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December 2013...celebrating life at 50!

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January 2019 at new goal after 7 1/2 yrs!

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Hello to Everyone!
SparkPeople has served me well. I started this journey in May 2011 and officially using Spark since July 2011. My successes and setbacks all recorded here as the journey continues with maintenance. I hope to continue to work through this with the help of fellow Sparkers and possibly help others along the way.

(Updated January 2020)
A quick rap up of 2019 - I dropped an additional 15 lbs after all these Spark years last year which took me 25 lbs lower than original goal of my start in 2011. I followed Bright Line Eating rules of no sugar/flour and limiting other foods. It felt wonderful and finally took me to the “normal” BMI range. However, it only lasted about six months. BLE was not totally sustainable for me. I fell back into some rebellion and emotional eating. The trip back up the scale was fun but the destination disappointing... So, I’ve been up and down Rezooming this start of 2020 down a couple of pounds. I’m still on shaky ground, but my foundation is solid and I am moving forward, positively and hopeful for managing what I have worked so hard for, a health and happiness in a right-sized body. Never stopped Sparking going on 9 years! Celebrating success!

(Updated August 2018)
Still Sparking after 7 yrs! Maintaining a loss of 54-64 lbs!

(Updated 6/27/16)
5 years on my Spark journey as it continues...maintaining for 4 years now...has it been easy? Not really... Has it been worth it? DEFINATELY!!! Far from perfect and ideal but oh, so much better than 50 lbs ago!

(Updated 6/6/14)
After close to 3 yrs I have finally hit goal! Learning maintenance is a continual journey...

(updated 2/14/12)
I've been a Spark member since July 2011 and have lost about 40lbs with another 15lbs to go. Right now Feb 2012 I am at a turning point. As soon as I started to feel really good and peak at a 40lb loss and no longer in the obese BMI range I regressed. I gained 7lbs and just couldn't find the umph! I had at the beginning. But I am still frequented Spark on occasion in search of better days to come without gaining and losing the last bit of weight and MOST OF ALL, MAINTAINING.
(JULY 2011) I am setting out on yet another weightloss journey. I Have about 50lbs to lose and most importantly, maintain the loss.
At 47 years old its as much a matter of feeling good as looking good but hope to do both. Hope there's a few of you out there who can inspire and cheer me on, and hope I can do the same for someone else.

My highest weight ever I believe was about 235 but I've held it at 229 for the last year or so. I decided to give it another go in April 2011 by addressing emotional eating, compulsive/binge eating, and food addiction. By July 2011 I was 223. That's when I joined SP to really work to get the weight off.

It's been 8yrs since I started this journey and have lost 65 lbs and feeling great...
It all began here:
July 13, 2011 222lbs 47lbs to go
July 20 219.2 -4lbs
July 27 216 -3lbs
Aug 3 213.8 -3lbs

Feeling really good at this point, but starting to worry about if I can keep it going.
August 10 213.5 maintained - 38lbs to go
August 17 212.4 Okay...unexpected -1lb
august 23 209.6 great! but unexpected -3lbs
August 31 207 oh yea!!! -2.6 lbs 32lbs to go
Sep 7 208.6 that's my first gain- so
mewhat surprised
Sep 14
209 scale is moving up
Sep 21
214 Hell!
Sep 28
Oct 4
207.4 Thank you, Lord!
Oct 11
206.8 Hallalujah!
Oct 18
202.4 More Hallalujah!!!
Back on track
Oct 26
200.8 Come on Onederland!
Nov 2
197.4 WooHoo 2's are GONE...Feeling great!
Nov 9
197.0 awesome but fighting emational
Nov 21
193.5 AWESOME! Made it through Vegas -got massage!
Nov 30
195 OK Post Thanksgving
Dec 7
196 Don't want to go there
Dec 14
195 Still up but in goal range
Dec 28 193 lbs survived the holiday! Next goal Mar 1 - 10 lbs in 10wks - gooo...me!
Jan 3,2012
189 YES! YES! YES! Ahead of schedule so hoping to stay steady...clothes are fitting perfectly!
Jan 10
189 maintained
Jan 17 & 25
Did not weigh in - feeling too comfortable - self sabotage - trying to refocus...
Feb 8
Gaining...:(. Told myself that I can't let this happen but cannot stop the runaway train! STAY TUNED...
Feb 22
Fighting the never-ending battle of self- sabotage
Mar 6
193.6 better but not confident
Mar 21
Mar 28
196. Felt I had a good week but scale does not show it. Will continue the work....
MAY 2, 2012
OMG Forgot to keep tracking weigh ins here!
Maintained almost 2 months
20lbs to goal....
June 14, 2012
Not excited about this at all but staying positive that I will keep a positive attitude and keep working at it.
June 21
199.5 back on track and feeling positive again

