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How to Get Your Daily Dose of Vitamin D


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With as little Vitamin D as is found in foods, it's no wonder we don't get enough of that. Guess sunshine is really needed for us all - not just the younger ones. Report
Living in a state that is dark half the year, Vitamin D deficiency is a way of life. Everyone in my family takes 1,000 IU daily in the summer, and 2,000 IU daily in the winter. When we first moved here, I had my level checked and it was 3, where the doctor said 20 was the minimum, and 30 to 50 the optimum. After eight weeks of 20,000IU daily, I got up to 6, another eight weeks had me at 12, at that time I was to maintain 10,000 IU daily. Now I just started HRT, and my Vitamin D levels are at 9, so I'm on 20,000 IU until further notice. The chance of Vitamin D toxicity for me is zero.

Awesome...good to know...thanks! Report
I do not put sunscreen on for the first half hour of being in the sun. Report
Thank you for the info! Report
Thank you Report
I'm glad to have a great reason to pass on hard fried beef liver which is one of my Dad's favorite meals. Whew. It is listed 14th our of 15, so I'll tell me Dad I get my D from other sources and of course one never wants to eat too much D. Report
thanks Report
good notice Report
I get my vitamin D from my walks in the early morning and also eat lots of fish. Report
thanks Report
Great article. Lots of points I never considered Report
I love fish and almost always request it for my Sunday dinner. Report
I have 3 pills daily 400 IU each, I take with hem 3 calcium pills as well. I had 6 months ago a hip operation where my hip bone & bones in both sides of my nose were used to replace the bones in my mouth, so I can get dental work done later. My hip was not replaced, so ordered to do this & lots of daily walking to rebuild missing bones. I do not drink milk except some almond & coconut milk. I do have fish. Report

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