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Welcome to Fat Kick August 2020 Trivia Challenge SUNNYWBL 16 JACKIEPEN
8/5/20 12:33 P
My scale arrived today and ive been having so much fun weighing everything in the fridge so i though ANNIEROKOV 16 DLMGRAHAM
8/4/20 7:49 A
Decided to walk at a different location today. I e MOMONAMISSION 26 RACHAEL2020
8/4/20 7:49 A
Holidays are done....I kept to my healthy eating. I didn't bring any junk food and made all our meal ANGPAL1 10 NANCY-
8/4/20 1:03 A
4th day to drink at least 8 cups of water!!! You wouldn’t think that this would be that hard, I have SWICKER101 14 MICHELANIE
8/4/20 9:46 A
I added apple chunks and garden cucumbers to my dinner salad! #eattherainbow LGRIF22 9 SUNQUEE
8/4/20 2:10 P
Got an extra cup in today! Yay... #h2whoa ADLINS 10 PHATPAT18
8/4/20 9:01 A
Sweet Sweet Sweet Snack Time Restful Sleep To All! GO_GAL_GROW 41 NANHBH
8/4/20 2:31 P
did you pray ELIZACG9 3150 ELIZACG9
8/5/20 11:07 A
Red Flag Points Posted Here! XNANNY 1146 XNANNY
8/3/20 11:09 P
Red Flag Points Posted Here XNANNY 702 XNANNY
8/3/20 11:07 P
8/3/20 11:02 P
Red Flag Points XNANNY 2507 AMBUDMAN
8/5/20 10:02 A
Welcome to Fat Kick July 2020 Trivia SUNNYWBL 75 SUNNYWBL
8/1/20 12:32 A
I inched over 14k steps yesterday. Our garden has been producing well with promise of more to come: NITEMAN3D 26 _RAMONA
7/29/20 1:34 A
7/28/20 4:00 P
Be Grateful for how far you have come! CATWMNCAT 15 _RAMONA
7/29/20 1:34 A
#motivate DIVAGLOW 14 LEARN211
7/28/20 10:40 P
7/28/20 10:58 A
I realized after stepping on the scale today, that this is a matter of will power and I can indeed d SISUGAL906 8 SISUGAL906
7/29/20 6:18 P
Goal feats are met #goalfeats KITTYHAWK1949 4 TURQUROISE
7/28/20 8:16 A
Posted a goal ST3PH 14 _RAMONA
7/29/20 1:34 A
What is with this annoying page that comes up when you click on anything? Is there a way to stop it? NOLAHORSERIDER 2 XNANNY
7/22/20 11:57 P
I hope that everyone had a Terrific Tuesday. My day was good, I had to have blood work done yesterda TEACHERGIRL8873 7 XNANNY
7/22/20 11:56 P
The sunset in California this evening. 🌊✨ ALLYLIZZY 22 OPTICALXILLUSIO
7/23/20 4:08 P
10,000+ more steps. Would like to do more, but thankful for what I did. JERICHO1991 8 CAROLAMARIE
7/23/20 6:18 A
Almond Butter & SF Jelly and ice cold milk for bedtime snack🤤💕 CATWMNCAT 20 CATWMNCAT
7/23/20 12:05 P
Did you say grace before meals today CD14641362 2297 ELIZACG9
8/5/20 11:07 A
most feats met #foodfeats CECELW 7 BILLTHOMSON
7/21/20 7:00 A
Active rest day ⭐️ ALLYLIZZY 42 AMYINTHEWILD
7/20/20 5:57 P
7/20/20 3:12 A
I slacked off this weekend. Ate what I wanted on Friday. Oddly ....I only ate half the burger, fries NINA_BELLONE 5 NINA_BELLONE
7/20/20 12:58 P
Today is 55 days of logging food. Yay!🤗 (I was logging exercise too but havent done any in the past MISSPIGGEY 6 GERRYH2
7/20/20 8:34 A
I have the most Loving and supportive husband he never stopped Loving me or believing in me even at ANNIEROKOV 27 ALLYLIZZY
7/20/20 2:08 P
I have decided to do rigorous strength training. I’ll still do cardio but in order to get where I wa LOTTALOX 17 GERRYH2
7/20/20 8:34 A
Cooler after the rain today. 10,000+ steps walking. JERICHO1991 8 ROCKYCPA
7/20/20 10:22 P
Somehow hurt my foot, but not giving up!😟 PIPSANDMSMAMA79 6 PRAIRIECROCUS
7/20/20 3:09 A
Good evening walk. Humid with occasional breeze. 12,500+ steps. JERICHO1991 15 ROCKYCPA
7/19/20 4:58 P
Tomorrow is a new day. I need to start taking time for ME, doing for ME and loving ME... #mommaisbu STELLAX1 11 PRAIRIECROCUS
7/19/20 2:00 A
Graham Cracker, Dark Chocolate Hummus and Milk😋 CATWMNCAT 22 1BLAZER282005
7/19/20 9:04 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 21 SIMPLY_JAE
7/19/20 11:01 A
