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The number 3 Healthy Lifestyle Habit
Tuesday, May 13, 2014      3 comments

3. Avoid skipping meals. A study conducted by researchers at Cornell University showed that prolong periods of food deprivation tend to lead people to make unhealthy food choices and increase the attraction of unhealthy foods, while consuming re... Read more
The No. 2 healthy lifestyle habit
Monday, May 12, 2014      3 comments

2. Listen to internal hunger cues. Lean healthy people don't eat just because of stress, or convenience, but tend to listen to their stomach. Next time you are at the movies don't grab a bag of popcorn because it is the thing to do. And when... Read more
The pledge of allegiance
Sunday, May 11, 2014      5 comments

My wife and I were very touched by a forwarded e-mail I received from my brother one that has apparently been circulating around since the Supreme Court here in America decided that the reference to "one Nation under God" in the pledge did not ... Read more
No. 1 healthy lifestyle habit
Monday, April 28, 2014      8 comments

Eat a smart breakfast to obtain a reduced risk of weight gain. " In a study that included 20,000 middle-aged men, researchers found that breakfast consumption was inversely associated with weight gain over 10 years" news.yahoo.com/13-h... Read more
Forming Healthy Lifestyle Habits
Thursday, April 24, 2014      5 comments

Those who join Spark People likely join because they looking to change some of their habits in order to reach a goal, such as loosing weight. Some habits work for some people while other habits may work for others. You have to search for and pi... Read more
The seven P's of success
Wednesday, April 16, 2014      6 comments

Use the "Seven P's of Success" to remove the clutter or frenzy from your mind and your life. 1) Pause to calm your thoughts - you can't focus when your mind is divided by a multitude of thoughts, find your strengths then use them to addres... Read more
Strategic carb-cycling and exercise
Thursday, April 10, 2014      4 comments

I down loaded Shaun Hadsall's 14 day "Macro-Patterning" program. It's based on Wendy Chant's 8 week perpetual diet lifestyle described in "Crack the Fat-Loss Code" and the newer "Conquer the Fat-Loss Code". I think I will follow it once I get ov... Read more
My new message board signature
Friday, April 04, 2014      5 comments

I decided to change my signature to read. "Coleader of Organized Life and Time Management team. Coleader of Healthy Lifestyle Sparkers team Being organized means taking time to to create a system where you can do more of the thing... Read more
Breaking an old habit
Wednesday, March 26, 2014      6 comments

Lets say that for the past two days you manage to break a habit and knocked it out of your path to the curb. Pretend that you are driving a police car. That old habit is standing on the curb waiting to try and cross in front of other drivers... Read more
Carb-cycling/exercise program:exercise routines
Tuesday, March 25, 2014      4 comments

My last blog introduced the carb cycling nutrition portion of Shaun Hadsall's program and I left the exercise portion for a later blog. This blog serves as an introduction to the exercise program that goes along with it. Beginning on Friday, I... Read more
Carb cycling/exercise program:nutrition
Sunday, March 23, 2014      7 comments

Shaun Hadsall has a 14 day strategic weight-loss plan with carb-depletion diet & cardio days 1,3,5, 8,10,12; carb-included diet & body-weight or resistance-training days 2,4,6, 9,11,13 and "Cheat" days 7,14; after which, you follow a 8 week carb... Read more
My trip to Vietnam
Thursday, March 13, 2014      8 comments

I am taking risperidone to control my schizophrenia but still have a few problems (like to stay in my comfort zone) and am not much of an outgoing type of an individual. I did get up the courage to take a trip to Vietnam last month so my wife co... Read more
If you are lacking the energy
Sunday, March 02, 2014      11 comments

Sometimes I felt as though I didn't have the energy to do a project that needed doing and I ended up doing other things instead. Maria Gracia, author of "Finally Organized, Finally Free for the Home", devotes a whole chapter of her book to res... Read more
About my mountion lion profile image
Wednesday, February 05, 2014      12 comments

I have gotten a couple of inquiries re the mountain lion picture used as my profile image. This picture was taken by my brother-in-law through the picture window of his study in March 2008 (about 6 months after retiring and moving to a moun... Read more
Choose your positive fantasy
Friday, January 31, 2014      4 comments

Everyone (or almost everyone for those who are in denial) reaches a point where they find that their sense of reality differed from what was real in some way. lt seems to me that we all have had our fantasies. Researchers have found that peo... Read more

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