7 Moves to Banish Your Back Pain

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Strengthen your back and core muscles to eliminate pesky back pain for good!

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If it doesn’t help, for heaven’s sakes, ask your doctor. Report
Unfortunately this did not help my back much Report
Thanks Report
Thanks Report
just what I needed Report
Video is too fast, but If I continue turning on the pause and restarting I hope to keep doing these. I wish there was a place to mark favorite things you want to do, so you could go to them daily. Report
This didn't work for me. Report
Would be great if a list of what to do is written find the accent of this lady a bit difficult to fathom Report
Very helpful! Thank you so much! Report
I appreciate this one! Thank you! Report
Thank you so much for this one! Report
I just hurt my back after a fall, so this video was badly needed. Thank you. Report
Good morning just want to say thanks for sharing this article Report

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