July 11, 2012
196 lbs of a healthier me! Not the weight I planned on when I started this journey a year ago but still down 33lbs from last summer. I call that a success. Still moving forward...

July 17
191 lbs. Snuck in a weigh in because I was feeling it! Officially weighing in only monthly now

August 8, 2012
185 lbs. YES! YES! YES!
September 4, 2012
182 lbs. I DID IT!
October 2, 2012
181 lbs. YES! A loss is a loss! And this is 18 lbs less than same time last year!
October 29,2012
179lbs. Yay! Into another decade 1 1/2 yrs into this
December 4, 2012
178lbs a pound is a pound especially when it's a loss! Yay!
January 2, 2013
184lbs I did it...I will undo it! Still a success and down 5lbs lighter than one year ago!
Jan 29, 2013
185.5 moving in the wrong direction...Do NOT like moving my ticker in the wrong direction. Lessons to learn.i
Feb 26, 2013
185 not my dream # but after a wild scale of a month - maintained!
March 4, 2013
187 up up up so will weigh weekly here!
March 12, 2013
186 lbs Down 1 lb for a good week!
March 18,2013
186.5. Up by 1/2 lb but may be PMS
April 2, 2013
190 lbs. not happy with self
April 8, 2013
188.5 a loss is a loss - have been working at it
April 15, 2012
186.5 Down 2 lbs yeah! Headed in the right direction!
April 22, 2013
185 yes steadily downward
April 30, 2013
184.5 a loss is a loss -1/2 lb
May 6, 2013
181 lbs - 3.5 yes, finally!
May 13, 203
180 lbs down 1 lb woohoo!
May 20, 2013
180.5 okay just holding my breath and hoping its PMS
June 2013
185 lbs. pre and post vacation...not soo bad...
July 22, 2013
184.5 Gotta shake this
July 29, 2013
-1.5lbs = 183lbs Shaking this plus...8lbs lighter than last year!
August 5, 2013
-3.5 lbs = 179.5 lbs finally back to the 170's
Sept 2013
184 lbs. 170's did not last long...:(
October 2013
189 lbs and NOT HAPPY! Planning on losing 10 lbs for birthday cruise in Dec....
December 2013 pre-holiday and cruise
184 lbs and scared for post holiday weigh in
January 2014
192 and not happy about it!
January 16, 2014
-2 lbs. 190. Thank you Spark Friend for fatloser.com motivation
February 13, 2014
183 lbs. Headed in the right direction.
March 3, 2013
181.5 going DOWN...WooHoo! Recommitted to reaching goal!
March 26, 2014
-5.5 = 176 lbs. New Year 12 Week Program worked Almost at goal and 10lbs lighter than this time last year!
May 2014 172 lbs I HAVE FINALLY HIT GOAL! It has been 3 yrs since I started this journey!
June 2014 174 lbs MAINTAINING!
July 2014. 175 lbs struggling to find maintenance and be BINGE free
Aug, Sep, Oct 2014
Balancing at high end of range and tipping over 178-183
Dec-Jan 2015 182 lbs over goal but still soooo proud - lighter than last year
Feb 2015
182 lbs Still maintaining on the high end...still less than few of last 3 yrs WooHoo!!!
March 2015 175lbs BACK IN THE SADDLE! Feels awesome!
April 2015 169 lbs and livin' it!!!
May/June 2015
163-167 hit all time lows of new goals! Beach Vaca!
July 2015
Up to 173/175 due to binging...emotional eating
Nov 2015 184.6 lbs Up! Up! Up! Not good.struggling to find maintenance and be BINGE free
Feb 2016 180
March 2016 174 Yearly Maintenace!
April 2016 179 is up but reworking it!
May 2016 175 good but goal is now 170... Train Trip
July 2016 175 lbs 5 Years on Spark!
Oct 2016 184 whoa!!! (My last teaching year)
Dec 2016 172-175 Better!
Spring 2017
179 RETIREMENT BEGINS - How will life/weight change?!?!
Summer Pre Vaca 2017
169.8 Lost 9lbs STURGIS Trip
Sept 2017
170 hovering and happy!
October 2017
168 is the trend...love the feeling of a new middle six...its been a year since I've seen a middle eight...that's how long it took to reset a new set point of middle seven...now working toward setting the middle six for the remainder of 2017...!?!?
November 2017 - 170-172 back to a middle seven but still below 175 - hoping to just maintain until I get my act together
December 2017 Trending at 170.10 Nice!
January 2018 post Holiday
Feb 2018 - 169 - barely holding the middle 6 but doing it!
Mar 2018 - 168 - holding the middle 6!
April 2018 - 168-172 Beware of the middle 7 creeping in!
May 2018 - 165 great month with focus on dropping a few for Vaca! Austin/Texas Hill Country Motorcylce Trip
June/July 2018 165 great job even with a nine day Vaca in June and Happy 7th Sparkversary to me! Maintaining a lower weight!
August 2018 173 poked it's a nose at me after an emotional summer but...it's already coming down. Middle 6 is the goal.
Sept 2018 173 has remained w/ uptick of the scale and scary eating...moving on to work for the middle six and sane eating
Oct 2018 175.4 UP! Trying BLE strategies for food freedom...
Nov 2018 164.4 Yep! That's right! To be continued...
Feb 2019 150.6 yep! Still BLE for maintainence. Now what...?
March/April 2019 upper 150’s range w/ special occasions and binges, but I’m in it to stay for now! Established my own Bright Lines
June/July 2019 153-155 Struggling but maintaining new lower range
Aug/Sep 2019 164 UPtick. Not fun. Summer binges and explosions
Still 10 down from last year...
Oct/Nov pre holiday 166 - lost the 150’s range - achievable vs maintainable???
Jan 2020
173 Ouch! Up by a near 20lbs from same time last year post BLE - enjoyed the trip here but not the destination! Good news is I’m still under original goal, whatever...right now goal is middle 6
Feb 2020
-3 lbs 170 but struggling...Let’s Spring forward and March on!
April 2020
173 lbs working on simply stabilizing
Life is havoc with Corona virus pandemic!
August 2020
173 lbs it is...acceptable but not happy
Oct 2020
176 is not a happy place for me - working things out...but I’m still down 53 lbs
Jan 2021
Feb 2021
177 to start the month...a new year binge bumped me up and then a couple pounds down...:( not what I intended for start of year)

