Quiz: The Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick

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Gene Stone has been writing about health (among other topics) for more than two decades.

A few years ago the idea occurred to him that perhaps he was talking to the wrong people. Why not find those people we all know—the ones who say they never get sick—and ask them for their secrets. So he did just that, interviewing many dozens of people around the world until he selected twenty-five people who each possess a different secret of excellent health—a secret that makes sense and has a proven scientific underpinning.

This book tells the story of those people and their secrets, which include food-related secrets—garlic, vitamin C, probiotics, veganism, brewer's yeast. Exercise secrets—the benefits of lifting weights, the power of stretching. Environmental secrets—living in a Blue Zone, understanding the value of germs. Emotional secrets—seek out and stay in touch with friends, cultivate your spirituality. Physical secrets—nap more, take cold showers in the morning. And some wisdom that goes back generations: chicken soup, for instance, and Chinese herbs.

In The Secrets Of People Who Never Get Sick you will find meet 25 people who manage to stay well, along with their secrets, the history and science behind each one of those secrets, and most importantly, how the reader can benefit from the secrets as well.
Read on to take a quiz that will teach you The Secrets Of People Who Never Get Sick.
    1. Which of these is NOT a secret of people who never get sick?
      A. Dousing your head in hydrogen peroxide

      B. Eating nothing that ever had a face or a mother

      C. Avoiding food that has dirt on it

      D. Munching on a raw clove of garlic

  • 2. Blue Zones are places in the world where everyone is healthy. Which of these is NOT a Blue Zone
      A. A suburb of Los Angeles

      B. An idyllic spot in Greece

      C. A peninsula in Central America

      D. An arctic village in Sweden.

  • 3. Which of these terms means diseases that can be caught from animals?
      A. Zoonoses

      B. Giardia

      C. Toxoplasmosis

      D. Neuroses

  • 4. Mysophobia is a condition brought on by the fear of
      A. Mice

      B. Facial expressions

      C. Germs

      D. Sofas

  • 5. The following herbs have all been shown to aide health except:
      A. Cayenne pepper

      B. Ginseng

      C. Cinnamon

      D. Lemongrass

  • 6. The following odd treatments are being investigated for their health benefits, and one of them has now been approved by the FDA:
      A. Urine therapy (drinking one’s own urine)

      B. Maggot therapy (using maggots to heal wounds)

      C. Wearing copper bracelets (for curing arthritis)

      D. Trepanation (drilling a hole in one’s head)

  • 7. One of the worst things you can do to your health is to
      A. Sit still for more than 45 minutes

      B. Pick your nose

      C. Take more than one nap a day

      D. Having sex

  • 8. Before 1847, vegetarians were called
      A. Pythagoreans

      B. Lunatics

      C. Rosicrucians

      D. Vegebites

  • 9. Much proof exists that all the following can help either ward off, or relieve the symptoms of, a cold
      A. Vitamin C

      B. Vitamin D

      C. Zinc

      D. Echinacea

  • Answers

    1-C. In fact, it’s the opposite: a little dirt is a secret of good health

    2-D. Oddly, none of the six Blue Zones discovered so far are in northern climates.

    3-A. Zoonoses can be dangerous, but a well cared for dog or cat shouldn’t be a worry.

    4-C. Mysophobes are people who are terrified of catching colds from other people’s germs. Famous mysophobes include Howard Hughes, Glen Gould, Andy Warhol, and Howie Mandel

    5-All the above, plus hundreds more. Add herbs and spices to your diet!

    6-B. Maggots apparently can clean and heal wounds as well if not better than man-made preparations. Trepanation, however, is no longer practiced.

    7-A. Studies show that sitting still for more than 45 minutes is highly injurious to your health. However, some scientists say picking your nose might be good for you. Taking two naps is also good, as long as they aren’t more than an hour each. Having sex, too, seems to good for you, especially for your heart (not in terms of love, but exercise).

    8-A. The great Greek philosopher Pythagoras was history’s first vegetarian.

    9-There is evidence supporting the efficacy of all the above, although the final results are not in yet.

    Are you someone who frequently or rarely gets sick? What do you do to prevent illness?

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FISHGUT3 1/9/2021
thanks Report
MNABOY 11/3/2020
FUN Report
MNABOY 11/3/2020
FUN Report
CECELW 10/18/2020
i'm pretty sure I've read this before Report
CECELW 8/21/2020
I have autoimmunity problems, but I exercise and eat right. I don't usually real real sick. Report
I don't get sick often but when I do I'm down for a while. Stress was a big factor when I worked. Hubby a Pisces rarely gets ill; he's disgustly healthy despite eating poorly, drinking like a fish, & smoked for 45 yrs tho he finally quit. I try to get him to eat a vegetable now & then. He takes a multivitamin, cinnamon, garlic oil, & recently added cardamom for his bad back. Report
Great info! Thanks! Report
Great article! Report
Thanks for the info Report
Thank You for a great article. Report
Great info! Thanks! Report
Like all of the ideas, except the one with the maggots. I hate worms! Report
Rarely have colds/flu or sickness down time ever since I had the London Flu (one of the early pandemics) many years ago...seems to have created some immunity although it could also be because I exercise outdoors every day as well. Report
Genetics Report
hummmmm NEW here but al i can think of "Is that So" All I now is that since i began loosing I have had a burst of energy that do not seem to slow down well i am beging to walk again after being in a wheel chair for 6 years YEA! Report
I used to get sick all the time (seasonally speaking), but since I changed my lifestyle and follow a better nutrition plan and much-improve exercise regimen ... I've seen a huge difference!! Also, I take a multivitamin and fish oil daily ... haha ... Report
I use public transport and work in a public building with people coughing and sneezing all over me. I rarely get sick. I mainly put it down to having a positive outlook on life. Report
I assume none of these people are school teachers who have small people sneezing on them every day. :-) Report
"2-D. Oddly, none of the six Blue Zones discovered so far are in northern climates."

