Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

Want to be really motivated to start or continue reaching your health and fitness goals in the new year? Then fill your holiday wish list with gift ideas that will motivate you and make it easier to stay on track. Your friends and family will be happy to encourage your pursuit of health with gifts of fitness equipment, cookbooks or even that cute hoodie you've had your eye on! Here are 50 fun ideas:

Cooking Tools
Lunch Packing Essentials
  • A bento box to inspire you to pack cute, healthy lunches.
  • A freezer pack to keep your food cold on your way to work.
  • A set of packable utensils so you don't have to rummage around in the break room for some plastic ones.
  • An insulated lunch bag to help keep your food fresh.
  • A thermos for when you want to pack hot soup for lunch.

Healthy Gourmet Food
  • A box of heirloom apples you've never tasted.
  • A bottle of fancy extra-virgin olive oil for making fresh salad dressing.
  • Gourmet nut mix for a healthy on-the-go snack.
  • Gourmet jerky to get your protein fix on the run.
  • An assortment of tea for a relaxing treat in the afternoon.

Exercise Equipment
  • A mini trampoline for a fun new way to get in some cardio.
  • A set of kettlebells so you can build muscle and cardiovascular fitness at the same time.
  • An exercise ball that you can use to work out or just engage your core while you sit at your desk.
  • A foam roller to massage sore muscles.
  • A jump rope so you can build strong bones and increase cardiovascular endurance at the same time.

Workout DVDs
Fitness Fashion
  • A pretty headband to keep your sweaty hair out of your face!
  • A new pair of sneakers for running and walking.
  • A pair of yoga pants that make your butt look great.
  • A new sports bra to support you through your hardest workouts.
  • A great pair of socks to keep your feet from feeling sweaty.

Cold Weather Gear
  • A pair of convertible gloves to keep your hands warm but still allow you to skip to the next song on your play list.
  • A pair of insulated leggings to wear under sweats or yoga pants on particularly cold days.
  • Traction cleats for your sneakers so you don't slip on the ice or snow.
  • A fleece gaiter to keep your neck warm on the coldest days.
  • A light-weight but heavily-insulated jacket with cooling vents you can open when you start to warm up.

Inspirational Reading
Healthy Gadgets
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Member Comments

I would love mini trampoline for Christmas. And if someone else is buying...make it a Bellicon, please! 😍 Report
Great ideas. Thanks. Report
Great ideas! Thank you! Just ordered mini trampolines for all the teens on my shopping list! WooHoo... so tempted to order one for myself! :-) Report
Might order the Spark cookbook & put it under the tree for me!! Report
I’m going to wrap some of these up and put them under the tree for myself. Report
Can you forward this list to Santa please. Report
Great advice! Report
Unless the person you are giving a gift already is into fitness and exercise, a lot of these ideas could result in resentment instead of appreciation. Report
These suggestions are still good today! Report
Great tips! Thanks! Report
Great ideas. Report
I still have all my healthy cookbooks going back to the 1960’s......they look nice on the shelf, offer some amusement now. Oh, I’m still working on the weight issue.......... Report
Wake up every day vowing to do one positive action to move you closer to your goal. Report
GREAT list! My mini trampoline arrives today. Next week, my kit to convert my bicycle into a stationary bike for the winter. I have my new tennis shoes on my feet now! Look out 2016, here I come! Report


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