Vacation time and I'm locked in my closet!
Monday, April 30, 2007      0 comments

Tis that time of year when DH and I like to go out in the hills, camp, hike and generally have fun. I had hoped to be at goal by this time, but am still five pounds away! Does anyone else hide in their closet to try on clothes? I have thi... Read more
Will I EVER reach Goal?!
Wednesday, April 25, 2007      0 comments

WID for me today and was down one pound. This makes me five pounds from goal. The Goal weight is what I weighed with my first child, so that is not thrilling, either! This is a long, hard journey for me. I'm trying to eat healither, exercise... Read more
Everything I need to know about life, I learned from Noah's Ark
Friday, April 20, 2007      0 comments

We all receive hundreds of joke emails but sometimes one comes along that really hits home. I posted this on my refrigerator to remind myself of this important lesson - it applies to our goal towards a healthier lifestyle, the frustration and ... Read more
Wedding Dress Workout - Not just for brides!
Friday, April 20, 2007      0 comments

My first thought when I saw the "Wedding Dress Workout" was that it was not for me - I'm not a young bride - I've been a bride for a LOT of years! Second thoughts followed quickly! Wait a minute! It doesn't say young bride! ALL of us hav... Read more
Disgust? Disappointment? Depression? What should I feel?
Wednesday, April 11, 2007      4 comments

Weighed in this morning as I do every Wednesday, wearing nothing but hope and a prayer. For the forth WID in a row, the scale has not moved - not up, down or sideways! I could have cried, I could have cussed, but what would that accomplish... Read more
Major OOPS on Nutrition Tracker
Sunday, April 01, 2007      1 comments

Each day I go to the Nutrition Tracker and plan my meals for the day. Today was no exception. Lunch had 3 slices of bacon as one of the suggested foods. Using the "change" key, I was able to come up with a BLT for our lunch. DH was very h... Read more
Mayonnaise Jar and Two Cups of Coffee
Tuesday, March 27, 2007      1 comments

Received this in an email today and thought " How True!" A MAYONNAISE JAR AND 2 CUPS OF COFFEE When things in your life seem almost too much too handle, when 24 hours in a day are not enough, remember the mayonnaise jar and the ... Read more
Why I am having trouble meeting my goals
Friday, March 23, 2007      1 comments

SP email today suggested we write in our journal about the problems we face meeting our goals. WHY am I having problems meeting my goals? Maybe it is because I am the poster child for procrastination. My weight loss is very slow coming ... Read more
Eating out
Wednesday, March 21, 2007      0 comments

I have had two wonderful, fun-filled days "out with the girls." Yesterday, a group of Red Hat ladies drove to a Casino buffet at the state line 120 miles away. I told myself before I went that the price I would pay for the buffet ($14.95) was ... Read more
In the Land of Sandra Dee - a trip down memory age for my Over 60 friends
Sunday, March 18, 2007      0 comments

Long ago and far away, In a land that time forgot, Before the days of Dylan Or the dawn of Camelot. There lived a race of innocents, And they were you and me, Long ago and far away In the Land of Sandra Dee. Oh, the... Read more
Trigger Food
Wednesday, March 14, 2007      0 comments

Had an "OOPS" day, today! I've been doing so well, and really getting the yard work done. Today after I got the routine housework done, I did laundry and helped DH move some boxes to the basement. That was about it in the exercise area. ... Read more
Routine everyday work - Exercise?
Monday, March 12, 2007      1 comments

I worked very hard in the yard yesterday and was a little stiff and sore today so didn't do any of my exercises. At first, I was feeling a little guilty, then I started thinking about all the routine things I do every day. Everyday I vacuu... Read more
My kind of exercise!
Sunday, March 11, 2007      0 comments

Beautiful day today after what has been a long cold winter. I have one raised flower bed where the flowers bloom after the first frost and remain blooming until the first snow fall buries them. Now that most of the snow has melted, the bed was... Read more
Injured Ego!
Saturday, March 10, 2007      0 comments

I was looking forward to taking my 11 pound slimmer self to lunch with the Red Hat Society ladies today. Put on a skirt I hadn't worn in years, my purple blouse, my red hat and was feeling pretty good about myself. When I got to the lunche... Read more
How to Reward Good Behavior
Friday, March 09, 2007      0 comments

Ironically, I received "Lifestyle Change Strategy #3 of 5" in this morning's email - HOW TO REWARD GOOD BEHAVIOR. All of us have different ways to reward ourselves. My reward came yesterday afternoon with no planning on my part. I was... Read more

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