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Tried out a recipe for cauliflower crust “grilled cheese”. It was delicious! #keto EYEVANNA 25 COOKWITHME65
4/1/19 10:45 A
Urban bike ride today in my city (Utrecht) turned out to be very rewarding... I can definitely appre DEM-TOM 28 LORI-K
3/31/19 11:08 P
Well I've been pretty silent on here since coming back to sparkpeople, I was really active on here 2 KAGE5209 9 MJ7DM33
3/30/19 9:52 P
This hobby brings peace and happiness to me. LISTENER501 31 LDB122012
3/30/19 9:26 P
I just started teaching myself how to crochet. It's much harder on my arthritic fingers than knitt MSGNIX 15 NLWHITE6140
3/30/19 9:18 P
While recovering from the spine surgery this past month I did a little sewing. I took a pair of blue MYKDSRDRVNME2 28 SPINACHROCKS1
3/31/19 9:12 A
🙌🙌 They put exercise equipment in our county park. Here’s one piece. I saw three pieces - I hope t KITTY5060 20 SUNSHINE99999
3/30/19 10:54 P
Walked over 5 miles and 12,000 steps today! Had a great day hiking with the family. SANDYHOLM 21 SUNSHINE99999
3/30/19 10:53 P
🌟SEAFOOD WATCH🌟 It’s a bouquet of mussels 💐💪🏼 CLO333 10 1RETSGM
3/30/19 8:14 P
Went to the Big City to see the mythical creatures exhibit- but forgot the fitness watch. So- just g NEEDBU66 9 MJ7DM33
3/30/19 9:49 P
Looking Forward to Summer The snow is melting. And I am thinking of all the things I want to do thi MONEYSTRETCHER 4 _RAMONA
3/31/19 7:56 P
GARDENING is so Rewarding! POMODORO time, which is Italian for Tomato! This year my focus is on: PELESJEWEL 21 PELESJEWEL
4/1/19 12:47 A
Dinner: Baked Tilapia W/Spinach Mushrooms and Sweet onions.. HOPE EVERYONE IS HAVING A GOOD EVENING CAROLJ442 18 PWILLOW1
2/26/19 8:25 P
After giving up fast food for about a year now, this is the kind of meal I crave now. It really is t ALLYLIZZY 32 123THERESA123
3/3/19 9:14 A
Omg I finally did it! I got to see that 1 lol, I've been in the 200's now for over 3yrs!! I know it' LABO2306 306 GMACAMI
2/22/19 9:04 P
Ok, so ummm I kinda did a thing today... 😬😬😬 TEXASHSMOMOF3 135 RECOVERYMAMA
2/22/19 9:55 A
#friendfinder #newbie #stuckatthestartinggate #anotherreboot Hi! Help! I am having trouble deciding TAM1991 8 TAM1991
2/20/19 6:39 A
So I have been doing the Keto thing for a while and was just getting tired of the whole thing so now TINKER112 7 MANDOERIN
2/19/19 7:08 P
Even still this far into it there are days!!!! Thank goodness they are far between! Let's kick t PHOXYM 7 LASOLA1
2/19/19 2:41 P
Walking around my garden PINKGLOW9 16 DLDMIL
2/19/19 7:32 P
I have been away and not tracking only loosing 1lb in a month. A lot has happened. I said yes💍‼️ an NICOLE_W1971 14 DLDMIL
2/19/19 7:31 P
Today starts my journey! BeforeAndAfter baby! 10 months postpartum and I finally feel like I can foc JAMIEFAYW 12 JACQRV81
2/19/19 3:41 P
Come on veggies what can you do? LIVINGLOVINLIFE 20 SPEDED2
2/19/19 11:46 P
Today is the day I start my journey. ALLISONJROMANO 207 JEN-JENG
2/19/19 8:44 P
My sweet 5 week old granddaughter, Elise!! BMIHALIC 86 DLDMIL
2/18/19 6:56 P
I am on week 3 of exercising 5 days a week, week 2 of healthier eating and day 3 of no smoking. This CBBEGLEY 10 CBBEGLEY
2/18/19 4:53 P
It's been a while since I have felt comfortable in my trusty pencil skirt, even ignoring that it's b GREENSUBMARINE 41 GREENSUBMARINE
2/18/19 9:08 P
2/18/19 8:58 P
2/20/19 7:25 A
Good morning 😘😘😘😘 have the best day ever KEENA47 167 KARENINAS
2/19/19 3:46 P
Getting it done in the pool today. SPARKLYEYES71 3 MONEYSTRETCHER
2/17/19 3:29 P
Hope everyone is having a nice day... I cleaned house and then went for a nice relaxing walk with th GHELBY 10 GEORGE815
2/17/19 4:58 P
I am struggling. Today it snowed AGAIN. I went to the Y but I am just not feeling it today! I need w BUBBABROWS 6 YOGINILISA
2/17/19 3:50 P
Hey all how’s everyone’s day today? What have you done for fun? Are we all doing great on food intak LISA2326 11 LISA2326
2/17/19 11:11 P
