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Friday, October 25, 2013      15 comments

Happy Friday! How is everyone doing? We are closing in on the end of October. I haven't done so much with the skinny jeans challenge but I'm movin and groovin. I got my step counter to work. Me and step counters can't seem to get alon... Read more
Two For Tuesday
Tuesday, October 22, 2013      18 comments

Good morning sparkland. NEW SPARK PAGE LOVE IT! I especially like creating my goal board. It's a great daily reminder of why I am choosing this lifestyle. I saw a few negative comments on the blog announcing this change last week... Read more
Friday musings!
Friday, October 18, 2013      16 comments

Happy Friday! And happy birthday to my baby who turned 23 today! I texted him a happy birthday message early this morning ending with an "i love you" and he replied "I love you too". He's a man of few emotions so this was a grand moment for me.... Read more
Winding Down the Weekend
Sunday, October 13, 2013      13 comments

It's a beautiful day in the Chicago area. I'm watching coverage of the finish line at the Chicago marathon. People limping, teary, hugging, high fiving, smiling... what an amazing accomplishment! I've had a good weekend. despite being stuc... Read more
Random Friday Thoughts and Music
Friday, October 11, 2013      14 comments

I ran four miles on Wednesday. I ran it all, first time I've run an entire run. I decided to take it slow the whole way, to see if I could and I did. Except to let one car go. What a feeling! I found an old playlist from the early days of a... Read more
Monday, October 07, 2013      12 comments

Hello EVERYBODY It's Monday! Don't look at it negatively, pump yourself up. There are 256 days till summer (in my part of the world) so what are we going to do today??? I'm on call this week so I was quite bummed driving to work. Then ... Read more
10-4 Good buddy
Friday, October 04, 2013      17 comments

Welcome to October 4. Get it, 10-4 good buddy! bah ha! Boy did I overdo it yesterday! It started innocent enough, two slices of thin pizza, half a can of RC. I got all my freggies in yesterday, all my water, ate light during the day so it w... Read more
October Goals
Wednesday, October 02, 2013      14 comments

October 2nd. A good day to start thinking about October goals huh?! That’s me, waiting till the last minute. I’m always thinking about it; just have to get to it. Like other spark members have blogged, I always look forward to autumn. Even... Read more
My first 10K
Saturday, September 28, 2013      29 comments

Today was my first 10K. I look at that sentence and shake my head. Me, running a 10K! Whodathunkit???! I couldn't run a block three years ago. Today was the annual Crosstown Classic, North Side vs. South Side 10K. I was up before the sun ... Read more
Discussions With Myself
Friday, September 27, 2013      15 comments

There were so many this week. It's been another one of those weeks where I let stuff swirling around in my head pull me down. I feel like I've been surrounded by death and illness for several months and I can't help but wonder "when is it my tur... Read more
The Weekend That Was
Monday, September 23, 2013      11 comments

Happy First Monday of Fall. Here we go! Friday was a total relaxation evening. I did get a brisk walk in on the walking path at work and then a brisk walk with the labrador after dinner. Enjoyed DH home for the first Friday evening in a lon... Read more
Let's Rock The Weekend
Friday, September 20, 2013      13 comments

Happy Friday to ya! It's been a week! Lots swirling in my head this week, weighing me down like I've been carrying the Acme Anvil all week (Bugs Bunny reference). It got to the point where my mind raced to places it absolutely did not need ... Read more
I Learned My Lesson
Sunday, September 15, 2013      17 comments

So I posted on the one-day challenge team my positive goals for the weekend, a couple being I would eat healthy and that the Monday version of myself would be proud of the weekend version of myself. I was doing so well until tonight. I ran ... Read more
Power of Positive Thinking Day
Friday, September 13, 2013      14 comments

Happy Friday sparkers! I posted on the One Day Challenge team that today is the Power of Positive Thinking Day. Forget the gloom and doom of Friday the 13th. Here we go... I am positive fundraising will go well for my daughter's ... Read more
It's a Good Day
Wednesday, September 11, 2013      8 comments

On this somber anniversary, let's remember those we lost and how lucky we are that we are here. Let's go back in time with Peggy Lee and make it a good day...
aJpgfchv48o "It's a good ... Read more

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