How Eating Chocolate Can Help You Exercise More

Chocolate lovers, rejoice! Here's how your "habit" can help you get even healthier!

Which habits should you break immediately to ensure weight-loss success? Here are the 10 habits of unsuccessful dieters--and 7 things that separate weight-loss winners & losers!

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Member Comments

MNABOY 6/9/2020 12:44:02 PM
Worth thinking about Report
EVIE4NOW 2/23/2020 11:47:54 AM
Does it really work?
KHALIA2 11/5/2019 12:19:33 PM
Great Ideas! Thanks! Report
CKOUDSI617 10/20/2019 11:07:39 AM
For me, that would be swapping one habit for another. Since I have trouble moderating, I would just need more and more chocolate. This would not work for me, but if it's helps others, I'm all for it! Report
KHALIA2 9/11/2019 4:51:50 AM
Thanks! Report
TERMITEMOM 9/7/2019 8:55:14 PM
CUE, not queue!!! =0( Report
KHALIA2 9/7/2019 10:33:17 AM
I use to be a smoker, but walking up to the 4th floor with my class helped me to quit, not chocolate! Report
KHALIA2 8/8/2019 8:51:04 AM
I used to smoke also but walking up to the 4th floor every day with my class helped me to quit. Report
THETROUT 7/2/2019 7:49:36 AM
I love this and I love chocolate but I can't imagine chocolate starting at 8 am. Report
KHALIA2 6/9/2019 7:20:36 AM
Awesome video! Report
GCWILLI1 5/3/2019 10:45:25 PM
Cool little video and very informative! Makes sense. Report
KHALIA2 4/29/2019 11:16:41 AM
Thanks for sharing! Report
GMACAMI 1/24/2019 11:41:21 AM
interesting concept Report
JSMIMI8 7/15/2018 5:11:13 PM
My reward is just feeling better. I have not awakened in the middle of the night with acid reflux burning my throat, esophagus and stomach. The swelling in my legs is very minimal and they would swell to twice their size in hot humid weather (like we are having now). My skin is smoother. My joints are not hurting any more. My energy level is a 10. I have lost 35 pounds as of this day. My thoughts are clearer. My hopelessness is gone. There are other things because this last 10 weeks has totally changed my existence. I don't need no other reward. I just want to live a long time to be available to my family. Report
KHALIA2 7/15/2018 7:54:49 AM
I love chocolate but do use moderation while eating it. Report