Ice skating with my fiancé! The perfect winter workout. I didn’t fall either! AKIMBRE1 8 MDOWER1
2/17/19 5:36 P
Breakfast - I know it looks like I eat a lot of bacon, but I really do eat other meats for breakfast BLESSOME 7 MONEYSTRETCHER
2/17/19 3:23 P
Burrito in a bowl? Eh, whatever, all dolloped up ;-) #keto BLESSOME 9 MONEYSTRETCHER
2/17/19 3:23 P
That feeling when you lost 79 lbs and you’re trying on vacation clothes!!!! This feeling is so wort MOMS3KIDS 128 FRANKIE2019
2/18/19 10:26 A
Cauliflower pizza with Alfredo sauce to share with LRJUSTUS1 15 BLESSOME
2/18/19 9:39 A
Posted a photo HERBAL_TEA_LVR 19 SUNSET09
2/16/19 11:23 P
Keto people that need a quick, one serving treat- I’m sure I would catch more eyes with a pic of the LINSEYBAKER82 5 MONEYSTRETCHER
2/16/19 10:51 A
2/16/19 11:56 A
2019 has been rough so far. My boyfriend and I broke up, we were together 6.5 years and own a house LITTLEMISSMOUSE 59 PWILLOW1
2/16/19 1:43 P
Got my Keyto device. And was sooo excited to start tracking...but they sent me the device early kno JENNI-NIKKI 11 JENNI-NIKKI
2/19/19 6:56 P
Still sore, mostly in jaw area. Still stuck on potatoes, yogurt and squash. Tried a banana today. No DRINKALOTH2O 6 TUBLADY
2/16/19 10:51 A
So I did one of those genetic metabolism tests and found out a few interesting things. 1) I'm prone ASHENEEDSHALP 7 ASHENEEDSHALP
2/19/19 9:46 A
how do you fight cravings? CONTRARYWIFE 37 KATHYWMN
3/11/19 8:58 P
How do you search for your friends username MONEYSTRETCHER 4 MONEYSTRETCHER
2/14/19 8:17 P
Down 20 lbs. Feeling better and people are starting to notice. Hit my 35 min goal on the elliptical AMBERHOLDER 6 MONEYSTRETCHER
2/14/19 4:11 A
That darn belly 🤔 INSTANTHOT 20 LISALU910
2/14/19 7:52 A
2 yrs and 100lbs... ANIMAI27 22 IAMKETOTIC
2/21/19 6:01 P
Day 3 of keto. I was craving my usual Starbucks order like none other today. It was so tempting to JENNI-NIKKI 9 JENNI-NIKKI
2/15/19 7:51 P
2/14/19 4:10 A
I started my keto journey in January. And from the SUNKISSEDPATHOS 17 MONEYSTRETCHER
2/14/19 3:25 A
Lunch brought to us by the color green 😂🤣 Spinach & parmesan flatcackes? Crepes? Eh, I don't know, LRJUSTUS1 16 SHANDOO
2/15/19 11:59 P
Starting new again. Need to fight through this to better my self. Have my daughters and a cousin tha KITONY2016 6 REYNAJUST4KIX
2/13/19 3:41 P
Needing to get back on track. Sugar is not allowed in my home. I don't let gains in either. My son i MONEYSTRETCHER 6 RAERAERAE62
3/30/19 4:05 P
Grand daughter is in the hospital. I am a bit sad. I am sick and cannot give my daughter support. I ANNALISE77 7 CASHEERSMITH11
2/14/19 6:24 A
I haven't worn Jean's in 30 years. #keto, #BeforeAndAfter MONEYSTRETCHER 99 NVRGIVINGUP
3/30/19 4:53 P
Frosted Fitness Fun ~ Chit Chat KPACE7 552 PATTI24
2/12/18 6:20 A
What exercise did you do today? MARIAGI 314 CAROLYNINJOY1
7/11/18 1:14 A
What team do you represent? KPACE7 473 SUNNYSBACK
9/25/19 2:44 P
What Type of Exercise Did You Do Today LAC936 7685 SHAZMOLA
11/2/18 10:44 P
Do You Make Time To Exercise? MJRVIC2000 13094 PETRA320
10/16/19 12:34 A
Have you been outside yet today? SCOTLA 24097 PETRA320
10/16/19 12:35 A
Did you eat breakfast? If so what? LITTLE-SASHA 98374 BIGTOSS03
10/15/19 11:57 P
Waiting List for a Winter Challenge Team--CLOSED LOSINGLINNDY 135 JENNY_SWEET
12/19/17 12:09 P
What was your Cardio of the Day? RAJOLYRISHI 38294 BIGTOSS03
10/15/19 11:56 P
How many minutes exercise have you done today? SUZ4NNE 85379 EEJAA70
10/15/19 11:48 P
What is your exercise plan for today? INSHAPE4LOVE 29916 SBURDEN
10/14/19 11:56 A
When Do You Exercise? STUDENT_NURSE18 1262 MARYJOANNA
7/13/19 7:17 A
Who made you laugh out loud and why? KRISUA 356 FOXXWILLPLAY
1/24/19 6:44 A
name one non weight related goal for today TRIBEKAH 21626 JANIEWWJD
10/15/19 10:24 P
Do You weigh everyday? LOSEWEIGHT1212 5894 EEJAA70
10/15/19 11:34 P
Do you have your own garden? DANCERYOGI30 6086 CSROBERTSON621
2/15/19 2:36 P