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7 Healthy Hemp Foods to Try

Hemp is the New Flax


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Good to know. Report
Thank you. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Fascinating info. Thank you. I’ll look for hemp dietary ptoducts at the grocery store. Sounds like they’ll make a nice addition to homemade Chia protein bars! Report
Thanks for sharing Report
I know I need to add something like this to my daily dietary intake I just need to get started somewhere. Report
I didn't realize there were so many hemp foods. Report
Thank you for all the info! Report
Here in Canada we have used Hemp Hearts and Oil for decades. Contrary to the information given, the hemp oil is superior to all other vegetable oils, especially for cooking! It doesn't break down as quickly when heated. The original makers of Hemp Hearts in Lethbridge, Alberta produces many hemp products; Hemp Hearts, fat reduced hemp flakes and powders (superior to most hemp "protein " )., bars with hemp and milk or dark chocolate base covered with dried fruit or nuts, deserts, etc. Their hemp products contain 0.0% THC. Made in Canada. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
I just ordered some hemp seeds to try out. Looking forward to trying them and perhaps will add them to my oatmeal the way I do flax seeds. Report
I have hemp hearts inside of the seed, Report
Just finished my afternoon snack - oatmeal with Hemp Hearts and a little honey. Yum! Received a sample in my Bulubox and had to get a full-sized bag. Love them!!! Report
I add hemp seeds to my smoothies but am going to start using the oil as well. I don't get a lot of fat in my diet so this will be a great addition. Report
LOL at the necessary boxed off THC warning. Report

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