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Bonus Points For The Turtle Team LJCANNON 5876 PEGGY-BEE
7/18/19 1:39 A
Sound off - Check in ONEKIDSMOM 5 MNTWINSGAL
7/8/19 2:13 A
6/30/19 7:11 P
The Cooper-dog is at my dad’s house for the night, I am sick with shingles, and since I cleaned my c LESLIELENORE 17 1CRAZYDOG
6/20/19 3:26 P
7/13/19 1:20 A
Walk on a cloudy morning. ONEKIDSMOM 1 ONEKIDSMOM
5/24/19 1:29 P
When's Your Next Triathlon... MIRAGE727 239 MAMIEKINS484
6/30/19 8:09 P
Believe it or not, the walk to the restrooms on my volunteer gig would count as ten minutes, but I a ONEKIDSMOM 1 ONEKIDSMOM
5/19/19 6:54 P
Went for a walk in a suddenly cooler clime, this morning. Felt good. ONEKIDSMOM 1 ONEKIDSMOM
5/18/19 6:38 P
Record high temperature of 93F for the day... walked outside anyway. Summer preview again! ONEKIDSMOM 1 ONEKIDSMOM
5/16/19 7:21 P
Warm sunny preview of Summer... two walks outdoors. ONEKIDSMOM 1 ONEKIDSMOM
5/15/19 8:24 P
Hiking in the hot sun. Encountered 5 snakes. Decided that was enough! RETAT60 2 ONEKIDSMOM
5/12/19 8:39 A
Two outdoor walks... slowly to mail a bill, then conversationally with my kid sis in late afternoon ONEKIDSMOM 1 ONEKIDSMOM
5/8/19 7:26 P
A little over a mile to go to the polls, vote, and come back. And it was the first strength workout ONEKIDSMOM 1 ONEKIDSMOM
5/7/19 3:19 P
Today's 190 minutes is my half marathon, the slowest I've ever completed, and mostly walked, but it ONEKIDSMOM 3 DLDMIL
5/5/19 7:13 P
The first mile was on the elliptical as warm up for strength training. ONEKIDSMOM 1 ONEKIDSMOM
5/2/19 12:55 P
Two outdoor walks today, one solo, the other with ALICIA363. Total distance covered, per Runkeeper ONEKIDSMOM 1 ONEKIDSMOM
5/1/19 6:11 P
Got tired as well as fired up, watching the Boston Marathon. Here's coach Eddie, breezing thru Kenm ONEKIDSMOM 7 NANASUEH
4/16/19 9:59 A
Sparkmeet at the ball park. STRONGDAWG, MOBYCARP, and I went and the home team Red Sox won. April ONEKIDSMOM 6 HAPPYSOUL91
4/15/19 10:42 A
Insane! DEM-TOM 38 -POOKIE-
4/15/19 5:16 A
Seeing a shower filled morning walk with about ten thousand friends. BAA 5K starts at 8 EST. ONEKIDSMOM 13 MIRAGE727
4/13/19 6:00 P
Military Mamas and Papas 2019 Mileage Challenge ONEKIDSMOM 65 ZINGIE825
5/4/19 10:41 A
3/23/19 12:46 P
Mighty Military Mama's Challenge - 2018 ONEKIDSMOM 350 ONEKIDSMOM
1/6/19 11:18 A
There is only 1 more day left to this challenge. How did everyone do? I did ok but could do better IAMBLESSED103 4 MISSYFROGGER
12/31/18 6:52 A
Sorry, but I have not been able to keep up with this challenge - work has just been too crazy - I ho BHSUZYCUE 4 MISSYFROGGER
12/28/18 7:40 A
Some Sobering CDC Statistics JEANKNEE 13 NANHBH
12/27/18 12:04 A
The occupational therapist gave me new stretches to do. Ahhhh! ONEKIDSMOM 2 IAMBLESSED103
12/19/18 8:47 P
Is still dancing from party last Eve celebrating completion of My 100 Days of Why. So many reasons t SLENDERELLA61 91 THEVOW2013
1/4/19 6:58 A
I did not do as well with my exercise this week as I was working long hours. Going to try to arrang IAMBLESSED103 3 IAMBLESSED103
12/15/18 8:25 P
Questions about the challenge? Ask here! SPARK_COACH_JEN 79 SP_COACH_DENISE
3/12/19 2:20 P
A scheduled rest day, thank goodness, but two short gentle walks outdoors since it was nice out. ONEKIDSMOM 2 IAMBLESSED103
12/15/18 7:34 A
A nice break with the weather today, got up to 47*F, so walked outdoors. Still a few slick spots, a ONEKIDSMOM 4 IAMBLESSED103
12/13/18 9:57 A
ALICIA363 and I walked the virtual 5K to support the Pittsburgh Jewish Cultural Center. ONEKIDSMOM 2 IAMBLESSED103
11/12/18 9:26 A
What's On Your Mind Today! MIRAGE727 274 MIRAGE727
11/11/18 3:58 P
