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@JAVNMICH1969 how is your brother in law? You and your family have been in my thoughts and prayers. ROSALIE28 2 JAVNMICH1969
10/27/20 12:18 A
HIIT intervals on the treadmill and short core workout today. NORTHONTGIRL 3 ROSALIE28
10/26/20 4:44 P
Just wanted to share with both of you that I had my annual appointment with my urologist who follows NORTHONTGIRL 3 ROSALIE28
10/26/20 11:10 P
Walking walking walking! Please pray for my brother in law who is very sick with cancer but actually JAVNMICH1969 3 ROSALIE28
10/21/20 8:34 A
Workout 1 of my new program done! Its unlike anything I've done before. Strength training followed NORTHONTGIRL 3 JAVNMICH1969
10/21/20 2:01 A
Walking and deep cleaning my shower 🚿! Got some new non toxic descaler and it worked great! JAVNMICH1969 4 NORTHONTGIRL
10/17/20 12:06 P
We were finally able to take our anniversary trip that was scheduled in April. Cool weather but fall ROSALIE28 3 NORTHONTGIRL
10/17/20 12:05 P
Yesterday was a beautiful fall day. Got my walk in and enjoyed some time by the water (with the hea NORTHONTGIRL 3 JAVNMICH1969
10/13/20 9:39 P
First walk on the hills near my place in a month. We made it up the hills without puffing too much. NORTHONTGIRL 4 JAVNMICH1969
10/12/20 3:05 A
Not feeling the best today. I feel like I have a head cold coming on. Sore throat.. slept most of th ROSALIE28 3 JAVNMICH1969
10/12/20 2:40 A
Walking with daughter and gardening πŸ‘ JAVNMICH1969 3 NORTHONTGIRL
10/11/20 6:14 P
Getting back to eating a lot better and went for a walk today. When I get some sleep I will get bac NORTHONTGIRL 3 JAVNMICH1969
10/11/20 2:23 A
One more day with my family. Still continuing my cleaning. :) NORTHONTGIRL 3 JAVNMICH1969
10/9/20 7:14 P
I had movement and a walk yesterday. Not enough. I just couldn’t sleep Monday night and it blew away ROSALIE28 5 ROSALIE28
10/10/20 8:42 P
Sorry been busy doing nothing last couple days except my 3,000 steps. Cooled down today and air was JAVNMICH1969 3 NORTHONTGIRL
10/6/20 3:20 P
Stationary cycling and a walk ROSALIE28 3 NORTHONTGIRL
10/6/20 3:17 P
Another heat wave, smoky air and stuck inside. But planning a workout today πŸ‘ indoors JAVNMICH1969 3 NORTHONTGIRL
10/4/20 10:56 A
Walking with daughter today. A beautiful fall warm day πŸ˜€ JAVNMICH1969 2 ROSALIE28
10/3/20 10:46 A
Yoga πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ yesterday! Been hectic but need to get back to my workout routine JAVNMICH1969 2 NORTHONTGIRL
9/28/20 5:49 P
I will be camping this week. Weather is calling for some rain today but the rest of the week is cool ROSALIE28 3 NORTHONTGIRL
9/28/20 5:48 P
Continuing my cleaning on both houses! Love it!😊. Do have to get more walks or structured exercise NORTHONTGIRL 3 JAVNMICH1969
9/28/20 5:30 P
Well I’m at my parents place and always find out challenging to get into my exercise routine. My sis NORTHONTGIRL 4 ROSALIE28
9/28/20 8:52 A
Abs today πŸ‘ JAVNMICH1969 2 ROSALIE28
9/24/20 8:30 A
Walking with daughter and housework and some gardening, tomorrow abs watch out! JAVNMICH1969 2 ROSALIE28
9/23/20 9:07 A
Strength training in our gym, walking and gardening πŸ‘ air quality is much better! Thanks for prayer JAVNMICH1969 3 JAVNMICH1969
