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Hi. my name's Rick. In 2008, at age 41, I had struggled with my weight almost my whole life. I had been fighting the losing battle with obesity for about the last 8-10 years. The week before Christmas(2008) I got a real bad cold and it turned into double pneumonia. I spent 3 days in the hospital with nothing to do but think about how unhealthy I was. I weighed about 377 lbs. couldn't breathe, couldn't stop coughing. At that point, I decided then to "REALLY" make a change. To TOTALLY rely on God and give HIM my entire life. Whatever HE said, that is what I would do! For starters, I ate healthy foods in the hospital and didn't eat between meals. I lost 5-8 lbs in there. I got a bad(or good?) intestinal flu right after that and lost another 8 lbs. I guess bad things always turn good. This gave me inspiration to continue eating healthy and not snack between meals. I found(God sent) this site(Sparkpeople) and everything just made sense. I love everything about this site. Info, ease of tracking progress and how thorough the articles are. God led me to a wonderful team(Can't do this on my own)and partnered me with 3 AWESOME women of God on that team, as well as many others. I began to follow God's direction and seek HIM! New years day (2009)I weighed about 360 and in three weeks time I was at 317. In the first 100 days of my dedication to God and in my obedience to His Word, God took 100 pounds off my body. That's right, 100 pounds in 100 days. Folks say "you can't do that, you can't lose 100 lbs in 100 days". I tell them, "you"re right, no one can, but GOD can!". Then they ask me "where's all your extra sin?" All i say is..."I don't know, go ask God, He took off the weight!" LOL Now this did NOT happen by me sitting by on the couch, wishing and crying. NO!...I made a covenant with God to be willing AND obedient to His Word. And in His Word, He clearly shows US what is OUR part to do. He promises to lead and guide us all the way and show us what is best for us. We must CHOOSE to obey His Word and DO IT! This is a faith "walk" not a faith "sit". Each day I get closer to my ultimate goal of 200 lbs or less for the rest of my life. That weight goal is really secondary to me now, my focus is being TOTALLY reliant on God in EVERY aspect of my life and to be TOTALLY obedient to His Word and to be more and more like Jesus each and every day! I'm not where i need to be, but PRAISE GOD i am NOT where I was. HALLELUJAH! In addition to food, There were many addictions and awful areas in my life that God has since delivered me from, too many to list and He continues His renovation process on me. I"M A GRACE PROJECT! Living proof that God is still on the Throne and If He can do this for me and use me for His purpose, He will do it for YOU, TOO! My daughters are now(in 2012) 19(just married 8-10-12), and 21(newly rededicated and baptized in Water AND in Spirit and serving God), and my son is 23. My wife and I in May 2013, will celebrate our 25th anniversary. I thank God every day for His greatness and His presence in my life and now His guidance in my new healthy lifestyle. I could never have done this without God's amazing Love and Faithfulness! As Jesus told the man in Luke chapter 2, vs11-12..“I tell you, get up, take your mat and go home.” He got up, took his mat and walked out in full view of them all. This amazed everyone and they praised God, saying, “We have never seen anything like this!”" And now I carry my mat,"my testimony", for everyone to see and be amazed! All for the Glory of GOD! I pray that you too can find Him and turn your life over to Him and let Him show you the way, as He has done for me. God bless!

(Hint: The more you submit to God, the easier it is for Him to
change you into the wonderful image He has in mind.)

