7 of Our Favorite 15-Minute Meals

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Even on your busiest nights, you always have time for a home-cooked meal--as long as you plan ahead for such occasions.

Here are a week's worth of meals that are ready in less time than it would take to round up the family's fast-food order and drive through for burgers and fries. Some of these meals are so simple they don't require a recipe and allow you to customize them based on what's in your fridge, freezer, and pantry.

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What's your favorite 15-minute meal?
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REDROBIN47 7/19/2021
Good ideas. Thank you. Report
WANT2BTRIM 3/6/2021
Awesome. Thanks Report
FISHGUT3 1/7/2021
thanks Report
REDROBIN47 10/14/2020
Good info. Thank you. Report
ELRIDDICK 9/25/2020
Thanks for sharing Report
CD4994568 8/25/2020
We like taco salad, our way. Bag lettuce, can of chili beans, cheese, tomatoes, and crunched up tortilla chips. Fast and tasty! Report
ROBINRS 8/25/2020
yum! Report
CD10676776 8/25/2020
Good need-to-know information! Report
LGRIF22 8/25/2020
Just what I needed!! Thank You!
NEPTUNE1939 8/25/2020
ty Report
CD25385367 8/25/2020
Quick and easy meals are always welcome. Report
NASFKAB 8/25/2020
Good ideas Report
Thanks for sharing Report
I like quick and easy meals. This is a good one. Report
Good ideas Report
I wouldn't have thought to poach eggs in marinara sauce & serve over pasta altho I eat lots of eggs for breakfast, snacks, lunch & dinner. Don't eat tilapia - it's nasty the way they are farm raised - but another fish could be substituted.
My 15 min meals are often tacos or burritos or salads using leftover roast chicken, beans, potatoes or brown rice, avocado & salsa. I also like grits & eggs; polenta & meatballs; deli turkey on mini bagels w/ horsey mustard. Good w/ any vegetable combo
The no cook meals are:
A) thawed precooked shrimp w/ cocktail sauce, canned green beans (drained) liberally sprinkled w/ seasoned rice vinegar, & triscuits. Mixed fruit cup makes a fine dessert
B) smoked kippers or sardines in mustard in whole wheat pitas bread; jicama stix; spinach salad w/ pickled beets, sliced mushrooms, bacon bits &/or hard boiled egg & 1000 island. Dried fruit like pineapple or papaya or even a small cup of unsweetened applesauce is Report
Thanks. Report
Pretty good idea. Who knew? LOL Report
Thank you Report
good ideas Report
A quick meal is very helpful. Report
What a great idea! Thanks! Report
Great recipes and ideas! Report
Thanks Report
Thank you Report
useful ideas thank you Report
Stir frys are usually healthy and you can add all kinds of veggies. Report
Great ideas!!! Report
Great suggestions. Report
Love these! Thanks! Report
link is not working. :( Report
I keep forgetting to tell myself that breakfast doesn't have to be "breakfast" and dinner, "dinner." Eggs for the evening meal is an excellent choice and for those of us who don't have to rush in the A.M. it's easier to fix a meal then. In the evening, when we're busier - or just don't want to eat as much - a breakfast plate, be it eggs, oatmeal, pancakes or waffles - is a quick, easy fix. Report
My 15 min meal is a slow cooker!

fritattas are my go to meal when im in a pinch and want to make something i can eat for more than 1 meal. i use half whole eggs half egg whites. some greens, cheese and what ever other veggies sound good or are available. you can even add potaotes or cooked rice to make it a 1 dish meal Report
Stir frys are a great way to clean out the fridge Report
Love stir frys! So easy and versatile. We eat at least one stir fry a week and it never feels repetitive. Just change out the protein, vegetables and sauce. Quick to prep, quick to cook, no cooking skills necessary. This is my way of cooking! Report
Thanks, that is really awesome. I'd love more of these. Report
Stir fries are definitely my go to quick meals. For me, it's my "what do I have left over and need to use up" meal. Despite it being the "garbage" meal, it always winds up mighty tasty. Report
Thanks for providing us a week's worth of meal plans - so important and so handy! Keep up the great work, SP - helping us create new healthy lifestyles. Report
After raising five children, I hate to cook. Report
wow gret idea to save time on planing wat to cook ,makes work easier for working women Report
What a great idea! Planning ahead really does help when making meals. Thanks! Report