12 of the Worst Restaurant Sandwiches

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A thick, juicy burger is almost as American as apple pie and many of us grew up eating a Whopper or Big Mac. With the Whopper offering 670 calories and a Big Mac providing 540 calories, would you be surprised to hear the apple pie might be the better choice since it contributes only half the calories. With a calorie contribution that large, this certainly must be why we have a weight problem in America right? Unfortunately, there are many worse offenders out there.

Here are 12 of the worst sandwiches currently on popular American restaurant menus that make the Whopper and the Big Mac look low calorie.

Burger King BK Quad Stacker Sandwich

Calories – 1,010

Fat – 70 grams

Sodium – 1,800 mg

McAllister's Club Sandwich

Calories – 1,029

Fat – 56 grams

Sodium – 3,143 mg

Hardee's Double Thickburger Sandwich

Calories – 1,150

Fat – 78 grams

Sodium – 2,410 mg

Hardee's Bacon Cheese Thickburger Sandwich

Calories – 1,200

Fat – 84 grams

Sodium – 2,450 mg

Ruby Tuesday's Alpine Swiss Burger

Calories – 1,207

Fat – 83 grams

Sodium – Not Available

Hardee's Monster Thickburger Sandwich

Calories – 1,320

Fat – 95 grams

Sodium – 3,020 mg

Burger King Angry Triple Whopper Sandwich

Calories – 1,360

Fat – 91 grams

Sodium – 1,830 mg

Quiznos Large Double Cheesesteak Sandwich

Calories – 1,410

Fat – 9.5 grams saturated fat (no total fat provided)

Sodium – 2,960 mg

Ruby Tuesday's Boston Blue Burger

Calories – 1,424

Fat – 96 grams

Sodium – Not Available

Ruby Tuesday's Smokehouse Burger

Calories – 1,434

Fat – 97 grams

Sodium – Not Available

Chili's Buffalo Chicken Crisper Bites w/Bleu Cheese Sandwich

Calories – 1,650

Fat – 103 grams

Sodium – 5,370 mg

Quiznos Large Tuna Melt Sandwich

Calories – 1,760

Fat – 25 grams saturated fat (no total fat provided)

Sodium – 2,120 mg

Any of these sandwiches on your favorites list or that surprised you? Are there others we have missed?

