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Today I am grateful for ... SUZANNE65203 6235 WHITECAT19
9/24/20 1:10 P
9/24/20 1:01 P
Spit or Swallow? JAZZYJUDE 11838 1CRAZYDOG
9/24/20 4:09 P
9/24/20 1:34 P
Gosh, I hate to break my Spark Streak for exercising, but I'm SO exhausted today! Someone tell me so BIRDLOVER-CJ 8 MWHIGGINS
9/23/20 8:24 P
Sore, but glad for a road trip. TWEETYKC00 8 PICKIE98
9/23/20 7:49 P
9/24/20 8:29 A
How come "This Week's Spark Spotlight" never changes? ;-) BIRDLOVER-CJ 3 WHITECAT19
9/22/20 4:48 P
Planning on getting in plenty of steps at the stores. TWEETYKC00 4 WHITECAT19
9/22/20 4:47 P
9/23/20 9:51 A
9/22/20 4:46 P
Excited about a new gift from my husband! BIRDLOVER-CJ 15 WHITECAT19
9/21/20 10:13 P
Stop in and Introduce Yourself! THM_DEB 349 SUNNYCALIGIRL
9/23/20 8:32 P
Hoping this new week can be a good one. TWEETYKC00 7 PICKIE98
9/21/20 6:44 P
One hour walk around a local park. Now my husband is treating me to a diet 🍒 limeade from Sonic. � BIRDLOVER-CJ 3 WHITECAT19
9/21/20 1:01 P
prayers needed for family member with Covid 19 TAMMYAND 9 WHITECAT19
9/21/20 12:38 P
Happy Sunday! TWEETYKC00 9 PICKIE98
9/20/20 9:27 P
Anyone else feed as though you are making so many mistakes (nutrition and exercise-wise) but learnin BIRDLOVER-CJ 15 WHITECAT19
9/20/20 4:41 P
Anybody else up at 3:45 am? Caregiving at mom's, and now cannot get back to sleep, so hello, my fell TREKPURRSON 19 WHITECAT19
9/19/20 3:18 P
Whoohoo for the weekend! TWEETYKC00 7 PICKIE98
9/20/20 9:28 P
Going Friday to take care of Mom until Saturday. 2 hour drive there, 2 hour drive back. Praying all TREKPURRSON 23 PATRICIA-CR
9/18/20 10:59 A
Back hurting so did 30 minutes of back exercises. Love that I can now find physical therapist videos BIRDLOVER-CJ 5 WHITECAT19
9/17/20 10:23 P
For those of you with a Marco's Pizza nearby: they have a nutrition calculator to figure out exactly BIRDLOVER-CJ 5 WHITECAT19
9/17/20 11:43 A
Was about to fall back asleep but got up and did a 10-minute Zumba video. Heart is pumping now! #mo BIRDLOVER-CJ 5 URBANREDNEK
9/17/20 12:18 A
Didn't want to move it today but I did. #moveit BIRDLOVER-CJ 6 WHITECAT19
9/16/20 12:04 P
9/15/20 11:45 A
SparkGuy is so right about the 10 minute goal: if it were more than that, I might not even start, bu BIRDLOVER-CJ 5 WHITECAT19
9/14/20 11:18 P
Feeling tired, but happy that I finally got to spend Friday-Sunday with my Mom! Hadn't been able to TREKPURRSON 18 WHITECAT19
9/14/20 11:16 P
trying to walk daily LEANJEAN6 45 PICKIE98
9/15/20 12:43 P
Anybody else up at 2:37 am? Caregiving at mom's, and now cannot get back to sleep, so hello, my fell TREKPURRSON 21 WHITECAT19
9/13/20 2:59 P
Anybody else up at 2:37 PM am? Caregiving at mom's, and now cannot get back to sleep, so hello, my f TREKPURRSON 2 WHITECAT19
9/13/20 2:56 P
There must be a way to track cooking in a hot kitchen on a hot day! BIRDLOVER-CJ 9 WHITECAT19
9/12/20 9:25 P
Making Whatever-I-Have e-In-The-Kitchen Muffins. (Bananas, frozen cranberries, flaxseed, pecan halves BIRDLOVER-CJ 5 WHITECAT19
9/12/20 9:24 P
Inspired by someone's blog post yesterday, I tried a dance/exercise video today. A bit too advanced BIRDLOVER-CJ 9 WHITECAT19
9/12/20 9:21 P
Homemade lactose free yogurt (thanks to UrbanRednek for tip to ferment for 24 hours and then strain BIRDLOVER-CJ 20 URBANREDNEK
9/12/20 10:06 A
Posted in my blog about how to get the most out of 10 minutes on a stationary bike. :-) #moveit BIRDLOVER-CJ 4 WHITECAT19
9/11/20 9:56 P
Thankful this Thursday! My mom Neddie went home yesterday afternoon! I am going out of town to help TREKPURRSON 27 SPEDED2
9/11/20 7:51 A
Wouldn't it be nice if we could recharge ourselves as easily as we recharge our phones? Would love t BIRDLOVER-CJ 13 CHERRYZMB60
9/10/20 9:18 P
What's your favorite (non-dairy) high-protein snack? BIRDLOVER-CJ 6 GEORGE815
9/9/20 6:20 P