I'm convinced this is why I'm always sick... because I live in the land of ice and snow. When I lived in Texas and California, I didn't get sick. You would think this weather would freeze everything to death, but apparently not germs. :P Report
I used to have a terrible immune system, got sick all the time. I worked in a bank, handling LOTS of money, thought that was the problem. I also was 75#s overweight, not eating healthy foods, & wasn't exercising regularly. I quit the bank (became a licensed massage therapist), started eating cleaner foods, adding all kinds of natural herbs & spices to my foods, exercising, & quit taking over the counter cold meds. I SELDOM get sick now, including the flu. I quit taking flu shots & I haven't had a full blown flu SINCE.

I too do NOT sterilize everything, your immune system needs to learn how to fight off bacterias on it's own. I too do not believe in anti-bacterial soaps. Report
I am also one of those people who rarely gets sick. I taught elementary special needs children who were always exposing me to something. I think my constant moving around and daily nap after school is why I stayed so healthy.Everyone washed their hands a lot but not everyone stayed healthy. Thanks for the great article! Report
I've said for years I have an immune system of doom. Last thing I fought off was an ear infection in '06. No idea how I do it, since I've had the awesome immune system since I was a child - I don't eat right, I don't work out, and I'm pretty unhealthy otherwise. Maybe it's the hashimotos thyroiditis...but my mom has that, too, and she still gets the flu. Report
I attribute my crazy immune system to the unsanitary conditions I was brought up in. As the article says, dirt is good for the immune system.. and I'm living proof, my childhood residence was about as gross as you can get and I never, ever get sick, even when my boyfriend who sleeps next to me in bed and who I kiss all the time has the flu lol. Report
I have not had the cold or flu in years, especially since adding alot of Vitamin D to my diet supplements. According to Dr. Oz, 9. z in your quiz, has no affect on colds. I never found anything helped like Vitamin D. BTW, I never ever take FLU shots! Report
I seldom get sick, but then I worked as a nurse, so I wash my hands several times a day and when I go out into public I'm careful about not touching surfaces where there can be lots of germs. HAND WASHING is very helpful. I've noticed that grocery stores have started putting clean-wipes for people to clean the handles of the carts, which I've always known was a very germ-ridden spot. Report
I haven't had the flu or a cold since 1995 when I was hospitalized with Legionnaires Disease.

That year I started taking an annual flu shot and started taking a 500 mg daily dose of Vitamin C. In 1990, I quit drinking regular soda, switched to diet soda and started drinking more water.

When I get that tickle in my throat now, I double my Vitamin C for two days, then return to my regular regimen.

As for dirt, I play in the dirt in my garden from about mid-April to as late as December. When I was a child, my friends and I would raid the "truck garden" for sweet peas and carrots. We didn't use pesticides, marigolds seem to work much better, so we would eat the sweet peas straight. The carrots we would take to the horse trough and rinse most of the dirt off.

I still wonder if horse slobber is the reason my brother and I grew up with no allergies. Report
I ended up catching a cold this past week. Now I'm wishing I hadn't bothered to drill that hole in my head... Report
I'm rarely ill. I think our SPARKED way of life has MUCH to do with that! :-)

Don, Co-Leader of All Health Professionals, Laid Off But Staying Strong and Binghamton Area Losers SparkTeams Report
Enjoyed the comments and info Report
The answer to question five is inaccurately stated! It should be none of the above, as they are all known as aids to health! Report
I eat a healthy well balanced diet, exercise, wash my hands with non anti-bacterial soap and water, live in a clean environment, drink enough water, get enough sleep, take a daily multi vitamin, have preventive dentistry twice a year, floss daily, see my doctor as scheduled, have a yearly pap smear and mammogram. Report
I eat hot peppers daily, jalap, yellow hot, cuban, regular green, red, orange & yellow. Drink green tea with a slice of orange or lemon. At most I might feel a cold for half a day if that & then I might take 2 extra strengh tyelnol ot something. I have diabetes as well for going on 38 years. When I do get sick my symptoms are more evelvated blood sugars rather than sniffles or stuffiness. Report
I, unfortunately, am one of those who get sick easily. 22 years ago I was exposed to carbon monoxide over a 9 month period, causing permanent health problems. If I know the neighbor's children are sick, I tent to avoid them (try getting 9 month old twins to cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze!)

