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June 2019 Exercise and/or Daily Steps PRINCESSPP 39 KBEHNKE81
7/1/19 8:06 A
June 2019-Weekly Weighin PRINCESSPP 6 MDIENER
6/3/19 11:42 A
Doctor: hey dawn, why haven't i seen you in quite awhile? Me: was embarrassed to come see you becaus BARBIEIAMNOT 104 IMAJUSKEEPMOVN
8/13/19 9:32 A
I firefighter died senselessly in our community yesterday because another person did not have any va MDIENER 5 GEORGE815
5/16/19 4:34 P
Needing prayers for my 13 year old daughter (turns ST3PH 278 LOVEKOLE17
5/16/19 3:51 P
Still trying to get 8 glasses of water in I had one 16.9 oz bottle of water one cup of coffee. Still NOV5977 7 CHESTER47
5/15/19 8:41 A
For the past week I've been out of control with my eating. I was weighing 177 now I'm back up to 183 NOOKIE95 19 FREECOLOGY
4/18/19 2:25 P
Blood sugars gave me a reality check yesterday. Time to rethink my patterns. Me who let it get out MDIENER 2 GRAMMYGOT24
3/13/19 12:46 P
Mourning the loss of my Aunt... I don't wanna do anything active today. I've already eaten nearly 3k ANGELICMOMMA 20 REYNAJUST4KIX
3/13/19 2:22 P
Oh motivation, where have you gone?! Please come back, I need you more than ever! MDIENER 4 GPALMER2019
3/12/19 5:02 P
I need to admit something and by sharing this with a bunch of strangers, I seek motivation and encou ELEANOR1228 21 JLBAMA2
3/12/19 6:12 P
I achieved my weight goal (yay)! Does anyone know how to adjust the nutrition tracker to "maintenan JENNEAKIN 12 908887
3/12/19 1:57 P
To Many Up’s and Down’s READY TO CHANGE THAT Starting Today ! Here’s where I’m at today 🥺 BARBIE042 11 REYNAJUST4KIX
3/12/19 1:34 P
Just when things in life seem to be going well, then an obstacle is thrown in your path. My hospice REVMIKE10 15 FIREANDRAIN13
2/4/19 1:57 P
Just found out yesterday that my husband's job is being transferred to another city. He will now ha MDIENER 5 MDIENER
1/11/19 12:24 P
Nobody's in the office right now. Time to get my 10 minutes. Please don't anybody walk in on my sq MDIENER 1 MDIENER
1/3/19 4:50 P
January 2019 weekly weigh in 1CRAZYDOG 5 GABRIELLE42
1/11/19 3:45 P
Jumpstart January Step Challenge VICKYLYLES 19 VICKYLYLES
2/3/19 10:06 P
Jumpstart January Fitness Minutes Challenge VICKYLYLES 26 VICKYLYLES
2/3/19 9:32 P
Oh the weather outside is frightful. Expecting snow and freezing rain today. It better not prevent MDIENER 2 ASF220
12/12/18 12:44 P
Day #1 of my journey! SASSYK11 9 AIYANASMAMA
12/13/18 11:29 A
Raked leaves for about an hour on Saturday. What a work out. MDIENER 4 GEORGE815
11/5/18 12:31 P
Here in Wisconsin we have gone right past fall to Damn it's cold. Brisk air and many leaves to get MDIENER 4 HAPPYCPA1965
11/2/18 10:14 A
We only had 2 trick or treaters last night, so much candy left over. NEWANDIMPROVED 7 GRANNYOF05
11/1/18 10:47 A
No Excuse November Fitness Mileage Challenge VICKYLYLES 11 VICKYLYLES
12/6/18 8:53 A
No Exucse November Step Challenge VICKYLYLES 18 VICKYLYLES
12/6/18 8:47 A
Lost weight this weekend, even with ball game food and Olive Garden for a birthday! Happy Day! MDIENER 1 MDIENER
10/1/18 9:55 A
Weekly weigh in - and I’m up .2 lbs. after being up almost 3 lbs last week! I’m trying not to str TEXASHSMOMOF3 232 XXENDOFREASONXX