Carpet cleaners were here: big guy, little woman. Guess who did all the talking and who did all the BIRDLOVER-CJ 7 WHITECAT19
9/9/20 1:04 P
Today is a National Day of Fasting and Prayer For an End to Racism. I'm in. Who's with me? TREKPURRSON 24 PATRICIA-CR
9/10/20 3:03 P
9/11/20 11:40 A
Because of working so hard this afternoon moving furniture with my husband, we decided to go out to BIRDLOVER-CJ 19 WHITECAT19
9/8/20 2:03 P
I know we're not supposed to be upset when the scale goes up, but STILL! Over a month and I've been BIRDLOVER-CJ 13 WHITECAT19
9/7/20 9:40 P
Two hours of moving furniture/books, etc., with my husband because of carpet cleaners coming. Tracke BIRDLOVER-CJ 9 WHITECAT19
9/7/20 9:33 P
when I started this leg of my journey I weighed 238 with a BMI of 41.8. Today,, at 178 my BMI is 31 DEDICATED2HIM 9 WHITECAT19
9/6/20 5:29 P
Ate takeout Chinese food by choosing the healthiest options and only eating 1/4 of the two dishes. I BIRDLOVER-CJ 4 WHITECAT19
9/6/20 5:28 P
Happy National Hummingbird Day! This is an Anna's hummingbird--the kind we used to get all the time BIRDLOVER-CJ 19 WHITECAT19
9/5/20 11:25 P
I actually SLEPT last night so was able to put in 35 minutes on my exercise bike. Yay! #moveit BIRDLOVER-CJ 12 BILLTHOMSON
9/6/20 6:06 A
I will watch what goes in the mouth this weekend LEANJEAN6 38 LIS193
9/6/20 4:36 A
9/5/20 5:50 P
Couldn't do real exercise today because of fatigue, but forced myself to do some laundry and clean u BIRDLOVER-CJ 7 WHITECAT19
9/5/20 5:49 P
9/24/20 2:41 P
Got 30 minutes in with only 3 hours of sleep! #moveit BIRDLOVER-CJ 3 BILLTHOMSON
9/4/20 6:37 A
Here's to all my SPARKLY Girls/ Ladies, with love! TREKPURRSON 10 PATRICIA-CR
9/4/20 11:20 A
I got a free subscription to the Calm app for a year through my health insurance provider, and I rea WIZARDHOWL 4 WHITECAT19
9/3/20 5:43 P
I just took part in my first RLS (restless legs syndrome) support group webinar. (First support grou BIRDLOVER-CJ 7 WHITECAT19
9/3/20 5:42 P
Tell me why you like oat milk better than other cow's milk substitutes. BIRDLOVER-CJ 7 WLHOPE
9/1/20 1:53 A
8/31/20 8:57 P
First time to try SP Fitness videos--they were great and helped me see which muscles really need str BIRDLOVER-CJ 6 BILLTHOMSON
9/1/20 5:55 A
how do you cope with your life-long sequelae PETALIA 12 WHITECAT19
8/29/20 12:17 P
I've been weaning myself off Dr. Pepper. Today was my 1st day without it. I drank more water too! ANGELAGHATCHETT 5 WHITECAT19
8/29/20 11:57 A
Guess I must be hungry: thought I heard them say on the news something about "Pizza in the Middle Ea BIRDLOVER-CJ 6 WHITECAT19
8/29/20 11:53 A
Trying tuna, cottage cheese, and Triscuits for lunch today, I realized I had taken the Wayback Machi BIRDLOVER-CJ 14 WHITECAT19
8/29/20 11:50 A
UPDATE: We were spared, thank God. Prayers continuing for all those affected, especially victims in TREKPURRSON 23 PATRICIA-CR
8/28/20 12:28 P
With my grandson here during the week doing homeschool I'm eating better. ANGELAGHATCHETT 15 ALOHAALO
8/28/20 12:47 A
Just did a great stretching video: "HASFit 30-minute full body stretch." Some moves were too hard fo BIRDLOVER-CJ 4 URBANREDNEK
8/27/20 11:26 P
Remembering Hurricane Betsy, from when I was 11 years old and praying Laura is nowhere as powerful! TREKPURRSON 18 WHITECAT19
8/27/20 8:31 P
Having a bad time with RLS (Restless Legs Syndrome). Keeps me from sleeping until around 5am. Thank BIRDLOVER-CJ 30 BIRDLOVER-CJ
8/28/20 12:02 A
Do you have a mini muffin tin and use it? BIRDLOVER-CJ 6 URBANREDNEK
8/26/20 11:36 A
8/26/20 12:02 P
Lost half a pound. Seems like so much work for very little pay off, but I know I have to stick with BIRDLOVER-CJ 7 WHITECAT19
8/25/20 11:11 P
I was up and on the Dreadmill LEANJEAN6 46 GABY1948
8/25/20 8:51 A
Posted a photo TREKPURRSON 11 SPEDED2
8/23/20 12:53 A
If I had known I could make it start raining by simply ordering a lawn sprinkler from Lowe's, I woul BIRDLOVER-CJ 6 WHITECAT19
8/21/20 6:52 P