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how do I remove myself from a team? Report
I also lost the Way to give bonus points for our teams. Can anyone direct me to this. I did it yesterday with help of JEN, but page in now gone.......THANKS!
Irish Ei Report
Since I have returned to spark people this year I can't find where we get points for our teams. Where should I look? Report
My start page looks nothing like in the video I watched. I can’t get to the challenges and team page. 😣 what am I doing wrong??! Report
Thank you for the info. Report
how d I see the entire team performance? Report
Is there a way to see an entire team's steps each day without going into each participant?
Thank you @Melnme.... I was getting frustrated with figuring out how to leave a team. Report
How do I access a team page using my iPhone app? Report
For those that want to leave a team, the only way I have found to this is to go into the team and down the very bottom of the team page will be a button to click to leave the team. Report
Hello to everyone I'm back for the 3rd. try and going to make it stick this time. I have about 25 lbs. to lose and lost 6 the first week. I don't think the 6 lbs. is doable every week but I am going to try, Just going to take it one day at a time and hope everything will fall in place. Exercising is going to be a hard barrier to cross 77 yrs old 2 bad knees and very bad back and a bad shoulder. got get some help to pick out some exercises that manage. been walking 40 - 60 min.a day when the weather is fit, it's not fast but it is exercise. Report
I also would like to quit my teams and start over/ I've been gone a while and my goals are changed. Thank you! Report
I just joined this group and love this app. My goal is too loose 20 lbs and getting motivated to do some excersice. I am retired and have been living a sedentary life due to lower back pains. I am excited and looking forward to reaching my goals. Report
I, too, would like to know how to remove myself from a team? I'm no longer in
my forties! Report
Can i set up a team for myself and co workers? Report

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