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Count 1 to 100 for 10 points YMWONG22 57876 YMWONG22
10/31/20 10:17 A
Salad Week continues! Working late so a quick roasted chicken breast salad with, red onions, asparag MSMOSTIMPROVED 33 1CRAZYDOG
10/30/20 2:31 P
The sunset in California this evening ✨ ALLYLIZZY 21 GMACAMI
10/30/20 1:34 P
Dinner: Panko Breaded Chicken Breast, Homemade Creamed Spinach and half a roma tomato w/Italian Dres IMAJUSKEEPMOVN 15 BLOND1E
10/30/20 7:28 A
The sky after sunset 💫 ALLYLIZZY 37 1CRAZYDOG
10/30/20 3:31 P
I woke up this morning at 6 am, prepared for the ride to physical therapy, prayed with my breakfast BRUCELANGLEY 16 1CRAZYDOG
10/30/20 3:28 P
Somebody’s dressed up for Halloween! MIMAWELIZABETH 29 PATRICIA-CR
10/30/20 3:24 P
Posted a photo DAN1964 31 KAYDE53
10/30/20 1:37 P
Post until you get your 10 pts! EVILCECIL 291143 EVILCECIL
10/31/20 7:16 A
Post 7 messages for 21 points FLYER99 294694 JANUT57
10/31/20 2:22 P
From our 6-month-old hens. SNYDERDEANJ 23 MARYJOANNA
10/29/20 5:09 A
Finished my daughter’s friends hat last night. I really hope she liked it! KIMMYP420 68 KIMMYP420
10/29/20 3:25 P
This will be a good Halloween treat #lowcarb L1VEL1FE 83 RDHDINWV
10/31/20 12:24 P
For lunch I had chicken and pasta in alfredo sauce 230 calories MSAAMAANDAA 8 GLASSHUNTER
10/27/20 1:55 P
#foodfeats tracking calories and carbs and everything I eat. SHAWN97 12 SRIVERS1
10/27/20 12:15 P
10/27/20 10:11 P
The closer I get to goal the sillier I feel doing updates but this journey never ends. I will keep p DOUBLELSMOM 195 DOUBLELSMOM
10/28/20 12:24 P
Snow! In the desert! Link's not to sure what to think about this stuff, at least not till Thanksgivi HMKITTEN 31 JLPEASE
10/27/20 2:59 P
Seared scallops, broccoli and brown rice. A lil sriracha for spice. @stillsparkleigh in honor of Sal MSMOSTIMPROVED 22 GYNGER12
10/28/20 9:34 A
A tad bit cold this morning DEFENDERDARKSUN 18 GMACAMI
10/27/20 6:49 P
Count 1-100 until 10 points SLIMMERJESSE 1720852 SLIMMERJESSE
10/31/20 2:22 P
Went camping up north this weekend and got to do a little bit of hiking in the forest... my happy pl JESSLYNNRISH 14 GMACAMI
10/27/20 7:09 P
Today's Lunch: Brown rice, bok choy, mushrooms, fennel and onion. SISSYFEB48 15 EVIE4NOW
10/26/20 11:45 P
Got to spend the afternoon with the newest peanut! She's just 5 pounds and her whole body fit the le TIKITAMI 24 WIN2LIVE
10/27/20 12:50 P
Me with one of my grand babies. Posting pics to help me with motivation. I am down five pounds. 45 t LIBERTYISACTIVE 22 MADEINBRITAIN
10/27/20 5:24 A
Day 26 - Tracked all my food. Sidelined by some vertigo, but seem to be okay now. Will be back at i TOMSGAL85 9 CARLOSLAKELAND
10/27/20 6:13 A
Roasted Chicken and Veggies w/ Peas and Avocado Did you eat well today?🌈 CATWMNCAT 22 RREDFORD5
10/27/20 10:33 A
Hello everyone! Just signed up and learning how the app works. So far, I'm loving it! Looking forwar WILLHITGOAL 13 NITEMAN3D
10/26/20 4:54 A
Along my power walk today. The colors are brilliant KEEPITUP4LIFE 32 BLOND1E
10/25/20 7:42 A
Cold fall night. Warm cinnamon apple. IMJWO80 20 BLOND1E
10/25/20 7:42 A
Posted a photo TBOYD5000 17 GEORGE815
10/25/20 12:43 P
Very happy to have saved this clematis from our late frosts. Gardening my lbs away. Happy day. ZOOMTHOM 34 GEORGE815
10/25/20 12:36 P
Joke time: What do you get when you eat refried beans and onions? Tear gas😆 TWIGBISKIT5 20 1BLAZER282005
10/25/20 1:39 P
10/25/20 5:20 P
Time for another cup of coffee. NEPTUNE1939 8 URBANREDNEK
10/25/20 2:02 P
biking today in a little rain STARMONICA 46 SPARKLINGME176
10/25/20 1:43 P
Two years into maintenance - still going strong K8TERTOTS 77 BIKE4HEALTH
10/24/20 7:43 P
Spinach pasta with homemade pesto (basil, oregano, and swiss chard from the garden, garlic, pine nut INSOMNIACTALES 11 MJ7DM33
10/24/20 11:31 P
