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Little changes, substituting tiny bars of chocolate from my usual one. BAMBI1970 7 TABATHA_CAIN
7/16/20 7:43 A
So glad to get a new key board and can get back on Sparks. I'm still growing purple bell peppers and JEANUT 4 ORTATK
7/16/20 8:30 A
Calories and carbs don't count on your birthday, right? BOOGBEAR 12 LEAMERS7780
6/25/20 7:24 P
My little "Vegetable Scrap" Garden. We don't usually plant vegetables but figured I would give it a DEBBRALE 16 EEJAA70
6/25/20 11:36 P
Prepped one of my purple bell peppers to go in a stir fry. It was good. Going to give the other one JEANUT 6 DEE107
6/26/20 12:20 A
Enjoyed Holly (our daughter) coming over and having lunch with us. Helped her get a before wt. loss JEANUT 3 RREDFORD5
6/22/20 10:40 P
Im craving a milkshake but my choice is milk and frozen fruit blended so yummy and the craving is go MCATLEDGE 4 KMILLER31
6/19/20 7:03 P
after growing little red potatoes, I planted bell peppers. 2 of the plants are purple bell peppers. JEANUT 13 FLASUN
6/20/20 3:58 A
This lil guy wandered up. He is a polish chicken. If no one claims him my hens will love him and his CSAKABUG 14 JULESFORD
6/14/20 6:24 P
Hi, I'm back. Had to take time away from the computer. Between taking care of family, home, yard alo JEANUT 6 DEE107
6/15/20 12:24 A
My cat needs to be on Sparkpeople too. Lol SHERRYV3350 10 GEORGE815
4/27/20 1:56 P
Skies were beautiful but fearsome yesterday on my walk. Seeing lightning far away I lightly jogged h AMUSICALLIFE 15 TRIMNUP
4/27/20 4:45 P
Slow and steady wins the race..... Happy Saturday everyone! Or should I say, Happy Caturday? Loki JANDLP 16 PWILLOW1
4/25/20 6:57 P
My husband has been fat shaming me. He blames me for our sex life. He tells me if it wasn't for my ZACHSMOM0597 13 LILGUITARGAL
4/22/20 2:23 P
I had to do something very hard last night that I didn't like doing... but I had to. My sister calle JEANUT 7 RREDFORD5
4/19/20 12:38 P
Moved up to running half-mile intervals today. Grateful for sunshine & warmer temps after a nasty co CREAKYCAT 13 DININA48MN
4/19/20 2:28 A
(Take #2) - Kookaburra in the backyard this morning, Sat 19-4-20. Happy Sparkin'! SPARKINON 10 SILVAS7
4/18/20 7:16 P
Steak fajita rice bowl for lunch 😜❤️ LASTARLITA 8 SWIMSTERLING94
4/18/20 9:20 P
the worst part of having allergies this year is wondering.. is it my allergies or did I get that vir JEANUT 13 RREDFORD5
4/18/20 2:08 P
Hello Everyone... It's late in the afternoon...I drove through the neighborhood on the hill near her DONNA_CPS2 15 NOCALORIES
4/16/20 10:17 P
Today is our Anniversary! 55 years.. I was figuring a little yesterday in my mind, and I think I wa MHUMBERS1950 250 EDWARDS1411
4/17/20 12:59 A
I have 145 fitness minutes today. Digging up a garden is work! LOL! KARMANNPOWELL 17 EVIE4NOW
4/16/20 12:43 A
I thought the snowfall on April 10th was a late one. We are getting another one now. Sure glad we wa MILPAM3 6 GEORGE815
4/15/20 6:35 P
Found out why my 3yo was eager for nap time... DEFENDERDARKSUN 25 BAILE1MA
4/15/20 9:13 P
Another salad lunch...they're growing on me 😊 ROCKYCATSMAMMA 19 WIZARDHOWL
4/15/20 9:09 P
@Trailwalkerjo54 suggested that we share past vacation photos. This is my husband an I in Ormond Bea JEANUT 9 FLASUN
4/15/20 5:18 A
I have to say it's these little things that are making me smile 🌷🕊⚘ The coo-oo was so sweet to hea TMP0418 41 JANS-JOURNEY
4/14/20 8:26 P
Looking for different spring/summer ideas! VHAYES04 14 JANS-JOURNEY
4/14/20 8:23 P
Message Removed CD23951588 202 JAMER123
4/15/20 11:30 P
rough day.. had a thunderstorm come through starting at 3am lost electricity at 4am and didn't get i JEANUT 8 DEE107
4/14/20 12:28 A
Not the most gorgeous bfast ever but it sure was tasty.:) Homemade bread w/ pb&j, honeycrisp apple, CLIMBOVERARIES 8 COMEBACKKID12
4/14/20 4:05 P
Frozen blueberries turned my oatmeal purple haha 🤣 BLANCAROMERO4 14 GEORGE815
4/12/20 4:38 P
Can you list at least 3 things good about having to stay home? 1. can't run to store & get junk food JEANUT 8 FLASUN
4/13/20 6:03 A
making an asparagus, mushroom, and rice casserole to go with Easter dinner today. Happy Easter every JEANUT 4 FLASUN
4/13/20 6:03 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Easter! 🐣 Yesterday was a really good day!! Exercise - I did TEXASHSMOMOF3 37 AZMOMXTWO
4/13/20 7:32 A
Have a happy Easter from lump 1 and lump 2 JIMIPAGE29 13 SLASALLE
4/12/20 11:47 A
