7 Moves to Banish Your Back Pain

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Strengthen your back and core muscles to eliminate pesky back pain for good!

Member Comments

Would be great if a list of what to do is written find the accent of this lady a bit difficult to fathom Report
Very helpful! Thank you so much! Report
I appreciate this one! Thank you! Report
Thank you so much for this one! Report
I just hurt my back after a fall, so this video was badly needed. Thank you. Report
Good morning just want to say thanks for sharing this article Report
Excellent video and instructor! Report
Would love printable info included. Report
These exercises have helped me improve my back...still do them periodically. Report
WOW thank you badly needed Report
Great video! Report
That video was way to fast. I hardly got a chance to figure out the movement and she was going to the next exercise. I went though it again and pause after she showed the exercise and did my sets. Then I played the next exercise, etc. That way it worked. Report
I wish I could print something off. Now I'm gonna have to make drawings for myself to remember what each exercise is. SparkPeople, can you make something to print off for all exercises? Report
How do I watch the video? There isn't one showing up.... Report

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