Sparkpeople & Weight Watchers go hand in hand!
Saturday, June 22, 2013      4 comments

Last August my daughter and I rejoined WW. I have always been able to lose weight on it but keeping it off will be the the big test! I am determined this time. I ca... Read more
Spring Break
Monday, March 18, 2013      8 comments

We are going to PCB for Spring Break! Best part is a friend who owns a water front condo is letting us use it. Otherwise we probably would not go!! lol I need to relax and... Read more
Weight Watchers
Monday, March 18, 2013      8 comments

Hi guys, I did Nutrisystem last year as a jump start and I did pretty good (lost 21). The food got a little boring by July but I stuck it out til August which was the date to start WEIGHT WATCHERS. I have always loved Weight watchers. I am a l... Read more
Our Summer
Tuesday, October 23, 2012      6 comments

I went into the summer on a positive note. I jumpstarted my weight loss with Nutrisystem like I planned. I lost 25 pounds. My next step was to get back to Weight Watchers. NS was too expensive to stay on for the long haul. We have had a few e... Read more
My Days of our Lives Team- Me & Dr. Mike
Monday, May 28, 2012      3 comments

. Here is me with Dr. Mike Horton. Oh how I wish he were back on the show. I was about 40 years old here and he was 36. Not too much older. lol That was the only time I... Read more
Still on Nutisystem
Monday, May 07, 2012      8 comments

I stalled a bit during the birthday season. 4 birthdays in 8 weeks in our immediate family here plus Easter plus vacation ( met some Internet friends for the first time in 12 years). Now Mother's Day and a trip to New Orleans. I feel like every ... Read more
Week no. 7 on NUTRISYSTEM
Saturday, February 25, 2012      12 comments

I just weighed in. I lost 2.1 this week. Total for 7 weeks is 20.9 pounds down. I am really loving this plan. I am getting more confident that I can do this on my own. I have learned so much about portion sizes. This will be the first weeken... Read more
Trying a different plan on NS
Tuesday, February 21, 2012      11 comments

My daughter and I decided last night to change over to the Women's weekends on our own plan. We will stay within the same calories for each meal eat our fuel and smart carbs. This way I can get a few frozen meals I miss (example WW cheeseburger... Read more
Still Losing
Monday, February 20, 2012      6 comments

I Lost 1.1 this week. Could have been better but it is still a loss. I have lost 18.8 so far and on my order in March I should receive my 20 pound bear. I just missed it this time around. It was a nice surprise to receive POUND BEAR! When I get ... Read more
What do I get to eat?
Sunday, February 12, 2012      6 comments

I just wanted to explain to anyone who was curious about NUTRISYSTEM what you get to eat besides the food they send. My plan is the women's success plan. There is an option after every meal to add more food. Example, like if you need to add ... Read more
Saturday, February 11, 2012      8 comments

I have been on NUTRISYSTEM since Jan.9. Weightloss: Jan. 7- first weigh in Jan. 14- 9.3 lb. loss Jan. 21- 2.6 lb. loss Jan. 28- 1.8 lb. loss Feb. 4 - 1.3 lb. loss Feb. 11- 2.6 lb. loss This equals a 17.6 loss in the first month... Read more
RIP Tanner
Monday, November 08, 2010      37 comments

My family is missing our little guy, Tanner. He came into our lives in 2001 after my 17 year old Bucky had to be put to sleep. He was the funniest and quirkiest dog we hav... Read more
My daily confessions! I need help!
Saturday, October 09, 2010      21 comments

Today is a new day! Thank The Lord! I don't want go way back. I want to vent about yesterday. That is my latest flub. I got up and ate oatmeal. So proud! Waited about 4 hours ... Read more
Monday, April 05, 2010      11 comments

I lost 50 pounds in 2003 on Weight Watchers. It has slowly crept back on. Not all of it but enough to make me mad and uncomfortable. I need to start over and I am finally... Read more
27 YEARS!!!!!!
Thursday, July 23, 2009      9 comments

Bruce and I are celebrating our Anniversary!!! We are going to stay at the Westin for 2 nights. We will walk around Bridgestreet and go to dinner and relax. The second nigh... Read more

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