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WELCOME to the Streak to Success Challenge! If you are just getting started, here is some information that explains how this challenge works:

In this challenge you will be sharing your journey with others, while competing against yourself to set your own personal record of action and consistency in four key elements of weight loss success - calories, exercise, water, and fruits/veggies. You will win the challenge when you reach your goal and find yourself with new habits that will keep you thin, healthy and full of energy for life! !

Itís very simple...using the sample chart below, keep a daily record of your calories, exercise, water and fruits/veggies (F/V) and then watch the pounds begin to go away.

Please make a daily post, like the following example (to make it easy, you can just 'copy and paste' the one below to begin with and put in your own numbers, after that, just copy and paste it from your own previous post from day to day).

My calorie range: 1300-1600
Day # - - - -Date - -Calories - Cardio - Water - F/V
Day 1 - - - - 2/10 - - - 1375 - - - -45 - - - 4 - - - - 5
Day 2 - - - - 2/11 - - - 1459 - - - -30 - - - -8 - - - - 3

This streak started on 2/10/11:
Start: 185
Day 10: 183
Day 20: 182
Day 30: (3/12)

Total Loss this streak: -3

This gives everyone a simple format to follow so we can watch each otherís progress and see what all this streaking is accomplishing for our team. Seeing the success of other team members is VERY motivating!

A few other things:

*A person can join this challenge at anytime.

*Everyday you track SOMETHING counts as a streak day (even if you have to put in a zero or a question mark).

*Plan B - For calories, we have built a feature into this challenge, called ĎPlan Bí days. One very important goal of the streak is to count your calories daily, but there are some days where it just isnít possible, so rather than throwing in the towel on those days and starting the streak over again and again, we include a 'Plan B' option. Plan B means in those situations/days where you honestly can't count calories, simply make the best choices you can and stop when you are satisfied. Continue to log your other habits - like how many cups of water and how many fruits/veggies you had, and how many exercise minutes you did. It may not have been a perfect day, but it's not a wasted just keep going!

*There is an excellent article in the SP Motivation Resources called ĎStart a Small Streakí. I highly recommend everyone who begins this challenge start by reading that article FIRST. It can be found at this link:

* If you really mess up* - A streak can be started over if you need a fresh start, and in that case, just see if you can beat your old record the next time around. (You can add a line to your daily report showing your accomplishments in previous streaks if you want to). However, the less you start over, the farther you will get in the long run. Starting over again and again tends to get you no where because youíre always at the starting line. Life happens along the way: holidays, illness, work, hectic schedules, potlucks, birthdays, TOM, etc. But, itís not about perfection - itís about PROGRESSION! So, make the best choices you can under the circumstances, and just keep going - consistency will get you to your goal!

* For extra fun - in the Recognition Forum there is separate place you can post your monthly progress, if you want to - a loss every month - even if it's a little one - will eventually get you to your goal. Also, there you'll find our Halls of Fame for you to record your name and shout out about anything else you want to say as you reach important milestones along the way.

Most of all - have FUN with your weight loss journey - this can be the best time of your life!

Thatís it! I hope you will find streaking as motivating and rewarding as I do! Good luck to you and if you have any questions, please let me know by posting them in the Track and Talk thread - please do not reply in this thread. Thanks, Cruisepuppy

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"Success is the progressive realization of a worthwhile dream."

"Success is the result of small efforts -repeated day in and day out! "

If you have enough strong days in a row, that makes a strong week. If you do it again, youíll have two strong weeks. Do it some more, and youíll have built a strong month. Keep it up, and you will have a strong yearóone strong day at a time.

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