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Day 431: After a long time
Wednesday, April 06, 2016      8 comments

Hi all. The last time I wrote here was on 15 January 2016, 82 days back. Though I was active on spark, I mean I logged in to post a few entries for 5% challenges and BLC, I was not able to write a blog. My life got so hectic in between. Taking c... Read more
Day 349: Broken streak
Friday, January 15, 2016      9 comments

Ah!!! I was doing so good with my walking. I had a 21 day streak of walking 10 K steps everyday. But since this Monday, I have a severe bout of cold. I had a runny nose and was sneezing continuously. Though it has subsided, but now I have develo... Read more
Day 340: Unexpected NSV
Wednesday, January 06, 2016      13 comments

Today morning I tried wearing one of my pre-pregnancy dresses.. And guess what.. it FIT... Infact it is a bit lose at the tummy.. In addition, 16 day on-going streak of taking 10,000 steps a day. I feel so accomplished. Hope you a... Read more
Day 335: Beginning of a new year
Friday, January 01, 2016      7 comments

Wish all my spark friends a very very happy new year. This is the beginning of a brand new year for us to enjoy and accept the realities of life. Let us fill it with what our heart desires without any regrets this year. Stay blessed. HAPPY ... Read more
Day 321: After so many days
Friday, December 18, 2015      4 comments

Hi all.. I am writing a blog here after a gap of 109 days. Inspite of thinking every time that I will regularly write, I was not able to do so. However, I have managed to find some time today to write here. So, what have I been doing these ... Read more
Day 212: Vanished
Tuesday, September 01, 2015      9 comments

Hi all. The last time I wrote here was on 07 August 2015. And after that I simply vanished... So where was I?? Well, I was so busy and tied up at office that I could not find time to write. You know I don't find time to access internet at home ... Read more
Day 187: Fluctuating weight
Friday, August 07, 2015      9 comments

Hi all. Thanks for all your prayers and good wishes for my son. The doctor confirmed he does not have chicken pox. He has some sort of bacterial infection. But the blisters appear quite painful. The doctor has provided medications but my poor b... Read more
Day 186: Chicken pox scare
Thursday, August 06, 2015      6 comments

Today’s weight: 173.9 lb (78.9 lbs) Hi all.. First of all, let me thank you all for the support you showed on my blog yesterday. I loved the kind and motivating words. Yesterday for the weigh-in, I registered a gain of 0.2 lbs from my ... Read more
Day 185: I don't understand what's wrong with me
Wednesday, August 05, 2015      9 comments

Hi all! I weighed in at 79.3 kg today (174.8 lb), that's a gain of 0.2 lbs since my lowest weight post pregnancy. Though I am eating healthy and small portions, I don't understand what's wrong with me in terms of exercise. As I shared in m... Read more
Day 178: Moving in the right direction
Wednesday, July 29, 2015      7 comments

Today's weight: 174.6 lbs This is my lowest weight post pregnancy and I am 2.4 lbs down from what I weighed last week. So that's a major achievement. I have still not been able to incorporate exercise into my schedule. All this loss is main... Read more
Day 173: Knees hurting
Friday, July 24, 2015      4 comments

Yesterday evening, in my effort to get more active, I jogged on spot for about 10 minutes. I did not feel any discomfort at the time, except from being breathless. However, today my knees are hurting like hell. Specially my right knee. And its w... Read more
Day 171: Writing after a long gap
Wednesday, July 22, 2015      5 comments

Hi all.. Here I am writing after a long long gap of more than a month. I was busy tidying up the house, setting up my place. Once we were a bit set up, I went on a 20-days vacation to visit my family and my in-laws family. The vacation was fun b... Read more
Day 136: Lost a lb
Wednesday, June 17, 2015      6 comments

Its gonna be a real short blog. Inspite of all that I have been doing wrong, I lost a pound. So I think there must be something I am doing right. I just need to focus more on my goals and increase my efforts. Thank you all for your support my d... Read more
DAY 135: Time is flying
Tuesday, June 16, 2015      5 comments

Hi all.. I realized it has been quite some time since I wrote here. Time is flying for me. And I am letting it fly without utilizing it properly. So the main reason I did not write here is that I am not exercising. Not at all. Though I want... Read more
Day 122: Photos
Wednesday, June 03, 2015      10 comments

Hi all. As promised I am sharing the photos of the new place This is the entrance to my house. Front room. We are planning to convert this ro... Read more

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