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I remember eating a three-item meal at Checkers that logged 2x the calories of a two-plate meal at Golden Corral. Amazing. Report
ERIN_POSCH 9/29/2020
thanks for sharing Report
Thankfully, none of those menu items appeal to me. Report
Thankfully, none of those menu items appeal to me. Report
Thankfully, none of those menu items appeal to me. Report
Thankfully, none of those menu items appeal to me. Report
Thankfully, none of those menu items appeal to me. Report
Thankfully, none of those menu items appeal to me. Report
Thankfully, none of those menu items appeal to me. Report
Thankfully, none of those menu items appeal to me. Report
Thankfully, none of those menu items appeal to me. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
interesting Report
Thanks for sharing Report
So glad for SP providing information so I can make better choices and the WHY of it all. I'm thankful I have not eaten any of the sandwiches in this article (the sodium content is simply atrocious) but I'm sure that in the past I chose just as bad for me at McDonald's. I drive by McD's and don't even think once about stopping there. Report
I am happy and proud to be able to say that I have never eaten even one of these concoctions! But then, I am sort of a burger purist, bun, beef patty, lettuce, tomato, onion and ketchup, a little salt and pepper. Best burger in the ATL, Marlow's Tavern Burger, hands down! Report
good information. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
I too, find that when I am really serious about this, I am able to make better decisions if I check menu/nutrition info PRIOR to going out.... Planning ahead period, is helpful but easier said than done some days!
Thanks so much for the insights. Over the last 4 Sparkyears, I have learned so much about caloric content of foods. But I have also learned that in order to make the lifestyle change, I won't tell myself, "I can't have that" - sounds too much like sacrificing and denial, which leads to binges. Better to have a small taste and savor the experience. Also, I think it is important to eat out with friends or loved ones, like Friday night dates, without imposing negative thoughts into the positive experience. So the answer is always moderation and understanding why and how fast food restaurants become famous (read: sodium and supersize). (A Subway 6-inch sub has 200-220 calories in just the bread, and most hamburgers start with at least a quarter pound of meat - that's 284 calories. They are simply trying to meet the public's demand for value.) We prefer to go to small home-style restaurants that can offer smaller plates with healthier ingredients; they don't usually mind substitutions, like veggies instead of potatoes; and the ambiance is usually better so you can take your time eating. If the plate comes and it is too large, we immediately ask for a take out container and "hide" half of the dish. Final thought: take time to make your lunch for work - you can control the content and portion size. I make five salads on Sunday night, and they last through the week in the fridge. Report
When I look at the menu, if I see "thick burger" or "double" "triple" etc.... that is a clue that it is unlikely to fit into a healthy eating plan. Report
I have found the easiest way to stop eating out is to look at the nutritional info tab at a restaurant's website. Check out Applebee's black and blue burger or Chili's mushroom swiss burger. One meal has 70% of my calories for a day, all of my fat for 3 days, all of my carbs for 3 days and 100% of my sodium for 5 days. Yeowww! Report
wow , i cant believe what a damage ! Report
they all sound great to me. But more than a day's worth of calories? I'll have to pass. Report
I'm with FITMARY on this one. If it's going to cost me all my day's calories in about ten bites, I don't want it. Report
What amazing totals! Sandwiches like these are a thing of the past for me. Nothing can justify over 1,000 calories in a single sandwich! Report
Ick! How about Carl's Jr Western Bacon $6 burger at 1020 cal, 53 fat and 2320 sodium; the Guacamole bacon $6 burger at 1040 cal, 70 fat, 2240 sod; dbl guac bacon burger at 1090 cal, 74 fat, 1770 sod; chili cheese $6 at 1000 cal, 56 fat, 2500 sod.Though not a traditional sandwich, The Green Burrito crisp burrito 5pc comes in at 1190 cal, 92g fat and 1180 sodium. Report
I don't have a Quiznos nearby, but if I did I might unwittingly have chosen the tuna melt. Thanks for the warning! Report
That is just disgusting! I'm not sure I would have ever picked one of those, even when I was not watching what I ate. Report
Look at all the calories, fat and sodium! Luckily I don't eat at these places often but if I do I will keep this in mind and be careful the rest of the day. Report
I think if you're ordering ANY burger, you pretty much know you're in for some trouble. Thank goodness I hate mayo! At Carl's Jr. I like the portobello mushroom burger, no mayo, lo-carb style (wrapped in lettuce with no bun). Then it's just some sauteed mushrooms, tomatoes, a slice of swiss and a burger patty wrapped in lettuce. Shouldn't be TOO bad fat wise, though I bet the sodium level is still high. A more interesting list would be worst "healthy" sandwiches. I kind of disagree with Ruth Sandras. Hardees charbroils their meat so a lot of the fat falls down into the charbroiler. I think it's the mayo and the bacon that permeates these sandwiches that is the problem. I believe BK also chars their meat. It's kind of like pizza. A cheese pizza, homemade with whole wheat dough and low fat cheese and loaded with veggies is actually good for you. It's when you start adding full fat cheese, pepperoni, sausage, etc that it starts to get ugly. Report
"I" opener for sure. Thx. for the article! Report
Wow! these sandwiches are more calories than I eat in a day! Thanks PBAdam for the tips on Subway. I'm always concerned about HFCorn Syrup and try to guess what to order to avoid it. Report
Thank you for the very informative information. Think I will stay away from Ruby Tuesdays just to be on safe side. Restaurants should have to provide nutrition info if requested by the customer. Report
Oh dear, I think I may have tried Ruby Tuesday's Alpine Swiss Burger once before. I knew the calorie/fat/sodium would be high, but I honestly never thought it would be over 1200 calories for the sandwich alone!! Report
Oh my gosh, I am a Burger King lover. I only eat the Whopper and Whopper Jr. But I never dreamed they had that many calories, and the sodium is way too much. Guess I'll have to find an alternative, that is just unacceptable. Thanks for the eye opener. Report
Here's something to think about the next time you have the urge to "drive-through" for a quick bite at McDonalds or somewhere similar...I was in a nutritional class that brought in a container with a Dunkin Donut, a double-cheeseburger from McDonald's, and a small fry from McDonald's. It looked like they had gotten it a few hours earlier that day...come to find out it was over 2 YEARS OLD. GROSS!!! No decay, no mold, nothing...bugs wouldn't touch it and when you opened the container, it smelled like bleach. I'm turned off from EVER eating at those places again! Report
i get ill whenever i think of all that restaurants add to their food...
i try to not eat out anymore.
i just can't handle putting all that gunk into my body. Report
I think I just became allergic to places like this. Report
shocking ...especially the mc alisters club sandwich...I love them Report
Not surprising at all!! Here is one...
McDonald's Angus Bacon & Cheese Burger-1700 calories 2000 mg sodium
Fast food maybe, but not worth it!!! Report
That's all I can say.....OMG!! These places should not be able to get away with that. Something really must be done, before it's too late. Report
GREAT THANKS !!! OMG !!! Report
OMG, I cannot belive that thse sandwiches can pack all those calories and fat!! What is wrong with this picture?!? Then we wonder how people spiral out of control with their weight...
How can this be allowed? Report
Wow!!! I'm very thankful to have never eaten any of these. Just realize these figures represent the sandwich ONLY, most people eat it with fries and a drink!!!
I picked up a $1 burger from Jack a few days ago and when I looked up the nutrition info I was disgusted.
I will pass!!! Report
Yuck!! I'm currently on a 1,300 calorie a day diet, and some of those sandwiches have more calories than I get in 3 meals and 2 snacks a day. We really need to do something drastic to turn this country around. That's a big part of what is pushing our health care costs up and causing a lot of preventable disease. Report