9/23/20 1:46 A
It’s been unseasonably cool here but I’m on my way to see my family in Saskatchewan again and it’s b NORTHONTGIRL 3 JAVNMICH1969
9/21/20 9:56 P
Trying to do fall transplants in the yard and clean up. I have more to do but weather is perfect to ROSALIE28 3 ROSALIE28
9/18/20 8:43 P
Took a break from eating healthy and my workout routine but feeling better so tomorrow getting back JAVNMICH1969 3 NORTHONTGIRL
9/18/20 8:34 P
Been sick, but hopefully at least a walk tomorrow πŸ‘ JAVNMICH1969 4 JAVNMICH1969
9/16/20 2:35 A
Did my balance strength training and a walk on Monday. NORTHONTGIRL 4 JAVNMICH1969
9/15/20 1:21 P
Thank you Michelle for setting this up. Love our team! No pressure but always support. Lauri and you ROSALIE28 3 NORTHONTGIRL
9/11/20 9:50 A
Full body workout today! Good exhausted 😴 plus walking πŸšΆβ€β™€οΈ JAVNMICH1969 1 JAVNMICH1969
9/10/20 2:23 A
2 walks today and picking up some branches and leaves 🍁 strength training planned for tomorrow!😊 JAVNMICH1969 3 ROSALIE28
9/9/20 12:12 P
Fall is here! We went for our normal walk and I did a balance workout with weights. NORTHONTGIRL 5 NORTHONTGIRL
9/9/20 8:40 A
We planted all the trees in 1979. They were given to me from my parents from their summer home in No ROSALIE28 5 JAVNMICH1969
9/8/20 4:45 P
Just the front of the place. ROSALIE28 4 JAVNMICH1969
9/8/20 4:44 P
Been resting due to heat wave but getting back on track tomorrow! Measurements were the same lol but JAVNMICH1969 3 NORTHONTGIRL
9/9/20 8:41 A
New challenge starts 9/10 sparkchallenge-accept.asp?cc=5AASN8SN6 JAVNMICH1969 4 NORTHONTGIRL
9/7/20 6:41 P
I've been getting my walks in. I've been really good on keeping within my calorie range this week, NORTHONTGIRL 4 ROSALIE28
9/7/20 12:38 A
Walking, kayaking and pilates for me today. NORTHONTGIRL 3 JAVNMICH1969
9/4/20 1:13 A
We have camping property in Illinois. Walking and trimming our evergreens. That’s a workout! ROSALIE28 3 JAVNMICH1969
9/4/20 1:12 A
Upper body workout! Today taking measurements for 4 week progress with my routine πŸ‘ JAVNMICH1969 3 ROSALIE28
9/3/20 9:51 A
I did a Beachbody upper body workout today. NORTHONTGIRL 2 JAVNMICH1969
9/2/20 11:43 A
I will be traveling for the next week and half. I will check in when I can! Have a good week! ROSALIE28 3 NORTHONTGIRL
9/1/20 9:53 P
I did a variety of activities today. A walk by the waterfront, Qi Gong, Tai Chi and kayaking. I jo NORTHONTGIRL 3 JAVNMICH1969
9/1/20 1:55 A
Long walk today with a friend πŸ˜ƒ JAVNMICH1969 3 NORTHONTGIRL
8/31/20 10:29 P
Full body workout today! I’m beat πŸ˜‚ I find it hard to walk a long walk on days I strength train JAVNMICH1969 3 NORTHONTGIRL
8/31/20 10:29 P
Today, we had my daughter’s belated birthday dinner. I spent all morning cooking and then clean up. ROSALIE28 2 JAVNMICH1969
8/30/20 1:56 A
I did a leg and abs workout today. My legs and butt definitely feel like they had a workout. :) NORTHONTGIRL 4 ROSALIE28
8/30/20 12:16 A
Finished shampooing the carpets today! My indoor project since can’t garden. Finished week 4 of stre JAVNMICH1969 3 NORTHONTGIRL
8/22/20 10:36 P
RIP Harry. He was loved by our family for 14 years. Today my son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter ROSALIE28 4 JAVNMICH1969