The door frame that made me join the night my hips grazed both sides. The night I said yes to me! Th DOUBLELSMOM 54 NENEBFIT
10/25/20 12:22 A
fastest 1-100 for 10 ROBFIL 393549 ZRIE014
10/30/20 12:31 A
Zander on our walk today 🍁🍁🍁 (yes, I understand OPTICALXILLUSIO 14 ALLYLIZZY
10/24/20 12:17 P
Just voted and now getting out for a walk! Kid free! KMOODY0113 7 EVIE4NOW
10/23/20 11:29 P
Two beauties on their walk... Their coats look so OPTICALXILLUSIO 11 ALLYLIZZY
10/24/20 12:08 P
Zucchini spirals instead of pasta tonight, tossed with pesto and the last of the homegrown cherry to CREAKYCAT 4 BLOND1E
10/23/20 9:04 P
Vote - it’s important! DESERTDREAMERS 19 WALLAHALLA
10/24/20 11:17 P
Anyone for tea ? You guessed it ... tea time with E ! Have a blessed evening ! SILVAS7 33 GODS-PRINCESS
10/25/20 2:14 P
A beautiful fall day for a walk along the Allegheny River. TOCONNER 34 HAZEL2278
10/24/20 2:12 A
Today I decided to hike until I was done. At the 12KM point I hit the wall and was done. Which would TIKITAMI 39 GMACAMI
10/23/20 1:14 P
Made "muffins" tonight. That's six servings, right? KAWLIGANZ 25 LWLAR7
10/22/20 1:44 A
Posted a photo LUVS2BIKE101 15 SNUZYQ2
10/22/20 3:31 A
Salmon, spinach and mushrooms for dinner! FRANCESLUCAS 15 SHOAPIE
10/22/20 6:45 P
Steamed shrimp, basmati brown rice, spicy sesame green beans with minced garlic and squash. #eatther MSMOSTIMPROVED 42 LINOVER
10/22/20 4:52 P
Jack and I took our last walk of the day...had to get it in to get to 10000 steps today. LOL. Anywa JAMESCL2 20 MSMOSTIMPROVED
10/22/20 12:37 P
Spent some time this afternoon taking in nature and celebrating living a healthy lifestyle. TIKITAMI 33 GMACAMI
10/22/20 1:49 P
I’m starting to see the weight loss everywhere finally. Reminder all this work pays off. TWYSTEDSYNS 18 SNUZYQ2
10/22/20 3:34 A
#BeforeAndAfter Woohoo fitting in jeans that were CHANGING-TURTLE 53 ELORA101
10/22/20 11:07 A
I love taco night I can make taco salad MSAAMAANDAA 7 BLOND1E
10/20/20 8:40 P
Steamed Shrimp, Broiled Haddock, Slimfast snack mix over a bed of romaine. 🥗 SOOKIE 14 BLOND1E
10/20/20 8:40 P
Did my workout while waiting for my next parent teacher conference to start! BEBABY77 12 BLOND1E
10/20/20 8:39 P
Glorious fall skies. AZIL5678 22 GMACAMI
10/21/20 1:24 A
Lost 4 pounds and i can tell in my face :) PUGHMOMMYX3 27 -POOKIE-
10/21/20 4:47 A
Saw this double rainbow tonight. I’m sharing it in case anyone needs a reminder that there is beauty MMORRISON18 43 -POOKIE-
10/21/20 4:43 A
Made cornflake marshmallow squares for the kids lunches (just like Rice Krispie squares). 6 year old JANIMOEN 16 NAVYWIFESKI
10/19/20 9:02 P
Ya gotta love fall walks, even if it did start snowing today! L1VEL1FE 15 LAH1222
10/20/20 12:00 A
Love when my hubby makes me breakfast 🥰 KIMMYP420 14 MOMOF4JDRS
10/19/20 10:28 P
#BeforeAndAfter Back in onederland SHANNONMCNULTY9 32 CONNIET88
10/24/20 6:31 A
It will be a busy week with parent teacher conferences; starting the week off right! BEBABY77 8 7STIGGYMT
10/19/20 9:45 P
#BeforeAndAfter MDMARE50 146 _RAMONA
10/20/20 1:38 A
Little Miss Ruth Ann. Named after my cousin! 🐄 JEWELRYLOVER 27 FISHGUT3
10/20/20 12:30 P
What’s her name, they asked, as I checked her into animal hospital ER for suspected poisoning. She w MIMAWELIZABETH 24 MIMAWELIZABETH
10/19/20 6:39 A
Did a 16 mile bike ride yesterday!! I stopped a lot of times but completed it!!! Feeling proud! BEGINNER13 35 GMACAMI
10/18/20 3:04 P
The sunrise in Eastern N.C. "RIGHT NOW" DLBEASYRIDER 32 GMACAMI
10/18/20 3:04 P
Enjoyed being out and about yesterday with a good friend. SPARKLYEYES71 19 GMACAMI
10/18/20 3:03 P
So after a long hard week I went to bed Friday night and slept 10 hours. The cats were so concerned NEEDBU66 12 BLOND1E
10/18/20 9:12 A
It’s been so hectic and amazing and crazy. I want to get healthier but it seems that going right bac YOBOELI 3 BLOND1E
10/18/20 9:11 A