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Change A Letter SKEETER3 39023 KOFFEENUT
10/25/20 10:10 A
Chaneg one letter to make a new word GENCAT 126894 KOFFEENUT
10/25/20 10:09 A
Change One of Five Letters or Rearrange ZOEYBLU 3912 KOFFEENUT
10/25/20 10:08 A
REPLACE A LETTER (but do not rearrange letters) CRUISIN2LOSIN 122821 KOFFEENUT
10/25/20 10:07 A
Change a letter or rearrange POST TO GET 10 POINTS RYELEWIS 31855 KOFFEENUT
10/25/20 10:06 A
Change one of four letters and/or rearrange RMUL2013 6736 KOFFEENUT
10/25/20 10:05 A
Change one of 5 letters or rearrange them SHEZTHERUNNER 87122 KOFFEENUT
10/25/20 10:04 A
Change 1 Letter To Make A New Word JTREMBATH 23480 KOFFEENUT
10/25/20 10:03 A
Change a letter OLYGIRL1 20537 KOFFEENUT
10/25/20 10:02 A
10/25/20 10:01 A
10/25/20 10:01 A
An Early morning walk sets the tone for healthy choices all day. CONNIET88 9 POSEY440
10/25/20 10:44 A
Need a Laugh? This one did the trick for me Imagine the surprise ... 75HEALTHYME 14 POSEY440
10/25/20 10:44 A
Just saying good Sunday morning everyone!! DM2020 17 4EVERDIETER
10/25/20 10:35 A
Back in track but actually gained a pound this week. Not sure this is going to work. YOULOSEGIRL1 2 KOFFEENUT
10/25/20 9:31 A
I'm still counting those veggies and fruit The plums are so sweet and the winter squash are welcomed 20KAREN 3 KOFFEENUT
10/25/20 9:27 A
Chicken tortilla soup or chicken wild rice soup for meal prep. #foodfeats MARSHASHADOW 4 CHESTER47
10/25/20 10:47 A
Good morning on this glorious Sunday. Smile, be at peace, and be blessed. BANEWLAND 5 SLIMMERJESSE
10/25/20 9:39 A
Lots of yard work on the horizon. SHIFRAPEARL 12 GEORGE815
10/24/20 5:05 P
Well my Sat is a bit discouraging the lawyer has stated my sister and I are responsible for replacin BOMBCHELL23 4 75HEALTHYME
10/24/20 7:45 P
Good morning Spark friends and welcome to the weekend!! It's nice, but a little cold. Now Monday to QSIESUE1960 2 KOFFEENUT
10/24/20 11:35 A
Day 1 to 131.2 pounds. Ready to be 25 lbs. lighter this time next year. SIMPLELIVING93 14 GEORGE815
10/24/20 5:05 P
Blood donation and shopping done. Be safe and have fun everyone! TOMSTUMP 2 KOFFEENUT
10/24/20 11:28 A
Be careful the environment you choose for it will shape you; be careful the friends you choose for y JOHNMARTINMILES 4 GABY1948
10/24/20 4:43 P
I haven't exercised or eaten healthy for about 2 years. I am back to my heaviest, 170 pounds. I just MRSJAYNES 4 SLASALLE
10/24/20 12:32 P
10/24/20 11:03 A
10/25/20 3:11 A
10/24/20 2:51 P
What are you reading? ACHRISTIANGIRL 11447 JIACOLO
10/24/20 10:52 A
What are you reading? APRILNYC 3032 LADYCALICO
10/24/20 11:07 P
Change a letter TLAVEN2 79682 HEDSTS58
10/25/20 8:20 A
10/23/20 9:11 P
10/24/20 3:02 P
Lunch: leftover butter bean soup. (No pic) Healthi CLIMBOVERARIES 7 GEORGE815
10/23/20 2:53 P
Hi All!!!:). W/u@642a and it was dark, I was confused so went back to sleep, up for good a few minut CLIMBOVERARIES 13 GEORGE815
10/23/20 2:52 P
Have a wonderful Friday amd safe weekend! DEFENDERDARKSUN 15 GEORGE815
10/23/20 2:54 P
There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. The little JOHNMARTINMILES 5 GEORGE815
10/23/20 3:01 P
Have a FUN Friday!! 😁 What fitness activity is your FAVORITE??? I took an early morning πŸš΄πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ bef STILLSPARKLEIGH 47 BARBIEE52
10/24/20 12:47 P
seems like my garden is almost finished #eattherainbow TURQUROISE 4 GEORGE815
10/23/20 3:05 P
Yesterday was my first day back to tracking food - in any way - in forever! I thought for sure I wou SARASATIN 3 GEORGE815
10/23/20 3:04 P
Hello friends! Sorry I haven't posted in a couple days. Was down Tuesday with another migraine, and QSIESUE1960 3 LESLIELENORE
10/22/20 12:21 P
Today I'm officially down over 30 pounds since January! I have a doctors appointment in about an ho EMBEM92 110 CONNIET88
10/24/20 6:28 A
I'm happy to break my weight plateau. Appears combination of efforts made the difference. Yay! Than 1CORIN1013 3 KOFFEENUT
