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Check in with an Emoticon: Mood for the day? CD13384562 1493 SWEETENUFGILL
10/22/20 4:13 A
Introduce yourself here CD13966857 447 CHANGING-TURTLE
9/16/20 6:41 A
Let's Chat: Share your "Day" with us! CD13384562 6268 CHANGING-TURTLE
10/24/20 8:57 A
Introduce yourself HERE! SPARK_COACH_JEN 176 RUSHTX
7/5/20 1:48 P
I am so excited to try a new recipe tonight! I am going to try it in the instant pot since our oven ONETHM 5 JULIEA7201
3/7/20 12:02 P
Friday humor! Lol DRINKALOTH2O 19 GEORGE815
3/6/20 9:32 P
This was my first weight loss goal! I have been flirting with being under 200 for weeks now but LOOK ASHELYLADY 69 123THERESA123
3/9/20 6:27 P
I'm allergic to garlic powder and it is in lots of foods. My tongues swells...I am on Benadryl. Ver -RESAMARIE 7 DEE107
3/6/20 11:06 P
I am beyond excited . Got down some pants I haven't been able to wear for awhile... 4 out 5 pants I MARNALABELLE69 7 ALLYLIZZY
3/6/20 1:32 P
Not meat! This is shredded jackfruit, spiced and dried in the oven, ready to add to chili for a grea -POOKIE- 16 MADEINBRITAIN
3/7/20 3:09 A
#BeforeAndAfter Not sure I see it yet physically but according to the scale there is 10lbs less on t LYN135 34 GEORGE815
2/25/20 2:50 P
Posted a photo BBJ0718 12 PWILLOW1
2/25/20 6:41 P
Posted a photo BBJ0718 18 PWILLOW1
2/25/20 6:40 P
How rude! Here I am trying to tally the cardbord I ate for breakfast when an ad pops up for my favor GYPSYEYES77 11 JEN-JENG
2/21/20 9:20 P
Posted a photo BJO274 20 HAPPY160PINK
2/20/20 4:19 P
Starting my day off with lots of colors...Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, kiwi and a banana NEWFLABULESS 3 _RAMONA
2/20/20 2:59 P
Okay - it's time to back up here a little. After an extra long weekend for my birthday and a holiday BENCHED 13 GEORGE815
2/18/20 4:51 P
Take advantage of what you can! Ice Skating for the win! Great exercise & an excuse to get outside!! MISMISSYV 21 GEORGE815
2/13/20 6:15 P
Good Morning! Make today a brighter day for someone else! NEWFLABULESS 5 JANTHEBLONDE
2/12/20 11:55 A
Posted a photo 618LILY1 21 PATRICIA-CR
2/13/20 8:35 A
Went totally off the rails here in the first trimester. Seriously, I'd gone years without fast food, SSMITH762 9 SPARKLINGME176
2/12/20 4:08 P
Love this. Know your worth, then add tax EVIE4NOW 9 HOTMESSMOMMA_85
2/12/20 11:40 A
My early morning view. Blue skies after days of rain. Makes me feel happy. Let's all share a smile RUTHIEBEAR 54 GLORYB83
2/13/20 11:10 A
Ouch! After 2 days of carrying boxes my body didn't want to move this morning L3DESIGNS 5 NITEMAN3D
2/12/20 10:52 A
I will stay with this this time. Winter is brutal on my mood and eating habits. I am addicted to sal JOANMARYJR 8 GEORGE815
2/6/20 5:06 P
Day 10 of my cold now with a cough. Work outs remain on hold. As does my appetite. Is that a bonus? STORKBYTE 5 GEORGE815
2/6/20 5:03 P
Have a Wonderful Wednesday, all! TREKPURRSON 56 HAPPYDAZ1
2/6/20 1:07 P
Posted a photo 618LILY1 22 ALLYLIZZY
2/5/20 1:20 P
Day 4! Doing good so far! Monday's are weigh in days. Today would have been my father in law's birth ANGELICMOMMA 4 GEORGE815
2/5/20 12:04 P
I'm trying the intermittent fasting (5:2). Did great the first week; haven't done so great since. NEWFLABULESS 6 NEWFLABULESS
1/28/20 2:59 P
Down 1 pound my first week! Ill take that loss!😊 Hello! My name is Heidi and im new.  XOHEIDISAYS 9 TFRANKLIN1
1/28/20 4:23 P
Just found out that I have diabetes. So sad. So much for me to handle and learn. Overwhelmed, CARYNNELSON1 6 CDW613
