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Learn to Love A.M. Exercise

(Even if You're Not a Morning Person)


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Thanks for sharing. I always start my day with exercise - it sets my mindset for the day and is my way to have personal time to relax and enjoy my time. Report
Working on this one Report
I've worked out in the mornings for many years. Got up before the others so I could get through an aerobic tape. Now it's habit, tho I get up a little later since retiring. I still get it in. Since it's hot after 7 in the mornings, I meet my neighbor at 6:30 to go for a walk. We're done by 8:30 and have enjoyed the coolest part of the day! Miss the gym, but love the walk! Report
I shoot for AM whenever my schedule allows! Report
Was doing so good since surgery. Just can’t get up early. But am moving throughout day!! Report
Usually I am up by 5:30am but this morning I slept until 8:30 because I did not go to bed until 1:30am. 7 hours! Report
Thanks so much Report
I don't agree with this article because not everyone has a life that starts in the morning and ends at night. I don't think that exercise in the morning alone will cause everyone to sleep better. I had a job for years working from 2 p.m. until 10 and often up until 2 in the morning. I also had a job where I could work from 2 to 10 one day and be back at work by 6 in the morning and I couldn't fall asleep any easier on nights when I had t be up early one day than I could when I would work a later shift nor did I get a better nights sleep by being active earlier in the morning. For me, exercise is a way to unwind and relieve stress and I feel I do better while exercising if I wait until later in the day. Report
Early morning is the only time that is there every day! Report
I prefer exercising in the a.m. Report
Ding my best to stay with AM exercise. Report
Gives me so much energy I can only excerise in the am if I plan to sleep that night Report
Thank you. Report
I'm skeptical of the suggestion that regular exercisers need less sleep. Report
I wish I liked morning exercise. Report

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