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Dog sitting my "grand dog". She's making herself quite at home. BEDA65 19 1CRAZYDOG
5/24/20 4:02 P
This is my first day on this app, and I hope I can do this. I’ve struggled for long enough, and this GALAXYNUGGET45 15 BEDA65
5/17/20 7:08 P
Got 60mins in today's and worked up a sweat woohoo. Keep moving #moveit 1BLAZER282005 9 GRALAN
5/18/20 1:01 A
My husband is in Tennessee but was on the phone e WALTSGIRL2015 10 BEDA65
5/17/20 7:01 P
I practiced #selfcare today bc I wasn't feeling too good about the weight I put on this week but, I' CANNAWRITER2020 4 TCANNO
5/17/20 8:00 P
This weeks check in KAITMARIIE 13 CHERRYZMB60
5/17/20 9:42 P
Hi all! I’m new here. Just graduating college and trying to lose that freshman 15. Have always enjoy JACKIEOBRIEN519 4 COOKWITHME65
5/13/20 8:16 P
#transformationtuesday #BeforeAndAfter I started this journey (for the umpteenth time) on Sept 9, CATWMNCAT 91 SWEETGABROWN1
6/9/20 2:44 P
Feeling Strong today. I know there is some strength underneath all of my fluff😂💪🏾🙃🤗 CAMILLEINN 7 AGEE1944
5/12/20 8:45 P
Personal challenge: to lose 1.7lbs before May 23rd. I only need to lose 1.7lbs reach my halfway poin LITTLEMISSMOUSE 8 ALLYLIZZY
5/13/20 12:30 P
Beautiful day to kick start my program LEER1963 34 BEDA65
5/11/20 11:53 P
Starting my journey today to what will hopefully b TJM9331 7 BEDA65
5/11/20 11:52 P
I had a great checkup Today. SHIRLEYJG7 5 BEDA65
5/11/20 11:49 P
The boys got me a new bike for Mother’s Day so I can go for bike rides with them. First time in like KIBBGIRL 15 BEDA65
5/11/20 11:48 P
Was feeling discouraged again so I went through all of my posts on here from my last go around with GHOSTILYUSHA 5 BEDA65
5/11/20 11:41 P
Triple J nursery/Witt Farms Blount county AL has a huge selection of plants/flowers and produce. The 1BLAZER282005 22 ASHNIKONUCKY555
7/4/20 10:13 A
Anyone remember Jeff Fox Worthy’s bit “You MIGHT Be a Redneck If.....” I always make it “You MIGHT B STILLSPARKLEIGH 40 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
5/13/20 5:20 A
Hello, I’m back to SparkPeople again. I really hope I make this work for me this time and won’t let JAMY130 6 BEDA65
5/11/20 11:34 P
Big things happening. Turning 40 in September and may compete 🤷‍♂️. Just trying to stay healthy. 6' DMANDRUS1980 29 LORI-K
5/12/20 7:18 A
1st full day without’s my demon. I typically drink 8 cans a day. Have did well most o JATANDARICH 9 CINDYTW963
5/12/20 7:59 A
Married this amazing man today in Hot Springs! Couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day! KIMMYP420 109 KIMMYP420
5/12/20 3:05 P
I've had the worst 6 months ever. I took a job closer to home thinking it would be better and it c KLAYTON7 13 ORTATK
5/12/20 8:01 A
Posted a photo JUDY1676 13 CD4114015
5/9/20 9:54 A
Message Removed CD24291603 10 BEDA65
5/7/20 11:18 P
Hi. I have the same old story I am in tears as I type this. I was 250lbs 7 years ago, joined a gym SAVISAK 18 BEDA65
5/7/20 11:16 P
Someone was jealous of the photo shoot my new running shoes were getting and decided to butt in. 😂 LORI-K 27 1BLAZER282005
5/8/20 9:04 A
#BeforeAndAfter 1 year diffrence! I still have the WRITERSQUIRREL 10 HUNNIBEE003
5/8/20 4:22 A
I kept telling myself once I'm done with school and can give myself 100% of my attention I'll do it. JRENZ2 30 GMACAMI
5/8/20 3:06 P
Did you walk the dog today? KEESHA13 3270 TWEETYKC00
1/24/21 8:21 P
Friendly Conversation ASOBFALLS 21 LADYBUG1943
7/5/20 7:27 P
hellooo i honestly don’t remember the last time i BPATEL18 18 FLEE1965
5/15/20 2:00 P
Assignment #429 Unexpected "visitor" TRIMNUP 10 FANCYQTR
6/23/20 12:42 A
7/25/20 8:40 P
5/5/20 12:38 A
Post Your Favorite DIY Misc. Projects Here !!! CANNINGNANNY 29 CANNINGNANNY
4/30/20 5:07 A