Updates: Dec. 24, 2008...reached the bottom
Dec. 25, 2008...reached out
Jan. 13, 2009... found SP
Jan. 20, 2009... reached 325
Feb. 20, 2009...reached 300
Apr. 7, 2009...reached 275
Apr.29, 2009...reached 1x status
Apr. 30, 2009... reached my toes
May 13,2009...reached 40" waist
May 18, 2009...reached the 250's
June 6, 2009...reached 1 mile non-stop jogging
June 7,2009...was voted a Sparkpeople motivator
June 18,2009...reached 250 lbs.(unofficially)
June 22,2009...reached 250 officially
June 25,2009...reached 38" waist
July 10,2009...made 10 mile bike ride
July 26, 2009...reached 240 lbs
Aug 2, 2009...reached 230's
Aug 11, 2009...reached 36" waist
Sept. 2, 2009...reached 1 month of no weight loss(it's ok)
Sept. 22, 2009...reached 8 weeks no weight loss(or gain)
Sept. 28, 2009...reached new low.(236)Scales moving
Nov. 8, 2009...Reached 42 years old. LOL
Nov. 8, 2009...Reached finish line of first 5k (34:45)
Dec. 16-26, 2009...reached for Ham, turkey, potatoes, corn, green beans, cheese, crackers, soups, salads,cookies, pies, a few cocktails, and whatever else was at one of the many holiday feasts this week. I Took 10 days off from the gym, up 7 lbs.(245)
Dec.27, 2009...Reached the conclusion that exercise MUST
be a part of daily routine. My body even agrees with my mind.
NEW YEAR: 2010
Jan.8, 2010...reached pre-holiday weight(238)
Jan.13, 2010...reach 1 year sparkversary
Jan.16,2010...featured motivator (see below)
Jan.19,2010...reached new low(234 lbs)
Jan.26,2010...reached new low(231 lbs)
Feb. 5, 2010...reached L status
Feb.18,2010..."unofficially" reached 220's(229)
Feb.23,2010...reached 150 lbs gone mark(227)
Mar.13,2010...reached 225lbs(unofficially)
Mar.23,2010...reached 225lbs Officially!
Apr.10,2010...reached 25+ mile bike ride
May 2010...Gave little to no regard to food intake, did a lot of "honey do list" stuff around the house, and only went to the gym twice this month. Gained 8 pounds.
June 11,2010...back to the gym. 2 hours, back on track.
234 pounds.
June11-30,2010...went to gym only 3 times.
July 6, and opened a free health clinic in my town. God's purpose for me unfolding! A lot of time and energy was (and is) spent on this.
July1-11,2010... no gym time. no bike rides. Just maintaining diet without exercise.
July12-aug12... no gym time, one- 5 mile bike ride.(Diet not so good)
Aug 12, 2010...Bought a home gym from a friend. 40 different weightlifting exercises.(upper and lower body)Used twice this week.also treadmill up and running. Still maintaining 230 's
Aug.20,2010...5 weeks of clinic, 25 clinic hours, 131 patients helped. (some physically, some spiritually, some mentally, and some emotionally) Not much exercise, nearing 240's again
Sept.4,2010...hurt back chopping wood.
Sept6,2010.-Oct.31,2010...pain,therapy, no workouts back up in 240's. (243 pounds)
Nov 1,2010...learned lesson(diet is important for healthy lifestyle no matter how hard you want to exercise)
Nov1-7, 2010...ate healthy, made good food choices, drank my water. lost about 3 pounds.
Nov. 30, 2010...Not so good through Thanksgiving feast. back up 5 pounds for the month.
Dec. 26, 2010...One more month of "not so good" eating habits. Up 5 pounds for the month.
Dec. 27, 2010...Re-committed to better choices and exercise. (248 lbs)
Jan 1, 2010...Happy New Year! Still on track with re-commitment.
Jan 7, 2011...200 fitness mins this year so far. Goal is 1000+ per month. Here we go!
Jan 14, 2011...weighed in for a "jump start" program at the gym. 248lbs. Hip pain keeping me from working out.
Jan 31, 2011...Shoveling snow and eating healthy this month got me down to 244lbs.
Feb. 11-13, 2011...Family Life "weekend to remember" with my wife. FANTASTIC!
Feb. 17, 2011...confessed my healing from God. Spoke to the diseased hip and proclaimed it well!
Feb. 18, 2011...Hip procedure canceled. Doctor too sick to operate.(no coincidence, a GOD-incident!) maintaining by eating healthy. Still no working out. down to 242lbs.
Feb. 18-22...holding fast to my confession of healing!
Feb. 23, 2011...hip procedure canceled AGAIN! Praise God!"By His stripes, I am healed! "
Feb 28, 2011...Back to the gym. Mild workout, feels good! 241 lbs. Hip symptoms less and less each day! Praise God!
March2, 2011...Doctor's office called, Can't work me in for at least 2 more weeks. I told them not to bother, I am healed! Isaiah53:5 And by His stripes we are healed. Again in 1Peter2:24by whose stripes you were healed. Praise The Lord for ALL His Greatness! Thank you Father for my healing!
At this point I've decided to diligently seek God and all His wisdom and knowledge. I know i need to exercise, eat right, but I also know that God knows ALL my needs even before I do! And as it is written in Matt6:33, I first the kingdom of God and His righteousness(His right way of living), and all these things shall be added to you. As i seek God and His perfect will for my life, I know HE will make the way for me to prosper in my physical health, mental standing, as well as all my material needs. And as I become healthier physically AND spiritually, I will be much better equipped to help others in need, to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ, and to build the Kingdom of God! HALLELUJAH!

