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5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Food Tracking


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Thanks Report
Thanks Report
Makes a huge difference. Thanks. Report
Can anyone reccomend an cellphone Application that doesnt require wifi? I am in a low cell zone 4 days per week and cant track half of the time
For the last 46 years, I've alternated between tracking and not tracking. When tracking, I find myself inclined to skip a poor choice because I would have to log it. Nobody looks at my log but I would know. Also there is the matter of ice cream. I 'need' it in the evening. While logging, I discovered that if I had it in the afternoon, I would still want it at night. On vacation, getting fruit or some other meal finisher, I often skipped the ice cream. That hasn't transferred to home. Report
I like the SP food tracker. Report
Tracking has been my goal since I started with SP. Works for me. Thanks for sharing. Report
I do forget little things now and then, but the tracking I've been doing is helping me be more aware of what I need to add protein, fiber, carbs, and fats, etc. I'm now trying to get them but I'm not losing weight much. I don't gain, but...maybe I am missing something. I'm eating a bit less in calories per day than it's suggested, and maybe I eat the wrong kind of calories. This article has helped me figure what I may be I feel before and after, getting onto the tracking before I forget, etc. Thank you for those reminders.... Report
Thanks. Report
this is great!! I have a hard time sticking with food tracking because I do get too caught up in details. It's the nerd in me I guess. I will also try writing down how I felt about eating before/after the meal. Report
Great article! Report
Great article! Report
Thank you for a good article. Report
Great Info! Using SP is easy! Report
"Your body will be tracking everything you eat, whether you forget to or not," said Immer. Excellent point. Report

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