10/7/18 5:41 P
My DH bought me tickets to the brewer game for today! My daughter's bday is tomorrow. YOU WILL mak MDIENER 4 CHERYLHURT
9/28/18 1:32 P
Hope you all have a bright sunny day! MDIENER 9 PWILLOW1
9/21/18 6:52 P
Woke up this morning to a busted water tank. Waiting on my brother-in-law to help install new one. F5-FURY 63 JAMER123
9/21/18 10:12 P
I’ve been avoiding posting this but I need to for me. About a week ago I had an MRI on my back. I’m SCHATZISMOM 10 CONNIET88
9/21/18 6:55 A
Trying to stay positive but it's hard! I fell in sprained my ankle on a walk 3 days ago and have not INKBUD 24 HAPPS819
9/20/18 3:24 P
Did the Fitness and Nutrition Chutes and Ladders game for the BL Fall challenge. That was a lot of MDIENER 1 MDIENER
9/19/18 10:20 A
I think there has been a mosquito apocalypse here in Wisconsin. I sorry to say they may be winning. MDIENER 2 PUPPYTUMMY0
9/17/18 10:08 A
This is pure happiness with the grandbabies, but this is one of my reasons why I need to tackle my TERRIAEL 21 LIVELYGIRL2
9/13/18 12:52 P
Day 1 today 347 lbs goal 245 and I'm ready to do this ERICPASHO81 87 MCJULIEO
9/13/18 9:07 P
day one photo 401 lbs goal 200 lbs AMANDARENFROW59 260 MIYAMO
9/13/18 9:29 P
I am hoping to get a few more things done today just in case my friend picks me up tomorrow to go up AUNTRENEE 5 MDIENER
9/12/18 9:47 A
Do you plan every meal you eat? Or do you just eat and log it down as you go? Sites like My Fitness OX1010 13 FUTUREFOCUSED
9/12/18 6:10 P
My breakfast this morning. Something tells me the universe approves. MDIENER 7 NANHBH
9/10/18 10:22 A
The Covington (Ga.) Police Department has issued a photo of Officer Matt Cooper, 34, a six-year vete OBIESMOM2 18 PWILLOW1
9/5/18 8:52 P
Tracking for BeLeaf in Yourself & Pick a Leaf LOSINGLINNDY 182 SLIMHEALTHIERME
8/30/18 11:47 A
20,000 steps on Saturday MDIENER 5 SALLYMANS1
8/27/18 1:22 P
Waiting List for a Fall Challenge Team LOSINGLINNDY 130 KARENA68
12/3/18 12:50 P
Week one goal setting PROMETHIAL 24 WHITEANGEL4
8/30/18 10:10 P
Emoticon your mood today BEACHMOMMA 26791 1HAPPYSPIRIT
8/25/19 10:04 P
Just Do It June Step Challenge VICKYLYLES 22 VICKYLYLES
7/5/18 8:54 A
SparkPeople Step Challenge in GarminConnect TAMIP62 196 LEN_VERSION37
7/7/19 10:34 P
Did you eat breakfast? If so what? LITTLE-SASHA 97993 BIGTOSS03
8/25/19 7:51 P
Not Lighting up Properly LUNATIFF 23 SPARK_COACH_JEN
4/28/14 7:26 P
Discuss Week 1 and your challenge goals here! SP_MELINDA 4128 JHDIETNOW
8/19/19 6:52 P
Share your challenge goals SPARK_COACH_JEN 19092 AKIMBRE1
8/23/19 3:12 P
Share your challenge goals here! COACH_NICOLE 11806 KURTZIE1998
8/23/19 10:38 P
10/12/11 11:20 P
Introduce yourself here... LAUREL2372 215 CINSHA1
9/30/14 10:24 P
Please Introduce Yourself HERE! SP_COACH_DENISE 4089 BLOOM64
5/25/18 3:35 P
8/23/19 9:46 A
Let's start a petition for GF Meal Plan option! ALISCOTT 415 GFNOMAD
9/28/13 2:02 P
8/20/19 1:53 P
Where does everyone live? SELENACAS 597 CHARMEDNOVA
9/14/10 8:12 P
Wisconsinites Unite! Group Forum 4 LESSOFME2B 1464 KITTYHAWK2
12/8/09 8:07 P
Introduce yourself! DESTINYE 446 A*L*P*
4/1/11 3:32 P