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my pup Yoko says Hello JMO070163 43 CFITZ1
10/27/20 11:05 P
10/27/20 11:54 P
10/28/20 5:04 A
Good morning everyone been a while sense I came to chat. Happy to report I am officially down 104 lb LISAR421 169 FELICIA1963
10/26/20 7:56 P
Maggie and I out getting our steps in (from Friday). Gorgeous fall day! #besties #getyourexercisein MELOBEE 12 MJ7DM33
10/25/20 9:01 P
Sign of the Times #50 SPEDED2 25 GABY1948
10/27/20 2:19 P
Lovely fall walk. SANDYKK53 7 PATRICIAAK
10/23/20 5:23 P
Just staring to really lose some more weight since I joined about a month ago (I had an upward swing MARJEN 15 ALLYLIZZY
10/24/20 12:19 P
Happy Friday! Make it an awesome day for you and make someone else happy too. Be blessed today! BANEWLAND 21 ALICIA214
10/23/20 4:39 P
Just did a self intervention to move from the kitchen to the exercise room as I was veering into nut CREGAN2013 32 ANNIEMAROO
10/23/20 12:35 A
Pace would have been faster, but I was distracted by the butterflies! Had to stop for frequent photo HEALTHYWRITER 17 GMACAMI
10/22/20 1:59 P
Took a 60min. walk after Pilates just so I could be outside to soak up this beautiful Autumn morning GO_GAL_GROW 32 CHERYL4808
10/22/20 2:38 P
Little Bob thinks heโ€™s a cat! First day of new job was interesting and busy. Iโ€™m a special ed aide, KPINAZ 15 STARS2000
10/19/20 11:16 P
I've decided to look hard at my macros for a two week period and journal some of my feelings/moods, BENCHED 22 SWIMSTERLING94
10/19/20 11:55 P
#keto #lowcarb Crockpot Keto chili for freezer meals. I found a new recipe that uses stew meat, RDHDINWV 18 GEORGE815
10/18/20 6:08 P
No loss this week. One year ago I started the journey to become slimmer. Anything was better than 20 BESSIEBELL 213 MEYERMIRACLE1
10/17/20 10:58 P
Hope everyone has a great weekend - get out if you can and enjoy the fall colors PATTYSPENCER 26 PWILLOW1
10/16/20 9:02 P
Kind of a black day. I know that I have gained so much weight over queintine But, the reflection in UASK4ITDAVE 27 NYLAURA1
10/16/20 7:51 P
Weekly Landing Bonus Information!!! HICIM705 78 PRAIRIECROCUS
10/24/20 10:22 P
Have a great week! GARDENSFORLIFE 22 FLASUN
10/15/20 3:39 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 20 LAH1222
10/14/20 11:49 P
My view on my 10 mile bike ride this afternoon. Taking advantage of the beautiful fall weather and c CMRKSU12 40 GMACAMI
10/13/20 12:42 P
Lately, I've been wondering why I gain weight so easily.. and why can't I eat like "Normal" people.. CINDY247 26 PATRICIA-CR
10/12/20 9:11 A
The towel now closes!! It's weird just how many things triggered my feeling uncomfortable or bad abo TH3PH03NIX 46 PURPLEMOON1
10/11/20 10:04 P
Posted a photo JENNIFERBR51 45 _RAMONA
10/10/20 2:16 A
Took a five mile hike in the hills and checked on my trail camera. Got this photo. It sure would EDHAYNES2001 15 MOMOF4JDRS
10/8/20 10:43 P
Ohio weather - cool last week - much warmer this week - trees are still in some of it's baby stages PATTYSPENCER 117 MJ7DM33
10/6/20 9:40 P
Very bad no good day. Did not get a hot fudge sundae to commiserate. Food, I tell myself, doesnโ€™t NEEDBU66 17 MJ7DM33
10/5/20 9:31 P
Message Removed CD26458987 97 GMACAMI
10/4/20 5:17 P
So I weighed myself today and for the first time since before high school I am under 200 pounds. I'm KAY_MCDANNELL16 90 BESTAT44
10/4/20 6:23 A
Got up and got my workout in. Feels so good! 1 step at a time. ๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿพ LADYJLUVLIFE 28 _RAMONA
10/3/20 1:42 A
Admittedly, my rainbow needs more color but here we are lol. Grilled turkey chop, brown rice with ci MSMOSTIMPROVED 33 BONNIE1552
10/3/20 8:31 P
Posted a photo LORIANNA62 15 GARDENCHRIS
10/1/20 12:49 P
Have a great Wednesday People. MARISA-THEGREAT 14 MJ7DM33
9/30/20 8:52 P
Posted a photo _BABE_ 40 ERIN_POSCH
9/30/20 11:03 A
Posted a photo T32186 17 MIHAELAA
9/28/20 10:19 P
