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Day 142
Saturday, October 31, 2020      4 comments

Today I was looking for something nice to wear for a photo to put on the lab website with my about be blurb. I haven't worn this dress in probably a ye... Read more
Day 141: SparkPeople beats Fitbit
Thursday, October 29, 2020      6 comments

I don't normally make my social media profiles public or add people I don't know in real life, so while SparkPeople has been a very positive way of doi... Read more
Day 140
Wednesday, October 28, 2020      4 comments

I've decided to track my food on Fitbit instead of here while I'm using premium to see how well it works. I'll keep putting my exercise here for accoun... Read more
Day 139: Trying Fitbit premium
Tuesday, October 27, 2020      6 comments

I didn't do Fitbit premium when I first got my Fitbit because I was already using SparkPeople premium then forgot about it until I read someone's blog ... Read more
Day 138: twitchy thighs
Monday, October 26, 2020      10 comments

Today was a good start to a new week after my lackluster efforts last week! I got my whiteboard set up and got my walk and dance videos checked off! I at... Read more
Day 137
Monday, October 26, 2020      7 comments

I felt pretty blah most of today. Just tired and unmotivated... I did manage to get up to go for a walk in the chilly drizzle, but after dinner (really... Read more
Day 136
Saturday, October 24, 2020      11 comments

It's a very good thing we didn't go to the cottage last night because my aunt told me this morning that a tree came down (possibly caused by a tornado?... Read more
Day 135
Saturday, October 24, 2020      7 comments

We were supposed to head up to the cottage today for a weekend getaway, but thanks to severe thunderstorms in the forecast we decided to wait until tom... Read more
Day 134
Thursday, October 22, 2020      6 comments

Cloud has been in a very annoying mood all. day. Eating plastic, throwing fruit, getting into the cupboard, stepping on my keyboard during class... Pre... Read more
Day 133
Thursday, October 22, 2020      8 comments

I'm starting to feel like my normal self again! My legs feel normal again, so I did 35 mins of dancing and it only felt as difficult as usual. I went o... Read more
Day 132
Wednesday, October 21, 2020      9 comments

My leg muscles were still really sad today... I don't think I did anything unusually grueling in my Sunday workout so I'm a little confused! But I bike... Read more
Day 131
Monday, October 19, 2020      11 comments

Today was pretty much a write-off. It started with some family drama that made me really grumpy for the rest of the day. I also went too hard on the sq... Read more
Day 130
Sunday, October 18, 2020      5 comments

I'm back at my house and feeling very annoyed about the low ceilings and slippery floors! Dancing at my parents' is so much easier! I don't slam my han... Read more
Day 129
Saturday, October 17, 2020      6 comments

It was another great day! We went for the last sail of the season which was fun but very chilly! On the way home we spontaneously decided to stop for a... Read more
Day 128
Saturday, October 17, 2020      10 comments

Today I messed up and left the door unlocked while I was taking my cat out and Tala let herself out and went frolicking around for HOURS while we tried... Read more

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