10/22/20 11:28 A
Ok.... i have been #WFH since mid-March, turned 50, dealt with a case if Shingles and a hurricane w MANDACIE 7 GEORGE815
10/22/20 6:41 P
Finally back in the 160s and out of the 170s on the scale !! Progress!!!!! Yahy! One day at a time SUNNYWORKOUT30 5 CHEIVOUS
10/22/20 2:27 P
6lbs from my goal weight I'm feeling so pumped πŸ’ͺπŸŽ‰ AJOBLEVINS 4 GEORGE815
10/22/20 6:42 P
This has become my one of my favorite keto lunches - low carb tortilla, almond butter, and raspberri JWEJTE2005 7 GEORGE815
10/22/20 6:33 P
Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Are you satisfied with where you are and the direct JOHNMARTINMILES 6 GABY1948
10/23/20 2:32 P
Wishing all a happy and safe day ORTATK 5 URBANREDNEK
10/21/20 10:01 A
Reviewing my goals each day to become healthy and loose wt. #goalfeats SANDYKK53 4 STILLSPARKLEIGH
10/21/20 10:18 P
Tai Chi then outside jogging πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ #fitnessfeats 20KAREN 3 KOFFEENUT
10/21/20 9:27 A
Good morning! #foodfeats GYNGER12 6 MSMOSTIMPROVED
10/21/20 11:53 A
I voted yesterday! Feeling good about that, but still very tired and stressed out. Take care of your RUBELLA 3 JOHNMARTINMILES
10/21/20 9:25 A
Was getting ready for my walk today and knew it was time to get on the scale. I knew I was up. Two NEEDBU66 6 GMACAMI
10/21/20 2:14 P
Last night I managed grilled chicken with green beans and broccoli baked on a tortilla. The green br DEFENDERDARKSUN 2 KOFFEENUT
10/20/20 11:48 A
Probably one of my favourite workouts right now. Definitely get a good burn going πŸ’ͺ πŸ”₯ #fitnessfeat TOPALOP 4 GEORGE815
10/20/20 5:26 P
30 minutes wii yoga. I am finding I can do 3-4 days before my body needs a rest. #moveit HUNGRYWOMAN2 5 GEORGE815
10/20/20 5:26 P
πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰Wooohooo hit Level 12 of Spark points today since July 12th when I joined this Awesome Group / S GRNEYEDSPANIARD 7 GEORGE815
10/20/20 5:18 P
Pleased that I met and exceeded my goal early in the day #moveit GREYGIN 7 BILLTHOMSON
10/21/20 5:28 A
SNACK TIME! Water with lemon, Apples slices and Gouda because cheese gives me life. #eattherainbow # MSMOSTIMPROVED 37 GYNGER12
10/21/20 8:55 A
#buddycheck I can do this lifestyle change I'm committed for life why waste money on having surgery SHERRYBEAR9109 3 GEORGE815
10/20/20 5:28 P
Weight loss is still eluding me, but I'm slowly getting my eating back on track. Trying not to snack MIKKYB1984 4 TSHAWGER
10/19/20 10:13 A
After weighing this morning I can say I've surpassed the halfway point for the long term weight loss ELIR_KVOTHE 9 TWYSTEDSYNS
10/21/20 9:41 P
I lost my mom to a heart attack this year. It’s time to get healthy! I’m doing this for myself, my MMMOODY30 6 BRUCELANGLEY
10/19/20 10:26 A
Good Monday morning! Make it an awesome day and week. Be blessed! BANEWLAND 16 NYARAMULA
10/19/20 10:30 A
Snowing here again this morning. Doesn't look good for winter when it snows 2 days in a row long be EVIE4NOW 40 CHERRYZMB60
10/19/20 7:57 P
Welcome to this glorious, sunny day. Enjoy and stay safe ORTATK 4 SPEDED2
10/19/20 12:21 P
Hubby had a car service appt this morning so I decided to get up too & already have my exercise done LJBOWSER1 3 KOFFEENUT
10/19/20 9:25 A
Squeezing in 20” minutes of extra cardio #fitnessfeats 20KAREN 9 MIMIOH
10/19/20 7:14 A
10/18/20 8:36 P
I made a decision and I am making a commitment to add a exercise to my life. So I set a challenge t EDUBLO 13 MEYERMIRACLE1
10/18/20 1:48 P
Cleaning day 2 - then a little Sunday drive. Be safe and have fun everyone! TOMSTUMP 2 KOFFEENUT
10/18/20 9:28 A
Good morning on this glorious Sunday! Make it an awesome day and be blessed. BANEWLAND 20 PBVHCCVH
10/18/20 11:15 A
Challenge before tracking in case internet goes again! #fitnessfeats TOMATOCAFEGAL 7 BONNIE1552
10/18/20 9:20 P
So what I've learned since starting this challenge about 6 months ago (I was never a water drinker) SQUARANTA1 7 MSMOSTIMPROVED
10/18/20 10:16 P