1/28/20 5:15 P
This is Wednesday’s post from FB. Didn’t have my sign in password. So the UPDATE: Today I foolishly POETRYGIRL51 15 BSPORTER66
1/28/20 7:30 A
I didn't just fall off the healthy train last night, I jumped willingly with little thought to what JEWELRYLOVER 7 GEORGE815
1/27/20 4:53 P
This is probably a dumb question, but what are the colors of the rainbow??? #eattherainbow LIZONTHEROAD 6 GEORGE815
1/27/20 4:52 P
I'm going grocery shopping after work. Tell me what's your go to healthy item that is always in your VEG_GIRL04 21 HUNNIBEE003
1/27/20 4:54 P
Message Removed CD23994791 6 ISWELA
1/27/20 7:03 P
Happy Monday! I hope that your week is off to a great start. NEWFLABULESS 2 GEORGE815
1/27/20 4:44 P
I'm new to this just saying hi... #h2whoa LOR1635 11 ALVEDAPERO1
1/23/20 10:42 P
Ventured out into the snow today with Ronnie for a walk. I've been pretty depressed lately again and OPTICALXILLUSIO 11 ALLYLIZZY
1/24/20 1:49 P
Snowpocalypse State of Emergency day 7. Finally got my oil tank dig out yesterday. The tank is close LITTLEMISSMOUSE 32 WIZARDHOWL
1/26/20 9:35 A
Advice please! My scale tells me all kinds of different numbers and I've tried a different one and i MIRANDAOBERRY 7 GEORGE815
1/14/20 6:06 P
Posted a photo -POOKIE- 102 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
1/13/20 6:46 P
Yall pray for me. They are serving icecream cake from Cold Stone Creamery today during lunch. #resis HUFFELPOWELL16 6 HUFFELPOWELL16
1/9/20 1:31 P
Hasselback roast vegetables! Trying something new. -POOKIE- 24 GABY1948
11/11/19 9:43 A
Well I lost 7 lbs getting back on track Didn’t realize mental and physical abuse can have a Toll on LASHANDA05 6 LASHANDA05
1/7/20 10:14 A
Celery Prep & Regrow: I cut the stalks for dishes or raw, I cut the good top ends for soups & broth GINGERMONKEY21 23 OTEN36
11/30/19 8:08 P
Day 1, 100 days I used to be that way! CD10163029 413 SWEETENUFGILL
7/7/20 2:55 A
10 Reasons I Want to Lose Weight: WORKING52 108 MARYPHONE
12/27/19 3:45 P
100 More DWL - Day 1 Others Have Done It CD13384562 82 CINCMAC
4/9/20 11:40 A
Emoticon to show your feelings to-day LEANJEAN6 5487 PREMAMEHROTRA
10/21/20 5:04 A
Question of the day December 27 CD7793680 9 JUDYLN22
12/28/16 10:15 A
Question of the day November 28 CD7793680 5 CD15542977
11/30/16 5:10 A
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1/3/17 12:23 P
Team Challenge for week of October 16-22 CD7793680 6 MOGAL1946
10/24/16 4:20 P
Question of the day October 16 CD7793680 6 MARTYLYNN1
10/17/16 3:55 P
How does this team work? SWEETENUFGILL 14 SWEETENUFGILL
12/27/19 2:44 P
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What Are You Struggling With? -WRKNG2ABTTRME- 23 NOMORESTALLING
10/21/18 11:08 A
What Town Do You Live In Here In Missouri CD10371689 546 BABYJEN75
9/1/15 4:32 P
Question of the day August 31 CD7793680 11 LHLADY517
9/1/15 2:54 P
Introduce Yourself Here! (Fun Questionnaire) TX.PATRICIA 694 ARTCHICK1957
3/16/19 1:10 A
Breakfast – What Did You Have? TX.PATRICIA 236 SWEETPEA1399
9/10/15 9:28 A
10/22/18 9:10 A
General Discussion AUNTC321 80 GINTEX
1/31/19 10:14 P
Daily Chat Thread TX.PATRICIA 4790 CD14959796
1/15/15 5:01 P
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6/30/14 9:40 P
Day 13 Discussion: How's it going? ASOBFALLS 20 ASOBFALLS
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9/2/13 10:34 P
Emoticon please when you have joined TEAM GOALS ASOBFALLS 46 ANAMARI6
8/8/13 7:06 P