9/28/20 7:22 P
A perfect autumn day. GGRSPARK 34 GMACAMI
9/29/20 6:30 P
๐Ÿ‚ fall is my favorite time to walk outside. Drove to this area this morning ๐ŸŒ„ LAM200514 41 GMACAMI
9/26/20 1:31 P
Expecting #2 ...starting 40 pounds down from baby #1 RFBAKER917 135 _RAMONA
9/25/20 11:08 P
Posted a photo LADY_KATHY 20 DEE107
9/24/20 9:15 P
End of week 5. Iโ€™m so proud of myself!! CHERISHRS 99 RAJEEYAH06
9/23/20 5:24 P
#BeforeAndAfter -160 lbs in 17 months. Finally at a normal BMI FABULOUSFAITH65 201 MADPIPER1
9/24/20 1:28 P
Posted a goal BEBABY77 17 7STIGGYMT
9/22/20 8:59 P
#BeforeAndAfter DNNBLCKMR 69 _RAMONA
9/22/20 2:23 A
Forgot to post lunch ENNAZUS176 13 ALICIA214
9/21/20 10:05 P
Such beauty in this tiny tree outside my window. It's always one of the first to change color. A f DIANEDOESSMILES 17 GMACAMI
9/21/20 1:13 P
Went Keto August 1, 2019 60 pounds gone and feeling amazing SIUANE 27 4EVERDIETER
9/20/20 11:22 P
Ain't that the truth!! TFOSTER1978 25 CHERRYZMB60
9/19/20 11:46 P
Iโ€™m proud to have reached a new โ€œlowestโ€ weight and thankful that I can eat half a chocolate and res PRIMEOFMYLIFE 29 CHERYL4808
9/21/20 1:25 P
This was the chocolate cake we had last night for my Stepmomโ€™s Birthday. โค๏ธ ALLYLIZZY 29 HIGHVIBEHEALING
9/21/20 12:32 P
Playing with my food for Friday nite entertainment. Piled lean turkey burger with onions, tomatoes, MSMOSTIMPROVED 25 CHERYL4808
9/21/20 1:27 P
Just realized that Iโ€™m down 23lbs from about 1 year ago. Woo-Woo!!! LIZZIE138 20 GABY1948
9/19/20 10:18 A
Oh I love laughing!! But, at one point it was RARE!! When I was 288 lbs I didn't see a ton of stuf DIANEDOESSMILES 23 PATRICIA-CR
9/17/20 10:13 A
Its my 66th Birthday today!!!! Staying home, staying safe, no get together...maybe next year. LOVE HOLLYBARKER1 273 JOANNEJI
9/18/20 12:16 A
Transformation Tuesday โ˜บ๏ธ I started my journey (i GIRLGETTINGFIT 99 CD26404757
9/16/20 10:29 P
Posted a photo KIMMYP420 9 EVIE4NOW
9/15/20 10:09 P
"A person can learn a lot from a dog, even loopy ones like ours. They taught me about living each da J2002HEIDS 16 KMMR87
9/14/20 7:39 P
Sundays are my omelette morning! Down another pound, WooHoo! NATLWI 11 GINTEX
9/14/20 7:41 P
Celebrating our 23rd Anniversary!! ๐Ÿ’• BECCAA7742 51 ERIN_POSCH
9/14/20 10:29 A
Said no to the popeye's and pizza @ my sons house and came home and cooked! Tangerine for dessert, l COCOLEAN 22 TOCONNER
9/14/20 7:50 A
#BeforeAndAfter before photo from September 19, 20 CHANGING-TURTLE 66 WIZARDHOWL
9/12/20 8:50 P
Hi spark family. My dad passed away last night. I know it was for the best, but my heart hurts. TEXASHSMOMOF3 273 1958TMC
9/13/20 1:19 P
Forgot to post this yesterday, which was my offici CATWMNCAT 231 DAVIS414
9/12/20 4:11 P
I did it, 8 glasses of water today! Drinking 3 bottled waters and refilling one allowed me to reach MYDOGCRISIS 15 KESTRYLL
9/10/20 2:56 A
Raining, took the horse for a walk with me to see ZOOMTHOM 17 LAURIESPENCER
9/10/20 2:58 A
Finally cooled down after a few HOT ๐Ÿฅต days so went out on a nice long nature walk. SHOPGIRL422 17 _RAMONA
9/8/20 1:40 A
#progresspicture TH3PH03NIX 41 CAROLAMARIE
9/7/20 6:50 A
Hiking in the woods OPTICALXILLUSIO 24 _RAMONA
9/7/20 1:20 A
April 2019 I was I a size 20 dress faking a smile MSMOSTIMPROVED 237 COCOLEAN
9/9/20 12:05 P
This may well be the closest I have come to getting my ducks all lined up in a row!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚I will ta MSMITCHELL2696 16 -POOKIE-
9/4/20 3:24 A
Not really Curves, but it is comparable. So happy quarantine is finished!! BEBABY77 11 7STIGGYMT
9/3/20 7:49 P
Humor helps us with so many things in life. In today's time we can use laughter and support. LOL I DIANEDOESSMILES 27 PATRICIA-CR
9/4/20 11:19 A
I got in over 6,500 steps even though it rained all day. BINKY89 22 EEJAA70
8/31/20 9:57 P
Walked ๐Ÿ‘Ÿ 9.74 miles - Fitbit weekly total COOKIE3224 37 NAVYWIFESKI
8/31/20 9:49 P