Good morning spark friends, Happy Easter , stay safe and enjoy your day!! Easter dinner for two!! MHUMBERS1950 50 RAERAERAE62
4/12/20 4:51 P
Solved my problem of not knowing. EVIE4NOW 26 CHEIVOUS
4/8/20 1:37 P
starting a move it challenge it will start Friday http://spark would like to invite any JEANUT 2 DEE107
4/9/20 12:21 A
Happy Hump Day! I’m still breathing. Trying to stay positive when you feel like you’re living in an MIAMI_LILLY 34 BERRY4
4/9/20 5:24 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Wednesday!!! Yesterday was a pretty good day. I didn’t get as m TEXASHSMOMOF3 45 ALOFA0509
4/9/20 9:41 A
Yesterday I did a thing!! It’s one of my favorite times of the year. I planted seeds for my garden. DEEKELLYE 33 DEEKELLYE
4/9/20 7:33 A
Walking by the lake this morning; hoping, praying & believing it will get better! “To be hopeful in J2002HEIDS 28 J2002HEIDS
4/8/20 3:49 P
This was the sunrise I saw on my walk this morning, so I thought I would share it with you all. I wa BOMBCHELL23 29 BLUECAFE
4/8/20 12:38 P
Happy 34th Anniversary to us!! God is Faithful! SPOKENWORD 42 1CRAZYDOG
4/8/20 7:52 P
What staying home in the South looks like‼️ MZADAMS 15 KLEEJSB
4/7/20 5:29 P
today was a great day to get a few things done. Outside I chopped weeds that the weed killer didn't JEANUT 4 GARDENSFORLIFE
4/7/20 11:46 P
Good morning Sparkers Day 834 Processed sugar and gluten free. This morning I am enjoying coffee and STEEPERSLOUNGE 15 GARDENSFORLIFE
4/7/20 11:47 P
My son is really into bird watching right now, which is a great activity he can do indoors and out. BENCHED 32 GEORGE815
4/7/20 5:40 P
#stayhome #savelives NANHBH 28 CINDY247
4/6/20 5:50 A
Posted a photo JODIRICHARDS 8 REVMAN1971
4/5/20 5:53 P
Had a productive day off! Online church, housework, a walk with my friend, cleaned out the shed, and JAW379 19 L_DROUIN
4/6/20 3:24 A
I do love functional fitness! Vegetable bed is prepped, seeds are started. Got the kids involved a ROCKYCATSMAMMA 31 ALLYLIZZY
4/6/20 1:05 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 23 CD4114015
4/8/20 9:26 A
I know they are hard to see, but my potato plants are peeking out. JEANUT 29 L_DROUIN
4/6/20 3:26 A
Question lol. I know you can't spot reduce fat but BUTTERFLYPANDA1 7 BUTTERFLYPANDA1
4/5/20 5:56 P
Ugh My allergies are kicking in. This is how I felt yesterday! Getting my goals done today... Exerc MAMAOFTWINS 32 DEBBY4576
5/19/20 10:06 A
Putting together new veggie beds and hauling soil. My workout this weekend. I’ve lost even more weig THE_FAE 17 SPARKLINGME176
4/5/20 4:06 P
Yesterday I ran a few errands for necessities. Saw a few others wearing masks while others looked at PIXIEDUST04 34 BAILE1MA
4/5/20 9:43 P
Right when you think it's safe to lay down! 😁 CECELW 28 KAYDE53
4/5/20 8:30 P
Posted a photo BEEJAY49 20 ALLYLIZZY
4/3/20 10:42 P
That black blob in the middle of the picture is a big Tom turkey. The Cooper-dog and I stayed well a LESLIELENORE 43 DBEAU57
4/5/20 11:54 P
A fast trip to Kroger, I was told they are going to make their grocery aisles “one way”, so everyone TBOYD5000 19 PURPLEMOON1
4/3/20 11:49 P
Day 1 of Georgia officially being on Stay at home. Had to go to the gro. store for both us and MIL. JEANUT 13 DEE107
4/4/20 12:16 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy April!!! It’s a brand new month and I’m excited about that, I’ve TEXASHSMOMOF3 27 NIKKINIKKI136
4/2/20 9:24 A
Rain kissed cherry blossoms from my tree yesterday. Today we finally have a little peek of sunshine RUTHIEBEAR 22 GLORYB83
4/1/20 3:30 P
I'm starting here. I have been doing some bad things to my body for the past 2years. You know the pa PETRONAMCKENZIE 121 DJ4HEALTH
4/8/20 5:34 P
Miami Beach Fl. is my home. I don't seem to need to fly off for vacation to enjoy the sun, beach, fr TUBLADY 26 OHMEMEME
4/1/20 9:14 A
3/31/20 2:18 P
Enjoy the little things MISMISSYV 37 GMACAMI
3/31/20 9:37 P
My cherry tree is starting to bloom. ANother dreary looking day here. Got the news that my brother RUTHIEBEAR 28 SPEDED2
3/31/20 11:22 P
Since the garden shop is closed I took 4 little potatoes that have eyes and planted them in the big JEANUT 6 DEE107
3/29/20 12:10 A
Bowling Mania LOPEYP 50 KDE12345
5/9/20 6:04 P
Wish me luck, headed to the store. I need bread and MIL wants me to pick her up T-paper. High chanc JEANUT 5 GEORGE815
3/26/20 12:29 P
I’m back to my plateau weight despite being in Quarantine. Thrilled I got rid of travel weight, oerh FITNIK2020 22 GARDENCHRIS
3/26/20 12:31 P