8/22/20 8:01 P
I did a Pilates workout and also went for a walk. Then read on the dock for a couple of hours. :) It NORTHONTGIRL 3 JAVNMICH1969
8/22/20 8:00 P
Abs, walking and shampooing the carpet. I’m good exhausted 😴 JAVNMICH1969 3 NORTHONTGIRL
8/21/20 9:58 P
My older dog Harry is very ill. 2 trips to the vet in 2 days. I have coverings on the floor since he ROSALIE28 4 JAVNMICH1969
8/21/20 3:02 A
Today's workout was Beachbody Pylo which is jumping, squatting with weights. I started a new 21 day NORTHONTGIRL 4 ROSALIE28
8/20/20 11:54 A
I'm still challenged in being consistent with my Beachbody workouts, but getting most of them done a NORTHONTGIRL 3 ROSALIE28
8/19/20 9:14 A
Hey πŸ‘‹ I figured something out Lauri, maybe it will help maybe not but I have been comparing yoga an JAVNMICH1969 3 ROSALIE28
8/19/20 9:17 A
Rest day! My body says thanks 😊 JAVNMICH1969 2 ROSALIE28
8/19/20 9:14 A
Today was abs and I pushed myself along with my daughter! Had to take it easy rest of day. Tomorrow JAVNMICH1969 3 ROSALIE28
8/14/20 9:29 A
Bugs are gone so we are walking near here again. Yesterday and today as well as Pilates this mornin NORTHONTGIRL 3 JAVNMICH1969
8/13/20 1:09 A
Camping with 2 grandchildren is a morning until night workout. You fall into bed then the two dogs w ROSALIE28 3 JAVNMICH1969
8/13/20 1:09 A
Legs today for strength training πŸ‘ working with an old injury to repair and restore where the muscl JAVNMICH1969 3 ROSALIE28
8/12/20 9:39 P
Movement all day long, including walking, cleaning, packing ... it was a long day. We leave for cam ROSALIE28 3 JAVNMICH1969
8/11/20 3:10 P
Got my workouts in before noon. Yay! :) Walking and Beachbody leg workout. NORTHONTGIRL 4 NORTHONTGIRL
8/11/20 9:19 A
I've been busy over the last 3 days with weed control, did a Beachbody upper body workout, walking b NORTHONTGIRL 5 NORTHONTGIRL
8/10/20 8:39 A
Frisbee golf and house cleaning. ROSALIE28 3 JAVNMICH1969
8/10/20 2:33 A
I did 2 Beachbody workouts and got one of my non flower beds weeded ( I have deer so it is cedar chi NORTHONTGIRL 5 JAVNMICH1969
8/10/20 1:34 A
Gardening and walking πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ JAVNMICH1969 2 ROSALIE28
8/9/20 9:33 P
Jabs on the punching bag today and a nice long walk with my daughter at the park 😊 JAVNMICH1969 3 NORTHONTGIRL
8/9/20 10:04 P
Abs and housework and gardening πŸ‘ down 4 pounds this week but gave up on the cleanse! I need food! JAVNMICH1969 4 JAVNMICH1969
8/6/20 4:36 P
Just received this picture of my grandson Kaiden (10) and granddaughter Dakota (7). It was taken on ROSALIE28 4 JAVNMICH1969
8/6/20 10:44 A
Another perfect weather day before heat wave returns. I am not fond of the 90’s. Today will be aroun ROSALIE28 3 JAVNMICH1969
8/5/20 6:22 P
I did two Beachbody workouts tonight. Playing catch up from being lazier last week 😊 NORTHONTGIRL 3 ROSALIE28
8/5/20 9:51 A
This will be the only promotion of my business on here for shaklee which is supplements. Seriously i JAVNMICH1969 4 JAVNMICH1969
8/4/20 9:23 P
Ok I almost didn’t post cuz I’m sure everyone is tired of hearing that I’m painting. We are refreshi ROSALIE28 3 JAVNMICH1969
8/4/20 9:21 P