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Spark acount reactivated ALOVEBEAM 2 SPARK_MERLE
8/12/20 9:16 A
Anyone have a P1 smoothie recipe ALOVEBEAM 7 JANICEONE1
8/9/20 7:24 A
5/14/20 12:28 P
What time do you normally run or walk outside? #running ALOVEBEAM 12 ALOVEBEAM
5/14/20 12:09 P
I need to lose 30lbs ALOVEBEAM 9 JANICEONE1
5/16/20 6:40 A
What's your favorite treadmill HIIT workout WITHOUT RUNNING? #2020Body ALOVEBEAM 1 ALOVEBEAM
2/18/20 8:25 A
My workout music for today on pandora. #hardworkpaysoff ALOVEBEAM 5 GO_GAL_GROW
1/21/20 9:59 A
My stretches for today. Repeat twice #healthymoms ALOVEBEAM 13 HUNNIBEE003
1/17/20 10:29 A
Tryout the treadmill. Switching things up. What's your favorite treadmill workout? #moveit ALOVEBEAM 7 ALVEDAPERO1
1/16/20 5:56 P
I decided to do HEART RATE HIIT. I get my heart rate up to 145. Anytime it goes below 143 i do sprin ALOVEBEAM 3 RAEANNE84
2/28/20 9:51 P
Did chest today..did not sweat...I feel like lifting weights is not getting me to my goal. But I'll ALOVEBEAM 4 LUANN_IN_PA
1/13/20 1:24 P
Posted a photo FATMAMA781 10 YULZ222
1/8/20 7:59 P
Fun soca jam #getup ALOVEBEAM 6 LEARN211
1/11/20 1:04 P
What's the purpose of these thumb hopes?#fitnessfeats ALOVEBEAM 7 BONNIE1552
1/8/20 7:03 A
Food scale and body scale link to sparkpeople ALOVEBEAM 6 TRUEPEACENIK
1/18/20 2:05 P
Spark web or app? ALOVEBEAM 28 LEARN211
2/5/20 10:23 P
Music today#fitness The station is not all reggae there is also faster soca dancehall etc ALOVEBEAM 5 GEORGE815
1/2/20 6:36 P
Posted a photo VHAYES04 26 LOPEYP
1/4/20 7:39 A
Happy New Year #fitnessfeats CKEYES1 5 BONNIE1552
1/2/20 7:12 A
What does your chest and back workout look like? #fitness ALOVEBEAM 1 ALOVEBEAM
1/1/20 10:43 A
Today workout music is Groovy Soca ALOVEBEAM 2 KITT52
1/1/20 10:41 A
My trainer has me only doing cardio 2 times a week at 30mins. I dont think I'm going to lose weight ALOVEBEAM 6 ZOLA237
12/31/19 10:24 P
I cant add goals or notes on the spark app tracker?? #techsupport ALOVEBEAM 2 SPARK_MERLE
12/18/19 3:44 P
How do you #HIIT workouts? I do it the first 15min of my workout then if my heart rate goes pass 145 ALOVEBEAM 2 HIKEMOJAVE
12/18/19 11:01 A
#keto does sparkpeople have a keto mealplan? ALOVEBEAM 6 ALOVEBEAM
12/17/19 2:47 P
Has anyone used myfitnesspal? How does it compare ALOVEBEAM 3 CD25331128
12/16/19 8:07 A
November 29, 2019 #NailedIt !!! #KETO ST3PH 14 ALOVEBEAM
12/13/19 3:04 P
Who is doing #keto ALOVEBEAM 3 COOKWITHME65
12/14/19 7:12 P
Workout playlist! #moveit ALOVEBEAM 11 BILLTHOMSON
12/14/19 5:59 A
Has anyone synced there heart monitor with the spark app or their scale?? ALOVEBEAM 2 DIANEDOESSMILES
12/12/19 11:58 A
Meals planned #foodfeats CKEYES1 3 KHALIA2
12/13/19 9:54 A
Workout jam. Soca is fire!!! #moveit ALOVEBEAM 5 BONNIE1552
12/13/19 8:43 P
#moveit morning workout music ALOVEBEAM 3 CHERYLHURT
12/10/19 8:13 A
Why do my goals say that I will lose .5lb per week??? ALOVEBEAM 6 ALOVEBEAM
12/10/19 6:15 A
How do I measure 85grams of chicken strips? I don' ALOVEBEAM 22 ALOVEBEAM
12/10/19 6:12 A
Anyone have a polar watch? How does it calculate cal burn ALOVEBEAM 2 NOTTHEEND
12/6/19 8:56 A
Music pic for today...share yours ALOVEBEAM 3 GEORGE815
12/5/19 5:07 P
#fitness Is there a way to add notes to my workouts ALOVEBEAM 3 ALOVEBEAM
12/2/19 7:27 P
Guys I started using protein shakes and green tea and check out this progress pic from the back JANETWOOLEY 89 MJ7DM33
