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2/20/20 2:06 P
Last letter starts next word USMAWIFE 5402 USMAWIFE
2/20/20 2:48 A
2/21/20 4:35 A
What do you currently have on your needles??? GEAUXSAT 9490 EDLEAR
2/21/20 4:47 A
A to Z USA Locations 2BDYNAMIC 3850 NAVYMOM133
2/21/20 9:59 A
Word Association 2BDYNAMIC 8289 SUNNY332
2/21/20 10:24 A
Affirmations--A to Z 2BDYNAMIC 267 RAPUNZEL53
2/20/20 8:10 P
Change one Word 2BDYNAMIC 11200 NASFKAB
2/21/20 10:42 A
It feels so good to be back in the gym. #PregnancyFitness #FitMomma #2ndTrimester FITMOMMA_OF6 23 BEYONDOPHELIA
2/20/20 6:14 A
2 days no sodas. No fast food. No cafeteria at work...until tonight. Only purchased 2 waters. Smal LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 61 7STIGGYMT
2/20/20 1:15 P
Motivation moment.... RHOOK20047 24 BEYONDOPHELIA
2/20/20 6:13 A
Lots of color in my meals today! MARTINURSE 39 NAVYWIFESKI
2/20/20 11:52 A
My man has done it yet again. Another healthy dinner and super blessed family. KIMMYG420 40 NAVYWIFESKI
2/20/20 11:53 A
Meant to post this before and after pictures earlier to my previous post. I have gone from weighing JONATHANCHARLES 110 LE_SIGH
2/20/20 8:14 A
As a full-time private piano teacher, I struggle to get in many steps. Maybe I can march in place be MAMAANGE 10 -POOKIE-
2/20/20 7:33 A
Posted a photo SAINTBERNARD6 12 GLORYB83
2/20/20 7:52 A
Points on the wheel IAFARMERWIFE 7120 WANAKA
2/21/20 9:53 A
emotion to show how you are feeling at this moment USMAWIFE 7630 USMAWIFE
2/21/20 8:25 A
How will you exercise today? USMAWIFE 4021 USMAWIFE
2/20/20 11:45 P
Log in/bonus spin team points USMAWIFE 5972 USMAWIFE
2/20/20 11:58 P
...A few years older and a whole lot stronger! (Non smoker now too!) Lifting weights has changed my LORI-K 56 ALLYLIZZY
2/20/20 2:25 P
Are you ⚡️Ready??!!! Make the best ✨You ✨ there will ever Be🔥 MOJOZEN 9 PATRICIAAK
2/19/20 1:49 A
I accomplished my goal I’ve been wanting to more days like this I need it WORKINGWOMAN31 13 WORKINGWOMAN31
2/19/20 8:48 A
2/19/20 8:47 A
It’s been a long month. Work, over did it. Pneumonia, wore me out. Went to Special Olympics, got the FUNNYFACE101002 8 1CRAZYDOG
2/19/20 7:21 P
Adding to our well being is laughter. On the 5% Challenge this week we are doing 10 mins of happines DIANEDOESSMILES 35 75HEALTHYME
2/19/20 6:29 P
My family enjoyed dinner tonight and there are NO leftovers. I cooked cut chicken breast, shrimp, sw SIMPLYKEN32 22 SIMPLYKEN32
2/19/20 9:13 A
The flexibility is returning, even at 47 years old! 56lbs gone - and counting. #keto #yoga FASHIONROADKILL 55 COOKWITHME65
2/21/20 7:54 A
2/19/20 1:37 P
Going home tomorrow morning (Wednesday). Praying to beat the rain! My Valentine's day rose I brought TREKPURRSON 13 RREDFORD5
2/19/20 1:25 P
Household items A to Z 52BINCE 5342 2BDYNAMIC
2/21/20 10:50 A
Look 👀 what I just got! 😊 MOMOF4JDRS 17 JOYFULMEMT
2/17/20 10:38 P
A brisk but beautiful walk this evening around sunset. ♡♡ MAINELYLINDA 14 GRAMMY065
2/17/20 11:39 P
Dinner!!!! I could eat this every night of my life. FITMAMA2121 38 FITMAMA2121
2/17/20 11:38 P
2/17/20 11:12 P
Just had a rough weigh in today and this before picture showed up on my Facebook memories. Great re SWORTHING6 83 DININA48MN
2/18/20 2:30 A
Pic from earlier this Morning. 💙 ALLYLIZZY 12 LITTLEWIND53
2/18/20 12:35 A
One day back with tracking my food and I'm already saying no to things I don't need! Just going to h NICKILYNN85 6 MLR_00
