How I can make procrastination work for me
Friday, October 26, 2007      3 comments

For years, my motto has been, “NEVER DO TODAY WHAT YOU CAN PUT OF INDEFINATELY" Diet? I promised myself "I'll start that Monday" but not which Monday. Then, because the dreaded word "Diet" was in my head, I ate anything that doesn't bite ... Read more
Raking leaves
Monday, October 22, 2007      0 comments

I had to laugh at myself today! Each year, I snivel, moan and groan before I go out and start raking the leaves and picking up all the debris after the first hard freeze. Today is bright and sunny and almost 60 degrees outside. When I loo... Read more
The Fat Lady got into my head yesterday!
Wednesday, October 17, 2007      6 comments

I received a telephone call about a week ago from my sister-in-law telling us she was going to have a formal wedding in January. She has been single for over 30 years, raised her son alone and is a wonderful person. My husband is thrilled for ... Read more
Birthday Celebrations!
Thursday, October 11, 2007      4 comments

WHY do we celebrate all special occasions with food? I know it is to show someone they are loved, but am I ever having a rough time "celebrating" my 66th birthday! A week ago, a dear friend took me to lunch - I had a Shrimp Salad with th... Read more
Support your fellow team members
Saturday, October 06, 2007      2 comments

Is everyone doing all they can to help others on their team gain the knowledge and will power to lead a healthier lifestyle? This is so important. Someone lost just a quarter of a pound? That is a WOO HOO! It is one quarter of a pound le... Read more
Dress to look slimmer
Wednesday, September 26, 2007      6 comments

During my youth, my waist was always at least 10 inches smaller than the hips and bust. Mother always assured me that was the "Perfect Figure" , I always felt sefl-consious. If I tucked a blouse into a straight skirt, I thought it made my hip... Read more
Gotta' watch those shortcuts!
Tuesday, September 18, 2007      0 comments

Since starting the Steptember Challenge on America on the Move, I've become more aware of each step I take! I've also become aware of the steps I avoid taking! Now I am in a quandry! I do not want to ruin my efficient habits of getting as... Read more
I actually planned to jump off track and stay off track!
Friday, September 14, 2007      2 comments

A little background. I have Macular Degeneration, but my Optometrist has always been able to correct my vision with new lenses. About three weeks ago, I went in for a routine checkup and he sent me to Salt Lake City, Utah to a Retina Specialis... Read more
Observations at a Burger King
Friday, September 07, 2007      1 comments

My husband and I found out many years ago that we would be wise to stop and eat half way to Salt Lake City when visiting our oldest daughter. We always eat a light breakfast and she always serves a late dinner. By the time we would reach her h... Read more
Starting a Walking Challenge - hope it cures my paranoia!
Friday, August 31, 2007      3 comments

No - I'm not normally paranoid - just have a small fear of walking. This started five years ago when I was walking everywhere! Our gift store was just 1/2 mile from the house and it seemed silly to take my truck and take a parking place a cust... Read more
First time I've skipped my WID!
Saturday, August 25, 2007      1 comments

My WID is Wednesday and I was out of town. Considered plugging everything in Tuesday night, but had too much to do getting ready to be gone. I don't handle stress well and have just been released from therapy for a broken arm - still don't have... Read more
When the dreaded Plateau is a good thing!
Wednesday, August 15, 2007      1 comments

WID today and I was really dreading it! I've hit goal and am hoping to maintain for a little while before trying to lose another five pounds. My kids/grandkids/great grandkids were all in over the weekend and it seemed like all we did was ... Read more
Missing my exercise
Wednesday, August 08, 2007      2 comments

Cast is off, but still having trouble with the left hand. I go in tomorrow to see the neurologist to determine if there is nerve damage. I'm getting plenty of walking in - even around the house it's more than normal! Where I was carryin... Read more
Reached Goal!
Thursday, August 02, 2007      2 comments

I reached my goal on Wednesday in spite of very little exercise for the past 3 1/2 weeks. Did I do it because I have no use of my left arm, hand, fingers? Is this one of those embarrassing moments where I confess I am a two-handed eater?... Read more
How to stay young!
Thursday, July 26, 2007      0 comments

We all need to read this one over and over until it becomes part of who we are! HOW TO STAY YOUNG 1. Try everything twice. On Madams tombstone (of Whelan's and Madam) she said she wanted this epitaph: Tried everything twice...loved i... Read more

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