get rid of back boobies
Monday, March 08, 2021      4 comments

190.6 Back boobies. Okay, so technically what I've labeled 3 and 6 are my muffin top. But still! And the 4th back boobie wasn't so evident, ... Read more
No progress, but not terrible
Saturday, March 06, 2021      4 comments

190.2 I have been holding steady at 190 since my last blog. That's disheartening, as I was so happy to see that 8! Alas, it is going to be the new norm at some point. I haven't been working as hard as I can to make that happen. But I'm ... Read more
A sigh of relief, and a bit of pride
Tuesday, March 02, 2021      2 comments

189.6 It is sooooo weird to write that 8 in the second position! After typing 1-9-something for so long, my fingers are stuck in that pattern, lol. I set out a bunch of goals today. Actually, I took the ones I wrote yesterday, prefac... Read more
I'm overweight! Kind of...
Monday, March 01, 2021      1 comments

189.8 If I had stuck to my goal of one pound per week, I'd be at or reaching 186 this week. Alas, that's not the case. However, I have eeked into the 180's. Here's my sad little graph of the goal I set on January 20th: ... Read more
Laundry day = stairs day
Tuesday, February 23, 2021      2 comments

191.6 I met my stairs goal already, and I still have a load to do, which is at least two more times up the stairs. That's good. It is a great way to get me up out of the chair and away from the desk every hour or so. Otherwise, I'm... Read more

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