On Jan.16, 2010 The leader of "can't do this on my own" featured me as a motivator on our team. I am extremely honored to have been chosen. She asked me to answer a few questions that would be helpful in getting my story across. I'd like to share them with you. I do hope you enjoy reading and I pray you find a little inspiration or motivation. God Bless.
1. How long have you been a member of spark people?
God sent me to Sparkpeople on Jan. 11th, 2009. I was just looking to find a free and easy to use calorie counter and I found SOOOO much more than that with this site.

2. What is the most important thing you learned since joining spark people?
When I first started out here, I read a lot of articles and postings and found so much useful information and support here. This is not a diet, this is a lifestyle change. I'd say one of the biggest and most helpful things I learned was portion size and portion control. One of my favorite articles is "portion distortion" and it's on my page. I never realized how much I was eating until I started weighing and measuring my portions.

3. How has spark people helped you learn how to deal with set backs?
In the past 10 years or so I have tried almost every diet out there. It always seems to start off ok and the minute I fall off the wagon or go on a binge, I would get down on myself and figure "what the heck, I'm done now anyhow" and give up. That would lead to more over eating and more weight gain. By reading posts from other members and posting my issues on here, as well, I learned it's OK to have setbacks. In fact, I was told by quite a few folks here to actually expect them and to use them as a building blocks for the next one. I learned not to dwell on them and i told myself that it was alright and I tried to not get into the situation again that caused me to over eat. Now I just workout a little harder or longer when I treat myself to a little splurge like a picnic or party.

4. Has God helped you reach your goals?
The whole while you are reading this article, you have read "I have done this" or " I am doing that" The TRUTH is I'm not doing any of this on my own. God is in control of EVERY aspect of my life. When I turned to Him at Christmas time 2008, I was REALLY ready to listen this time. I've prayed about my weight and health issues before, but this time was different. In the past I always thought I was doing things or I was responsible for things. Now I talk to God all day long and we have become best friends. He is always with me and there is nothing I can't do! I need to give ALL the glory to God for the success I have had thus far. I'm sure as we continue together on this journey, things will only get better! I am more thankful for my increase in spiritual health than my physical health. In my physical health I am able to do more things and live God's word, but in my SPIRITUAL health, I have found eternal life!! PRAISE GOD!!!

5. Back in Feb. 'o9 when you weighted 300 lbs. you wrote a blog saying, " if I only average
2 - 3 pounds a week for the rest of the year the end result will only be another 95 - 100 pounds lost. I don't think I could handle only losing 2 pounds per week when I am used to (losing) 5 - 10.

A. At the time you viewed this as a set back. How did you manage this set back?

-When I hit the 300 mark, I was very happy. I had mixed emotions because my weight loss had slowed down and I was used to losing 5-10 lbs a week for quite a few weeks. All of a sudden it was 1-3 pounds. After taking a personal inventory and realizing how much i had accomplished already, I felt pretty good about it. I posted on different message boards and I got ALL SORTS of POSITIVE feedback. That really picked me up and helped me a lot!

B. In what ways can you encourage a person who is not losing weight at all?
- Within a few weeks of hitting 300lbs , I came to my first weight gain week in about 2.5 months. It kinda bummed me out at first, but again after talking to folks on this site, I realized every thing was going to be fine. I decided to turn up the throttle a bit on my workouts and spend MORE time talking to and helping others with their issues and help folks get started and stay focused. I spent a lot of time telling folks not to rely on the scale, but it took me a while to realize it myself. I learned finally NOT to rely on the scale for results.Helping others really helped me to stay motivated! My energy levels were through the roof and my clothes were getting bigger and bigger. My cholesterol and blood pressure were dropping fast and I was getting healthier by the day. My sleep apnea was gone and it wasn't just from pounds lost but from inches and fat loss. Just setting up an exercise routine and sticking to it is what gave me so much success. My day was scheduled for exercise even if i had to miss going to a movie, dinner, or whatever else tried to get in the way. My phone got turned off and I was "off limits" while I was exercising. Just make it a part or your day.