2/16/20 10:53 A
My beloved dogs, Scrappy Doo, Finnegan, Juno UPTOIT59 33 REGILIEH
2/16/20 6:30 P
2/17/20 7:56 A
Core workout today #goalfeats BIGRENTMAN 18 7STIGGYMT
2/16/20 6:52 P
Bridge pose WILSOD1 28 SPINECCO
2/16/20 11:19 A
Alrighty! The ongoing battle continues, but after 1 month I've lost 7 lbs. I do not want to plateau, THISIS4KELLY 43 ANNEARIAS
2/20/20 6:35 P
So excited to be having my Loves over for dinner today! Sunday is still Family Funday Around here ❤ CINDY247 25 GEORGE815
2/16/20 7:16 P
Our Crazy Cat will get anywhere she fits! Lol! Her motto: If I fit I sits! 😻 CINDY247 27 TCANNO
2/16/20 8:08 P
Good morning spark friends. As I was sitting here waiting on someone, I realized I could be doing CARLOSLAKELAND 21 CGARR442
2/14/20 8:57 P
Happy Valentine's Day MONICACONQUERS 15 GEORGE815
2/14/20 6:53 P
Happy Valentine Day to everyone. 618LILY1 33 618LILY1
2/15/20 1:11 P
…:::Have a Happy Valentines Day! 2BDYNAMIC 50 GABY1948
2/16/20 10:25 A
Happy Valentine's day KZOSCIN 31 CGARR442
2/14/20 8:56 P
Having a treat today but keeping it real with the rainbow:) NAVYWIFESKI 19 GEORGE815
2/14/20 6:52 P
Pool for an hour this morning at 6.....done! SISSYFEB48 23 GEORGE815
2/14/20 6:51 P
Wishing everyone a happy friday. I hope that y'all find at least one reason to smile today. 😁 XYRYRA 20 GEORGE815
2/14/20 6:52 P
Started this birthday with a pound and a half gone! So happy birthday to me! I am going to spend t KPARTX31 152 GRAMMY065
2/15/20 12:17 A
I love getting out before dawn so I can have some me time and watch the sun come up. JEWELRYLOVER 48 GEORGE815
2/12/20 4:42 P
Love this. Know your worth, then add tax EVIE4NOW 9 HOTMESSMOMMA_85
2/12/20 11:40 A
Favorite quote of the day from SparkPeople: "If you believe it, you CAN achieve it!" Have a great da CARLYCHAT 5 GEORGE815
2/12/20 4:42 P
Posted a photo MISMISSYV 26 GEORGE815
2/12/20 4:42 P
HAPPY Wednesday! Live Your Passion! PELESJEWEL 39 PATRICIA-CR
2/13/20 8:34 A
I’ve had a hard 10 days. I went to my sisters house to stay and watch my niece and nephew because sh FIELDSENDART6 16 FIELDSENDART6
2/13/20 12:29 P
My early morning view. Blue skies after days of rain. Makes me feel happy. Let's all share a smile RUTHIEBEAR 54 GLORYB83
2/13/20 11:10 A
Sometimes I don't see the changes myself and I need to remind myself that there is a 54lb weight dif MICHAYLERS 144 SUNSHINE150
2/12/20 7:24 P
Zucchini Lasagna for dinner last night. 😋 UTFRAN 31 GEORGE815
2/12/20 4:38 P
I am 5.6 pounds away from my first goal to be under 200 pounds ! I am real excited and real nervous ASHELYLADY 16 PLCHAPPELL
2/11/20 5:55 A
#BeforeAndAfter one month work towards goals! KETTLEONE 39 KAY-SUPREME
2/13/20 9:43 P
Had to get all the goody out of this day, pushed it hard and feel good! DLBEASYRIDER 17 _RAMONA
2/12/20 10:25 A
My birthday today. Nothing major, just tried a new place to eat & spent time w/ my hubby. Other th KOALA_BEAR 27 YOGA1973
2/11/20 2:35 P
2/12/20 10:26 A
Thank you to all my Sparkfriends who keep posting each and every day. It encourages me even when (an GRAMMY065 20 GABY1948
2/13/20 8:56 A
2/11/20 4:27 P
#motivate DIVAGLOW 31 KHALIA2
2/18/20 3:33 P
I saw that someone in the house put the Amazon box at the door. I saw it and didn't pay it any atten FITWITHIN 17 BIKE4HEALTH
2/11/20 6:26 A
2/11/20 7:00 A
Posted a photo KATCHNFLAK4296 17 YOGA1973
2/11/20 6:30 A
Team Iowa Bonus Points IAFARMERWIFE 4837 WANAKA
2/21/20 9:54 A