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A New Definition For ''Old''

Life Tales From a Former Olympian


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oI notice the pain is less if you exercise Report
Interesting that in 1995, being 50 was considered being a senior citizen. It's 25 years later and 50 is now considered youthful.

Even though obesity has increased over the years, I do feel that Americans, in general, are taking better care of themselves. In 1995, more people were smoking. which accelerates the aging process. Today, fewer people smoke, more people do something for exercise and they are trying to eat better. All these things continue to living a longer, healthier life.
Thank you Report
I enjoyed reading all the comments from SP on a great article. At 62 I still feel young most of the time. With a focus on healthy eating, exercise, and sleep I believe we have all taken a step in the right direction; to enjoy the years we have left. Report
Unfortunately when you reach a certain older plateau no amount of anything changes the way your body slows down. I have been active since retirement. But since this lockdown, I've noted a slow down. I don't have the energy I used to have. I'm very sad for this, because i was into everything, crafts, projects gardening, walking 3 miles a day, etc. Now it's pretty much gone. Make the most of each day while young, and do all you can to keep moving, trust me. I always wondered why my Mom took 3 days to cross a room in her older age, now I know for myself. She pretty much became sedentary when my Dad took ill, and couldn't do much anymore, she really didn't have a choice. So STAY ACTIVE. I'm hoping when this virus is contained and we can resume our lives, I can return to my active one, if not too late to do so. Report
Thanks Report
Thanks Report
This was an interesting article! Report
Thank you. Take care of your body and you will never be old. Report
I am going on 66 this year in July...Alot of health issues but now retired after 17 years of overnight plus...I am not gonna stop...I have not lived a full life yet..always worked and raised 5 kids basically on my own...
Lookout World ..
Here I Come....
I am 60 and will never let the old women in. I go to the gym daily where there are amazing roll models 60, 70, 80 and 90’s. It is all attitude 😎 Report
Thank you for this healthier take on aging seniors! Report
I am 76 years young and I never think of myself as old! Report
I love this!!!
Wisdom & experience instead of "worn-out" as a definition for old. Report

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