11/24/19 11:19 P
Are my posts seen on the web version and the mobile version?? Or just mobile ALOVEBEAM 4 COOKWITHME65
12/14/19 7:14 P
#motivationalmusic Giving spotify a listen today ALOVEBEAM 5 TAYGRL
11/20/19 7:45 A
#fitness HI MOMS! Do you find time to workout in the AM OR PM? ALOVEBEAM 6 GEORGE815
11/19/19 9:04 P
#motivationalmusic I stopped supporting salt n pepa based on how they treated spinella on national ALOVEBEAM 5 ALOVEBEAM
11/19/19 11:32 A
My car is in the shop and I said I was going to go walking at least 3 miles but its FREEZING! Anyon ALOVEBEAM 5 FRISKYCRITTER
11/18/19 9:44 A
Getting ready for my walk with my new cross-body back pack. 👟 -RESAMARIE 25 DARLAE1
11/18/19 7:20 A
I think it's easier to meal prep when I cook simple meals #mealprep ALOVEBEAM 2 EVIE4NOW
11/17/19 9:08 P
Oatmeal with protein healthy fats BLANCAROMERO4 22 GEORGE815
11/15/19 5:29 P
Posted a photo FIT4LIFEANNE 16 GEORGE815
11/15/19 5:30 P
I have one pound of ground beef..share a yummy recipe! #mealprep ALOVEBEAM 4 ALOVEBEAM
11/15/19 8:05 A
What are your cardio goals? Mine is to burn the MOST calories in 45 minutes. Sometimes i do high in ALOVEBEAM 7 ROBINMDANIEL
11/15/19 8:50 A
Kept it short this morning... LESLIELENORE 10 WIZARDHOWL
11/16/19 12:21 A
#BeforeAndAfter... I don’t think the date on the first weight is exactly correct, but it’s close. Th LESLIELENORE 33 MAUREENESTER1
11/16/19 8:36 P
Try listening to your personalized songs on the drop list.. Pandora #motivationalmusic ALOVEBEAM 2 PENOWOK
11/15/19 7:58 A
Gym Bag and Ear Buds Packed! That hour is MY TIME to hit up my playlist and make the Magic Happen!! STILLSPARKLEIGH 33 ALOVEBEAM
11/14/19 7:53 A
Whats for lunch today ALOVEBEAM 7 ALOVEBEAM
11/14/19 7:52 A
Whats your fave salad dressing ALOVEBEAM 7 ALOVEBEAM
11/14/19 7:51 A
How do you ensure that you BM twice a day? ALOVEBEAM 10 ALOVEBEAM
11/14/19 7:50 A
Hie do i weighin on the app?? ALOVEBEAM 5 ALOVEBEAM
11/14/19 7:49 A
What music are you listening to? Today i gave this pandora station a try. #music #workoutmusic ALOVEBEAM 6 ALLYLIZZY
11/14/19 1:54 P
Whats your favorite station to listen while working out? #spotify or #pandora ALOVEBEAM 4 THE_FAE
10/15/19 8:29 A
#ketofied #keto #lowcarb It's been awhile since I've I've chaffled. Steak tomato onion mayo lettuce X-TINAKETOFIED 16 EARTH-ANGEL3
10/28/19 5:39 P
I drank 9 cups of water today. #h2whoa PATRICIAANN46 9 CHESTER47
9/24/19 8:11 A
How do I search for a topic in the community feeds or blogs? ALOVEBEAM 3 ALOVEBEAM
9/23/19 4:54 P
How do you get the energy to go hard in the gym at ALOVEBEAM 4 ALOVEBEAM
9/23/19 4:53 P
What's your favorite pandora station to listen while working out? ALOVEBEAM 3 ALOVEBEAM
9/22/19 10:27 A
I have been stressing about getting to the gym but ALOVEBEAM 6 GEORGE815
9/22/19 1:41 P
Chia 'cereal'recipe ALOVEBEAM 4 JANICEONE1
10/7/17 4:50 A
How do you lose weight ALOVEBEAM 1 ALOVEBEAM
9/6/17 2:06 P
Vegetarian Meal Plans on South Beach diet ALOVEBEAM 10 MORTICIAADDAMS
10/2/17 5:54 P
High Carb low fat/High protein/vegan keto ALOVEBEAM 1 ALOVEBEAM
8/22/17 10:12 A
Did you follow the meal plan or use it as a guide? ALOVEBEAM 4 LETSGOPLAY
5/23/17 11:28 A
What are avocados limited? ALOVEBEAM 5 LETSGOPLAY
5/23/17 10:25 A
5/22/17 5:37 P
It feels impossible to lose weight as a Vegan ALOVEBEAM 20 CD14956886
8/2/17 8:29 A
Why does the Phase 3 plan have so much carbs ALOVEBEAM 1 ALOVEBEAM
3/1/16 9:38 A