The sunset in California this evening. ☀️✨ ALLYLIZZY 35 PCK12J
7/19/20 11:33 P
Posted a goal RAMONA1954 4 RYCGIRL
7/19/20 8:55 A
Posted a goal RAMONA1954 5 RYCGIRL
7/19/20 8:54 A
Tonight's simple dinner. Roast Eggplant with Tomatoes and Feta. JANETEMILY 19 GRANNYOF05
7/19/20 9:05 A
I feel starving, for the past few days I been only taking up to 1200 to 1350 calories a day. I'm new MRSPATLAN88 5 DININA48MN
7/19/20 2:59 A
Posted a photo 618LILY1 18 PATRICIA-CR
7/19/20 10:12 A
Oh my, I have been in the worst mood today. I went on a three mile walk and that seemed to help some HOBBESIS49 13 MADEINBRITAIN
7/19/20 2:47 A
Had to get in the last two a little later than I'd like but 8 done today! #h2whoa JESSIEBEAN1 11 BIGRENTMAN
7/19/20 9:52 A
Today woke up feeling positive ready for my new self, but now feel like giving up cause no one wants MRSPATLAN88 13 LOTUS737
7/17/20 6:08 P
I was feeling so lazy this morning. But pushed myself to workout 💪 🚲 CALAMITY55 10 CHERRYZMB60
7/17/20 11:58 P
Shopping is done. Now, to mow grass, shower, rest a bit, HIT THE GYM and, shower again!!!! 😉 HAVE A F5-FURY 16 AMYINTHEWILD
7/17/20 8:08 P
Posted a goal RAMONA1954 7 SPEDED2
7/18/20 12:56 A
Seriously needed to stop and relax. Since last night I've read 2 magazines cover to cover. Don't thi RAMONA1954 11 STELLAX1
7/18/20 11:58 P
If I am already dead tired mentally and physically after my three day's work, how much do I dare pus HMKITTEN 10 HMKITTEN
7/17/20 7:52 P
Here’s what’s for lunch today, Campbell’s slow kettle style Creamy Broccoli Cheddar soup, yumm!!...� JOYWILSON383 11 AMYINTHEWILD
7/17/20 8:08 P
Day 1 FM2020 5 MJ7DM33
7/17/20 5:21 P
No matter your religious or after life belief; why not make the most of this life?!?!?!?!?!? RUNNINGRAFE 11 JTHEALTHY1
7/17/20 6:42 A
Tracked all my food! And the scale is moving downward ✅👌🏻😊 TOMSGAL85 6 XNANNY
7/16/20 10:52 P
Not an image of me but still as I walked in the rain for 90 min. this morning which I do not enjoy. BOMBCHELL23 11 JRDUPREE
7/16/20 11:35 P
Done drank 9 cups today #h2whoa SWEETCHICK87 6 TOCONNER
7/17/20 6:43 A
You are SO worth it, I promise. 🥰 TAYGRL 14 TEXASHSMOMOF3
7/17/20 11:13 A
Started my journey back up on Monday and now it’s Thursday. Still motivated and excited. Getting thr MARCELA 6 XNANNY
7/16/20 10:44 P
Starting small with 1.5 mile walks. Next week moving up to 2 miles. My boss and I are training to wa LYHADAWN1 8 RETAT60
7/16/20 11:51 P
Darn it...I thoight you were my friend. My ph told me I havent walked today. Well I know you only p ZOOMTHOM 4 LUANN_IN_PA
7/17/20 9:13 A
I had a eh sorta day today. Our temp was 100 degrees. Way too hot to be outside. So I exercised ins NOLAHORSERIDER 4 IAMAGEMLOVER
7/17/20 12:35 P
Enjoyed a nice dinner with a friend. First time having someone over since Covid started.😋 CHACHA0711 4 DININA48MN
7/16/20 3:05 A
I went over a little but I should be ok with all the activity. Thank you God for another great day. SCTT123 2 XNANNY
7/15/20 7:53 P
Day 2 is almost over. I think it went better than yesterday. More protein helped me stay feeling sa NINA_BELLONE 2 XNANNY
7/15/20 7:52 P
Never before in the history of the universe have you existed & when you are gone YOU will never repe 1CRAZYDOG 11 KITT52
7/16/20 7:39 P
Hi! Day 2 ending here. I need to do this, I have to do this, I can do this. #newbie NINA_BELLONE 6 NINA_BELLONE
7/15/20 7:59 P
Fajita veggie bowl 🤤 #plantbased #vegan #alltheveggies BRANDNEWBUFFY 8 OCIKAT
7/15/20 8:52 P
Well, I have not shared anything in awhile. I am now at 233. That's my lowest weight in 30+ years. SBREWER771 11 MCFITZ2
7/16/20 1:26 A
7/27/20 10:15 A
Being Covid responsible while getting healthy groceries JOHNGLOVER211 22 BAILE1MA
7/6/20 9:31 P