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Wednesday, August 12, 2020      6 comments

Gave tomatoes, okra, peppers and squash to brother and SIL Monday and he brought some tomatoes and squash like our grandmother used to make today. He picked little lady peas and SIL fixed them for dinner. My wife hasn't cooked any of our vegeta... Read more
and the heavens cooled us nicely
Wednesday, August 12, 2020      6 comments

News reports of floods and winds saddened me as I was struggling with the heat and humidity today. Wife agreed to go to the pool about 4 and after getting everything situated we were both in the pool and I heard a noise that I wasn't sure was a ... Read more
Monday Monday can't trust that day!
Monday, August 10, 2020      6 comments

Loved the song! Today I was blessed to wake up and get up on my own. Then Monday slipped into the can't trust that day phase. Things just didn't work out. But then came Monday evening and it was all better.... Read more
Sunday relax
Monday, August 10, 2020      9 comments

When we were kids we had to be quite on Sunday afternoon while the adults napped. We couldn't go visiting unless we went to Memphis to the Zoo. I liked that philosophy today.... Read more
Summer is back
Saturday, August 08, 2020      8 comments

Have a rent house that we are trying to sell but a young lady wants to rent it for her family so the carpenter told me what he needed to be able to fix it up Monday. We have one lumber yard so my brother brought his truck and we bought what we d... Read more
Eating out of the house and in the restaurant
Friday, August 07, 2020      10 comments

Every Friday evening that we are both in town my wife and I and our friend go out to eat. The casinos killed the good restaurants locally. While my wife was teaching out of town our friend and his wife would accompany me on Friday night, She di... Read more
Wife's memory
Friday, August 07, 2020      11 comments

As we left the pool my wife said we could make salads tonight. I was happy. We arrived home and separated to change and I tended to some messaging with friends and family. About 20 minutes after we got home she came in and said she was hungry no... Read more
Thursday, August 06, 2020      7 comments

Wife won't walk with me in the heat so we went to the pool which I figured would be like a bath temperature wise. Once I stepped into the pool it felt like the Buffalo River. I got out later and the breeze was cold. August 5th.... Read more
Solar Panels
Tuesday, August 04, 2020      6 comments

Saw an add about solar Panels and a representative came and talked about it. Hope it is as good as she said. Anybody had any experience... Read more
Is it age or what?
Monday, August 03, 2020      6 comments

I worked hard last evening and then fell asleep around 1:30 this morning in my recliner. Went to bed and didn't get up until noon. Maybe I'm trying to get extra LTGL points for my challenge team?... Read more
Some days you just wonder!
Monday, August 03, 2020      11 comments

Our interim pastor is in the hospital with an infection following a surgery and we had a fill-in on one days notice. He is a retired railroader and a good preacher. Life is good. Late planted beans are filling out.... Read more
God blessed us extra today!
Saturday, August 01, 2020      6 comments

Between the breeze, lower temperature and clouds it was wonderful working outside today... Read more
49 years ago
Friday, July 31, 2020      10 comments

Wife and I went to The Levee Commissary for steak dinner tonight. 49 years ago we went to a Steak and Ale for dinner. We had an afternoon wedding and after the reception we drove to Little Rock for an early dinner but as we entered the restauran... Read more
Being lazy takes a lot of work
Friday, July 31, 2020      5 comments

I moved our trailer and riding mower to the Gallery at the first of rge cutting season since wife has hired a man to cut and edge the yard. Well the grass had grown too fast between cutting and the yard needed raking. When I mowed after vacation... Read more
Made up for lost day
Wednesday, July 29, 2020      7 comments

Yesterday's unplanned travel left me with a lot of chores undone. Today good news was received and my great niece will heal well over time. Then I got a lot of paperwork done and then most of my yardwork. Wife had been under the weather since Su... Read more

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