I'm so happy the sun is shining today! I'm going to get a good walk in today! Hope everyone is doi IAMBLESSED103 4 IAMBLESSED103
11/8/18 1:31 P
Coffee time for me while I contemplate breakfast... I weaned myself off sugar in my coffee, and I am LESLIELENORE 17 BONNIEMARGAY
11/8/18 6:21 P
Chilly walk to the polls, as well as working out with the coach! ONEKIDSMOM 2 IAMBLESSED103
11/6/18 11:22 P
A solid good day, now ready for a good night's rest! ONEKIDSMOM 2 IAMBLESSED103
11/5/18 9:39 P
Gorgeous day and my sister came over to walk and talk... great start for a Saturday! ONEKIDSMOM 2 IAMBLESSED103
10/28/18 5:51 A
Posted a photo HARROWJET 25 2BDYNAMIC
10/20/18 11:47 P
Yesterday was a rest day. Today is packet pick up, so likely to be low steps, too, anticipating Sun ONEKIDSMOM 2 IAMBLESSED103
10/20/18 9:57 A
I think this one was a little aggressive for me. To get 25 fitness points at one point for 5 minute ONEKIDSMOM 2 IAMBLESSED103
10/18/18 10:44 P
Last weekend I ran my 1st ever Half Marathon. I started running in March 2018. I turn 40 next year. MAGLITE7 23 SPARKLE1908
10/15/18 9:40 A
12/30/18 12:37 P
Wimped to the treadmill for Today's minutes! Chilly and dripping most of the day. ONEKIDSMOM 2 IAMBLESSED103
10/13/18 12:17 A
10/5/18 5:07 P
Good morning spark family 😊 I really been struggling with everything (weight, attitude, self love TMP0418 221 NOCALORIES
10/2/18 8:59 P
Sunrise over Iowa. Pause, get a few steps in, and hope the sun will then be at least behind the vis ONEKIDSMOM 29 HARROWJET
9/26/18 8:59 P
Rain again today - how depressing to wake up to drizzle AOKDIET21 14 ONEKIDSMOM
9/25/18 4:20 P
Letting out a relieved breath. This week is a loss. I have had a very upsetting week that reminded m MINATHERED 8 AQUAGIRL08
9/22/18 8:27 A
Completed Half Marathon #17 Navy - Air Force 13.1 with my peeps who supported me at 2017 Marine Cor MIRAGE727 25 MADEINBRITAIN
9/17/18 3:40 P
5 mile Buffalo Run this morning. News... you can still win your age group with a 12 minute mile pac ONEKIDSMOM 1 ONEKIDSMOM
9/9/18 1:24 P
Hi gang... morning walks get the minutes out of the way before breakfast! ONEKIDSMOM 1 ONEKIDSMOM
9/8/18 8:53 A
Adam and Eve said, “Lord when we were in the garden, you walked with us every day. Now we do not see NANASUEH 8 SUMMERCHILD74
9/6/18 6:41 P
Today's cardio workout: While driving 70 MPH on I 94 a giant black hairy spider crawled on to my arm FOCUSONME57 7 GARDENCHRIS
8/30/18 7:58 A
Great day at therapy today! GABY1948 10 NANASUEH
8/30/18 12:09 P
"I keep a nude painting of myself in my living room. Laugh if you want, but it sure keeps company f NANASUEH 23 SPEDED2
8/28/18 7:38 P
And there’s the Cooper-dog headed back to dad’s house in the morning light... LESLIELENORE 31 CHERIRIDDELL
8/26/18 1:00 A
Friday started to go for a walk, but stopped to pull weeds instead. ONEKIDSMOM 1 ONEKIDSMOM
8/25/18 10:35 A
Two walks outside added to the 50 minutes. ONEKIDSMOM 1 ONEKIDSMOM
8/22/18 8:24 P
This is nmoriart y8024... NATALIEM1984 15 THOMS1
7/7/18 11:26 P
NEW-CAZ has maintained for TEN YEARS!!! LAURIE5658 6 THOMS1
5/23/18 5:25 P
5/7/18 9:05 A
Chit-chat for Spring 2018 ONEKIDSMOM 12 ONEKIDSMOM
4/19/18 2:16 P
Chit - Chat Autumn / Winter 2017 - 2018 ONEKIDSMOM 49 ONEKIDSMOM
3/25/18 9:24 A
Replacement Tracker Received. Now what? JEANKNEE 4 DEE107
3/12/18 10:13 P
2/1/18 3:18 P
7/17/19 5:14 P
1/11/18 9:35 A
No Soda since 12/25 USFGIRL11 41 HEALTHYANDFIT27
7/13/19 6:43 A
New Challenge New York to Los Angeles - 2794 Miles SUNNY332 39 ONEKIDSMOM
12/23/17 7:16 A
2017 Miles in 2017 ONEKIDSMOM 337 SUNNY332
10/29/17 6:54 P
Chit-Chat Spring - Summer 2017 ONEKIDSMOM 68 SUNNY332
10/13/17 7:33 P
Day 1: Record the advantages of loosing weight MOMDEBBER 793 RADIANZE
6/25/19 8:16 P