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Day 219
Friday, January 15, 2021      1 comments

I'm done my exercise and it's before 11pm! Go me! What I did less well on was food... I ordered pizza which is not a bad thing in and of itself since I... Read more
Day 218
Friday, January 15, 2021      10 comments

Welp, my city is back in lockdown again... Thank goodness one of the acceptable reasons to be out and about is exercise so I can still get my walks in!... Read more
Day 217
Thursday, January 14, 2021      4 comments

Today was a good day! I slept in, went for a long walk, did my strength training and dance exercise and ate well! The only thing I didn't do was physio... Read more
Day 216
Wednesday, January 13, 2021      6 comments

My new boots finally came! Cloud was also very happy with his new box to hang out in. The boots themselves are a little loose around the ankles, but I ... Read more
Day 215
Tuesday, January 12, 2021      5 comments

Today was okay. My practice talk went pretty well and I got in my planned exercise but ate a little high in my range (kabocha squash stuffed with barle... Read more
Day 214
Monday, January 11, 2021      5 comments

It's been a stressful day because I'm doing a practice presentation tomorrow and the real talk Tuesday and I'm super unprepared but can't seem to focus... Read more
Day 213
Sunday, January 10, 2021      7 comments

I have no real reason for it, but this week I've been feeling a little discouraged and fatter than I've felt in a while (which, again, makes no sense b... Read more
Day 212
Saturday, January 09, 2021      3 comments

I finally got my whiteboard planned out with exercise for the (rest of) the week. I did a Fitbit Coach workout and 15 min dance video, but not the othe... Read more
Day 211
Thursday, January 07, 2021      7 comments

I had a rest day today and went for a walk along the roads instead of the super icy ravine trail. Between that and a coffee run, I hit my step goal for... Read more
Day 210: low motivation
Thursday, January 07, 2021      2 comments

I've had really low motivation the past 2 days (you'll notice I haven't been getting my blogs posted until he morning after each day...) but I've still... Read more
Day 209: no COVID exposure!
Wednesday, January 06, 2021      7 comments

I didn't post last night because I did something I haven't done in a while: got sucked into a new show and stayed up waayyy past my bedtime! But the go... Read more
Day 208: Progress and Goals
Tuesday, January 05, 2021      9 comments

Today started well with healthy food choices and a productive work day, but ended really badly with Cloud getting into rat poison and having to go to the emergency vet. The good news is he's fine and will continue to be fine with Vitamin K to co... Read more
Day 207
Monday, January 04, 2021      7 comments

I wrote up a whole new years post on my computer but forgot to post it before going to bed and now there's a cute cat on my stomach so that's obviously... Read more
Day 206: COVID scare
Sunday, January 03, 2021      8 comments

Today I found out that a friend who visited yesterday (outside and distanced but no masks) saw his mom on Christmas and she was just diagnosed with COVID... Read more
Day 205
Saturday, January 02, 2021      5 comments

I got back on the exercise train and did my Fitbit Coach and dance workouts today! My mom is considering joining my dancing tomorrow because she wants ... Read more

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