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Friday, June 27, 2014      10 comments

The saga began last Friday. I left work early with a slight cough. I didn’t feel too bad, just didn’t want to be in close proximity to my co-workers in a quiet environment like that. I took work home and dug in. An hour later…. THE SNEEZE. You ... Read more
I'm a Warrior
Saturday, June 14, 2014      20 comments

Warrior Dash 2014 is in the books! What a gorgeous day for it. Not too hot and no humidity to speak of. The event didn't seem as organized as in previous years. I don't think they were prepared for how much this has grown. It was a long wai... Read more
It's All Happenin At The Zoo
Sunday, June 08, 2014      11 comments

Here's a cute video to go along with the Simon and Garfunkel song ...
uO5RKI-S8 Yesterday I ran a 5K benefitting a local zoo. I did it last year for the first time and it's a just great day.... Read more
Bring on the June
Sunday, June 01, 2014      12 comments

Well, May really flew past me. I worked crazy-style so I could leave for vacation without leaving too much hanging at work. Nine days on a motorcycle, two days of laundry and then two days at a work seminar. Next thing I know, it's June 1st... Read more
Holiday Road
Sunday, May 25, 2014      11 comments

Okay, let's get this blog started with the intro from the movie Vacation...
9xZoKiBgU We left the Chicago area for a nine-day motorcycle ride on a bitter cold, rainy morning. No worries, th... Read more
What a Long Strange Trip it's Been
Wednesday, May 14, 2014      21 comments

Sometimes I wonder if it's worth going on vacation with the amount of work I have had to do in the last two weeks. When I get back, I will have two days to relax after a nine-day motorcycle trip before I have to catch a plane for a work seminar ... Read more
Sensational Saturday
Saturday, May 10, 2014      12 comments

A mild, sunny Saturday started in the usual way, with a little coffee and a little sparking in the early morning quiet. I really wish my dog would sleep late on weekends! But then the quiet solitude is nice too. I took her for her usual one... Read more
Weekend Tidbits
Monday, May 05, 2014      11 comments

Friday we started the day with Pherell’s Happy. We’ve done this a few times in the office, first thing in the morning, we fire up the video and dance. One woman and I try to mimic the moves of the people in the video. Hilarity ensues! This parti... Read more
Little Wonders
Thursday, May 01, 2014      15 comments

I was looking at articles about May Day last night. It’s not celebrated so much in the US but in other countries it is celebrated with flowers and dancing. In Germany, it’s common to hold dances on April 30th that last past midnight to “da... Read more
Worthwhile Weekend
Sunday, April 27, 2014      13 comments

The weekend started with a great end of the day walk around a section of the walking path at work that I have never ventured to before. Nice little inclines. Quite windy but it was an invigorating one-mile walk. A friend stopped by Friday e... Read more
Easter is done
Sunday, April 20, 2014      13 comments

Someone told me last week that as the oldest daughter, I am the matriarch of the family since my mom passed away. That threw me into a bit of a tailspin. I hosted Easter today which I do normally but it was different without my mom around.... Read more
Two For Tuesday
Tuesday, April 15, 2014      11 comments

It's good to get a good dose of a world existing beyond your issues every now and again. Last night I almost didn't go to yoga. Changing priorities at work aggravated me and it was cold and snowy after a beautiful spring-like weekend. But I... Read more
Conversations With Myself
Friday, April 11, 2014      19 comments

I posted in my Spark status that I would run last night because the weekend was going to be too busy. I post, therefore I do. It was a draining day at work, sitting in a dark room watching a webex all day. I had to stop for a few groceries ... Read more
Spring and Rebirth
Wednesday, April 09, 2014      13 comments

It hit me today, really hit me how you need to keep moving through the tough times to get to the good times. While walking the dog, it occurred to me that it was just a few short weeks ago that there were still mounds of snow here and there... Read more
Great Beginning and End
Friday, April 04, 2014      13 comments

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my first blog from my new iMac. I can be taught! emoticon Last Friday,... Read more

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