It’s been a rough day, had a burger. Got to do better tomorrow. SUMMERTIME20 9 EVIE4NOW
4/29/20 11:49 P
3 hours of cleaning gutters and pulling moss out of trees and covering myself with it... up and down CATWMNCAT 17 ALLYLIZZY
4/30/20 11:36 A
4/30/20 8:19 P
#1st day newbie MELISSAFRAZIER6 11 ORTATK
4/28/20 9:02 A
I become astonished everytime at how perfect nature is... There is no word strong enough to describe OPTICALXILLUSIO 5 EVIE4NOW
4/27/20 11:05 P
just started on here a couple of days ago and I’m kinda losing motivation and I feel guilty for my m KAITMARIIE 28 NENEBFIT
4/28/20 6:19 A
Dinner is served, leftover grilled salmon and brown rice with freshly made grilled asparagus, garlic JULIEA7201 26 NENEBFIT
4/28/20 6:14 A
Today is the first day I commit to my 365 day challenge ! PMCGEE 28 BEYONDOPHELIA
4/28/20 6:43 A
Sad week! My friend was the first covid-19 death in our town. She was a sweet lady and will be misse GMAM48 11 DGRIFFITH51
4/24/20 9:31 P
1/22/21 8:44 P
Assign # 427 - On A Clear Day TRIMNUP 18 FANCYQTR
5/2/20 12:10 A
does your dog motivate you to get more active KEESHA13 440 BEDA65
4/17/20 3:24 P
Keep One Word and Change One Word SMILINGEYES2 219 BEDA65
4/17/20 12:31 P
Assign #426 - April 11th..Somethin Ulike2C EvDay TRIMNUP 37 INGMARIE
4/27/20 3:27 A
Today is our Anniversary! 55 years.. I was figuring a little yesterday in my mind, and I think I wa MHUMBERS1950 250 EDWARDS1411
4/17/20 12:59 A
I have never seen blue headed mallards before! I googled them and they are uncommon. I have been re MSMITCHELL2696 24 TIGERSEYEHEART
4/18/20 3:28 P
I call this tulip shadows. It is cold here today. But the sun is shining. Let's make healthy choi RUTHIEBEAR 51 TERMITEMOM
4/16/20 10:04 P
1/22/21 9:48 P
"GAME" Last Letter Starts New Word NANCY_ICANDOIT 2516 THEMEOF79
1/23/21 9:47 P
Two Words - Change One TERRACOTTAGE 361 THEMEOF79
1/23/21 9:47 P
1/24/21 3:31 P
Don't text while driving today. NEPTUNE1939 6 EVILCECIL
4/13/20 6:30 A
Hey everyone..... I am starting spark people again. I need lose weight cause I am tired of able wear L85137 12 GEORGE815
4/12/20 4:48 P
I am finally down to 218 lbs. From 245 LINDADAVENPO6 91 L_DROUIN
4/13/20 5:08 A
Omg so excited. I know some have seen my posts and said OMG that’s so much food. But I ate my 6 mea ME4ME 18 BCHARIE
4/16/20 11:02 A
Cleo Bunny and Hemingway Rabbit wish all@of you a Happy Easter DAD_AINT_HIP 26 KENNYBARBIE12
4/13/20 9:03 A
4/14/20 4:02 P
Does anyone know how I update my weight? I can't find it now. QSIESUE1960 2 BEDA65
4/12/20 2:06 P
Assign # 425 - Fav'rite yard spot TRIMNUP 19 CRICKET836
4/26/20 11:23 P
Assign #424 Eggs! KWING517 15 URBANLOTUS
4/5/20 10:35 P
Havent been on in too many days. Working long hours and finally had a day off yesterday. I was so ti JAW379 10 LIZZYMITCH
3/29/20 4:00 P
eyes to eyes........... Who win...... STARMONICA 15 GEORGE815
3/29/20 3:59 P
My father unexpectedly passed away in his sleep a few nights ago from an aneurysm. He lived with us SPASTASTIC 31 GEORGE815
3/29/20 3:59 P
"Is anyone else eating three days worth of food in one day of quarantine? If not, neither am I." LEXIGAL3 11 BYEFATNANNY
3/29/20 12:43 P
I'm finally down below 200lb. This has ben a goal for me for about 2 years. Sw235 Wn197 Gw150 #Befor TNEWVINE07 136 CLAIREMC65
3/29/20 8:02 P
Something to ask. I put in a measurement wrong in creating my favorites. How can I edit it or start EIRESABRE2 2 BEDA65
3/28/20 9:00 P
Poppy season in the desert DEFENDERDARKSUN 33 LAH1222
3/28/20 10:10 P
Posted a photo AMANILEE3058 9 BEDA65
3/28/20 8:52 P
Hello everyone, I'm new to Spark People. Pretty cool website to track you're food, drinks and more! DCOL411 10 BEDA65
3/28/20 8:50 P
I keep my weight to myself, but 6/12/19 till now I dropped 73.4# .....#keto getting closer TINYDANCER 27 NVRGIVINGUP
4/2/20 9:02 P