6. In Feb.'09 you reached a goal, which was to weigh below 300 pounds. When you weighted yourself at 295 explained how you felt.
-That was truly one of my biggest accomplishments. I was walking on sunshine! I spent a lot of time singing praises to God and just SINGING! The 250 mark was big for me as well. These landmark goals are very exciting for me because as i get closer to one, I try harder and push myself which gives me more motivation and when I share them with folks here, I get so much encouragement and support that i can't help but REACH THEM!!

7. You have accomplished many goals.
A .What advice can you give to other people to help them reach their goals?

- Setting goals is something I learned here that really helped me. In the past, I was an "ALL OR NOTHING" kinda guy. I would get overwhelmed thinking I had to lose 175 pounds. There is NO WAY you can go at this with that unattainable number staring you in the face! Setting smaller, REACHABLE goals is key for success. Slow and steady is the way to go. I found if I did a bunch of little things right, the big things just took care of themselves. Start by making small changes(no more pop, or go meatless one day a week) They will help you continue to make more and more small changes.(cut out fast food or processed foods) Little things are EASY to do. It's the same thing with life or anything you want to do. I used put things off as long as I could and then they build up on me. If there is one dirty dish and you wash it, it takes 10 seconds, if you let it go long enough, it becomes a pile of dishes and 30 minute ORDEAL. If there is one basket of clothes needing folded and put away, it may take 1-2 minutes. let it pile up to 5 or 7 loads of laundry and now you are up to your eyeballs in wash dry and fold. I learned to just do the little things 'cause they are easy to do!!

B. How has meeting goals help you?

-once you get good at setting and reaching your goals, you'll try to incorporate them into everything you do. I set different goals now for work, at home, and in my church life , and it helps give focus and purpose to every day life. You get a very good feeling of accomplishment by reaching a goal which in turn gives more motivation. The more motivation you have, the more goals you will reach. The more goals you reach, the more motivation you get.(see the pattern here?) I suggest everyone learn about and use goal setting in their healthy lifestyle journey as well as everyday life.

Member Since: 1/13/2009

Fitness Minutes: 42,078

My Goals:
I want to be able to do normal everyday things without being tired, winded, or in pain. Goal met!

Now I want to be able to do long distance biking (10, 25, & 50 miles)and running/jogging. (5K)

July 10, 2009-goal met rode first 10 mile bike ride. No problem.
April 10, 2010-rode first ever 25 mile ride.
Nov. 8, 2009- Goal met. ran first 5k. 34min. 49 secs.

I'm to the point where I need to Exercise 3-4 times a week with at least 1 hour of cardio each time.

My Program:
I love to cook and I love to eat!!! Now I cook healthier meals. Learning and UNDERSTANDING portion size is a must for success. Eat a lot more fruits and veggies. And a lot of salads. I love raw fruits and vegetables and they satisfy my every craving when I want a snack. I keep plenty of plastic bowls full of cut fruit and veggies in the fridge.

Personal Information:

Other Information:
You can’t control the length of your life, but you can control its depth.

Spending time exercising may add some days or even years to your life on earth but spending time getting to know GOD will make you live forever!

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  • v no profile image KATTHOMAS2
    You are an inspiration!
    967 days ago
    Hey Rick, I just read your comment.(Actually didn't know I had comments to me lol) Thanks for stopping by my page and for the nice comments. You have been on some journey! My husband and I are moving forward as well. Prayers 4 your continued success
    1048 days ago
    Bless your heart. What an utter joy it is to reconnect with you, old friend. You are SUCH a blessing to my life. I can't wait to talk soon so we can catch up! Our God REIGNS!!
    1240 days ago
    •*¨) * ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.¸.•*¨) * ¸.•*¨)*
    Just a Sparkling note to say "Hello". I hope you will have a fantastic Friday.
    * (¸.•´ .•´ (¸.•´¸¸.•¨¯`•.*•*¨) * ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.¸.•*¨) * ¸.•*¨)*

    "If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you."-Fred DeVito
    1286 days ago
  • v HOBBESIS49
    WOW, Thank you for sharing your success story...I.m sure that you've touched and made a difference in others lives by your example. emoticon WAY TO gO!

    hOBBES aka jANE
    1319 days ago
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