Member Since: 7/10/2011

Fitness Minutes: 20,665

My Goals:
I wanted to lose about 50lbs in 6 months when I started Sparking July 2011. After 2 years of Sparking I maintained a 40 lb loss. Rounding out year three I finally hit goal of of 175 lbs with a 57 lb loss and this has been the longest maintenance I have ever experienced in my lifetime. After retiring in May 2017 I lost another 10 lbs that stayed gone a couple of years...2021 I’m back to 175. I call this my success story! Never could say that before Spark experience. So much new knowledge, inspiration, and motivation found here.
The journey continues...

I want to feel better physically and look better, too!

My Program:
I'm following:
- my own combo plan using everything I’ve learned over the years - tracking w/ lower carbs regularly eating lots of fruit and veggies.
-fitness plan: Gym for ST - 2 days M and W
Yoga class once weekly T
AquaFit - 2 days/3classes T (single class) and Th (double class)
Outdoor walks on any given day
I enjoy exercise activities as they are good for my mind and body!

Personal Information:
I am 57 years old, live in rural Louisiana, married 39yrs, mother of two grown children, and now a grandmother of five. I worked as a school teacher and librarian for 30 years and have been Retired now for 3yrs. Life is good! I've been Sparking since 2011 losing 54-70lbs...balancing those same 16lbs. The journey continues daily!

Other Information:

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