I've been told by a person who works with elementary school children that a couple of sauna sessions of a week help to sweat out the bugs.

On the other hand, I avoid to soothing vapors of the steam room. If germs can live in the air for 8 hours, what about a lovely, warm, moist environment? Seems like a breeding ground to me.! Report
I rarely get sick thank goodness. I wash my hands frequently, take vitamins, try & eat right & exercise regularly. If I do feel a cold coming on, I take Zycam Rapid Melts. That seems to do the trick. Report
Some of these "questions" don't actually contain a question so presenting them in quiz format is somewhat annoying. Report
Ever since I had my gastric bypass surgery three years ago, I've been exercising 5-7 days a week, taking all of my required vitamin/mineral supplements, eating much more healthily, and have been maintaining a healthy weight. I have been sick perhaps 2 times in the last 3 years, and both times the cold went away in just a few days. Generally, when I start to feel run down, I try to get to bed earlier and drink lots of extra water to help my body combat any viruses that might come along. I do get a flu shot every year (I have four kids in school, and they bring home lots of germs), and though I wash my hands often, I try not to use antibacterial products (they dry out my skin). I also believe that the power of positive thought helps keep me well - good thoughts and feeling generally cheerful and happy make me feel good. Report
The quiz did NOT make me feel well, perhaps it could use some editing?

To be well, be HAPPY.
Drink water, wash hands, exercise :-)
Limit sugar intake. Report
I rarely get sick. I do get my yearly flu shot. I do take vitamins as well.
When my children were in school, I got sick a lot more often, but started taking vitamins then, and have been quite good, for years. Report
I'm good for a cold or flu twice a year. I try to "suffer" through it; however, I will supplement heavily with products such as Airborne or Zycam when I feel a cold coming on to reduce the duration.

Just like comment #1, I expose my immune system to a variety of pathogens by not engaging in antimicrobial product use on my body or home (sanitizers, Lysol). I don't believe in getting a flu shot: there's many strains out there. Scientists guess which strain will be most prevelant that year. If they're wrong, the shot will not guarantee your protection.

The part about the nose picking makes me laugh as it reminds me of how my parents would discipline us about not doing it in public. I imagine a whole generation of closet nose pickers for the sake of health... Report
Have some times when I'm very healthy and others not so. Find that STRESS PLAYS A HUGE ROLE in whether or not I'm ill. Good hand hygiene helps too. Report
Like some of the other posters, I found this hard to read. Drink water, wash your hands. Report
Did not like the quiz. Found it a little annoying and not my cup of tea! You've done a lot better with health articles in the past. Report
I seems to me that people with a positive attitude are less likely to get sick. Perhaps these types of people also eat well, exercise regularly, practice good hygiene and get enough sleep each night.

I have noticed I am more likely to become sick when I am stressed out and not taking such good care of myself. I seem to catch a cold every other year lasting 2-4 days but I am not sure what "frequently sick refers to. Report
Very difficult article to read. Not normal SP quality article. Report
I rarely get sick but I wash my hands hundreds of times a day (I'm a nurse) and use alcohol gel and in general try to stay away from sick people! But since most of my patients are sick maybe I just have a great immune system! Report
Wow learn something new everyday! Actually I thought this was a trick - like none of the answers were really true. Report
I am normally a person who very very rarely gets sick. If I do get sick, I'm sick for maybe 2-3 days. max. I can usually work a cold out of my system very quickly. However, once every ten years I get a really bad cold/flu/bronchitis that takes 2-3 weeks to get over. And that's what I'm fighting off now i.e. that once every ten year illness.

I feel that the reason I don't get sick that often is because I do eat a pretty healthy diet loaded with fresh fruits and veggies. Hippocrates once said,"Let food be your medicine". I firmly believe this i.e. that if you eat right and get some regular exercise, you will get fewer and fewer colds.

However, there will be times that when the germ has YOUR name on it, there really isn't a whole lot you can do. You're just going to get sick. On the plus side, because I have been eating a healthier diet, the severity of the illness isn't as bad. In short, my body's immune system is stronger and can handle the germs better than when I wasn't eating right.

The two things that most help me,other than an overall healthy lifestyle, are these: Sinus lavages when I feel myself beginning to get a cold...And a strong tea made of sage, thyme, fresh lemon juice and raw honey. It works every time to turn around acold or sinus infection and send it packing! Report
I "seldom" get sick - Haven't taken a sick day from work in 26 years.
Mostly I just believe that I won't get sick. I am convinced that I won't.
I work too hard, have a lousy diet, and don't get enough sleep.
But I do workout whenever I can and whatever it is I do it full tilt. Boot Camp class, running, cycling. Wish there was time to do more.
Stay busy all the time. Give to others, help others, be in a good mood.
I don't watch TV but have a desk job so I do sit for long periods of time.

Like others that have posted, one of the lucky ones. Report
I have know a number of people who "never get sick", "never missed a day of work" and have proceeded to go to work with a cold etc. that then infects other people. Report